P90X Your Finances this Year

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you have heard of the P90X workout system and its charismatic fitness guru, Tony Horton.

On January 1, 2012 I started the P90X system and have embraced both the diet and exercise requirements, hoping to take my health and fitness to the next level.

I don’t know about all of you but I need a regimented diet and exercise plan to have any chance of staying on track. In fact last year I completely fell off the wagon and gained 30 pounds! 

I made 2 resolutions for 2012: 

  • Get healthy and fit again
  • Reduce my debt and gain net worth 

For both resolutions I am planning to implement the P90X trademarked concept called Muscle Confusion™ to improve my health and finances. 

What is Muscle Confusion™? 

The concept of Muscle Confusion™ is the basis for the P90X workout. The workout and diet constantly changes so that your body is continually challenged resulting in muscle gain and weight loss.

Motivation is a key factor in any element of change you are trying to make in your life whether it’s physical, mental or financial. We are wired to thrive on challenges and are motivated by results; that’s where the concept of Muscle Confusion™ comes in. 

When you are following a fitness plan and doing the same routine or diet for an extended period of time eventually you reach a plateau and typically your results are diminished causing you to become discouraged.  

The same is true of your finances. For example, I have been doing the same thing for so long that while I am free from credit card debt, I am not making much progress on my secured debt or creating wealth for myself; in a sense I have hit a plateau and become discouraged. 

How Can I Use the concept of Muscle Confusion™ to challenge my Finances? 

On many occasions I have heard that physical fitness and financial fitness concepts intersect each other; I believe this to be true. Much like our fitness goals our financial goals need to be challenged. 

For example last year I completely depleted my emergency fund and stopped saving altogether with the exception of my 401K. Now should an unexpected expense arise this year I will be in a major bind. Additionally, I have feelings of fear and anxiety about my finances, which lead to stress and you guessed it, compromised health.

 Some of you may be experiencing a financial plateau. You are saving here and there but, are stuck in a rut so to speak. Without a challenge or goal to achieve it is easy to follow the same path and at some point stop realizing the gains that motivate you to be a financial rock star. 

Shake Up Your Finances 

Enter the concept of Muscle Confusion™; look for opportunities to change your debt payoff and savings strategies.  Push yourself to possibly cut expenses to boost your savings or pay off debt. Make lifestyle choices that positively impact your bottom line; entertain at home, trade in that expensive car for a modest one, consider selling your home and renting a smaller one. These bold moves are like Muscle Confusion™, they challenge you to make a change and keep on going. 

  • Investment Opportunities.  There are many of us who avoid the obvious gains that can be had by participating in an employer sponsored 401K. By not participating in your company’s plan you are essentially throwing money out the window. Silly, but many do it everyday because they feel they need every penny of their paycheck to get by. If this is you, see where you can make a change in your budget to free up the money necessary for your future. 401K plans are a no brainer.
  • Add Income.  I know you are thinking I don’t have time to take on a part-time job but the reality is there are many things you could do to earn extra cash on the side that require a relatively small time commitment. Use those extra dollars to pay down debt or boost your savings.
  • Go Automatic.  At first I was afraid to have my bills automatically deducted from my checking account, but then I realized how easy and efficient it was. Signing up for auto pay drastically reduced the amount of time I had to spend each month sitting down to pay my bills and saved me a stamp (up to $.42 a bill). Applying automation to your savings and debt is just as easy. 

These are just a few ways you can use the P90X concept of Muscle Confusion™ to change your financial routine and continually challenge yourself to reach your goals. By changing up the way you manage your money you can avoid the plateau effect just like you do when you exercise. 

So this year my goal is to implement the concept of Muscle Confusion™ to improve both my physical and financial health! 

What do you think about applying the concept of Muscle Confusion™ to your finances? 

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  1. Good for you, Suzanne! If I know you, you’ll rock both your finances and your fitness in 2012! My main fitness goal for 2012 is to run the Twin Cities marathon in October, so I’m in full marathon training mode. As part of my overall fitness program, I have decided to incorporate yoga into my routine.

    Following your lead, I will also incorporate yoga concepts into my finances. I will perform the “Doggy Single Leg Lift” pose on the fire hydrant of debt Every. Single. Day.

    Take that Debt.

  2. Suzanne Cramer says:

    @Travis You are a riot! It’s funny my boyfriend and I are doing the P90X Workout together and we had Yoga last night–he complained the entire time and towards the end said, “I am sweating like crazy…this is hard!”

    Real men do Yoga…lol

    I know you too will rock your finances and your fitness–Look out Twin Cities marathon runners Travis is in the house!

  3. I like the analogy! I completed P90X a couple years ago, and I’m doing Insanity now, so I relate to that aspect for sure.

    A lot of what you’re saying about the financial stuff is true. I think we always need to be working on new strategies (especially since a lot of the strategies people use clearly don’t work well).

    Best of luck with P90X (and I hope you’re enjoying Tony’s bad jokes!)

  4. Suzanne Cramer says:

    @Jeffrey I have always worked out in a gym, so P90X is a whole new concept for me. I’ve heard good things about insanity; I will be sure to try it out when my fitness level allows.

    I totally agree that many of us think we have a financial strategy, but is it really working???

    We even have people that complete a Debt Management Plan and a few years later end up using credit cards again and wind up in debt. We are trying to establish that as with physical fitness, financial fitness is a life-long comittment and takes maintenance, change-ups, and lots of hardwork!

    And uh yeah…his jokes are awful…

  5. Tyler S. says:

    When it comes to finances, I’d take a mass-gaining strategy over a confusing one! Just kidding, I know what you’re saying here, and I agree that it’s important not to just go on auto-pilot when it comes to debt management. Complacency is a killer in both worlds – fitness and finance. You should always be looking for ways to save or pay off debt faster.

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