Reader News: “Today I Mailed Off My Last Car Payment!”

Earlier this week Money Momma (an awesome EOD reader), left a comment on a post I wrote called It’s Not a Myth, It’s a Lie; You Don’t Need a Car Payment stating that she finally mailed off the very last car payment. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I receive news like this from my readers, but this meant an awful lot because I know just how hard she’s been working to pay off that vehicle and eventually become debt free. I DID IT!!!! Today I mailed off the last car payment. We had $1000 saved for […] Read more »

Race to Freedom Challenge #3 – Maximize Savings

Photo Credit: totalAldo Last month you were challenged to stop eating out for the entire month, OR severely cut back to a reasonable level. To recap, my family tried to cut our eating out visits to 4 times with a cap of $120 being the most we could spend for the month. As I reported in the update post a few weeks ago, we went out to eat six times, but since then did add one more time to that for a grand total of $200. To be honest IU’m not regretting that one either because it was right before […] Read more »

No Eating Out Check-in: How Have You Done?

Okay folks. I wanted to check in with everyone on the No Eating Out Challenge last week, but got kind of busy so here goes. How are you doing? Are you sticking to your goals of not eating out at all? Some of you, like me, gave yourself a smaller eating out budget; how have you done? I’m almost ashamed to admit I have done lousy. I mean, I’m still doing WAY BETTER than I would on a normal month, but I have really struggled with saying “NO” on a couple of occasions. We said we wanted to eat out […] Read more »

Race to Freedom Challenge #2 – No Eating Out

Hello everyone. There will be two parts to this article. First, anyone who participated, “officially” or not, in March’s Yard Sale Challenge, will need to email me some information regarding that challenge. And secondly, I’ll introduce you to April’s No Eating Out Challenge. Are ya ready? We only had 4 ladies, officially known as the Fab Four, who participated in last month’s challenge. I would love to have more people become involved as we progress through the year. My Race to Freedom reality series as it was originally envisioned has been scaled down to a much less formal competition. Honestly, […] Read more »

I Have No Budget, am Buried in Debt, but I’m Going on Vacation

Photo Credit: Elsie Esq. Who Are You Following Over the Cliff? If there was only one example NOT TO FOLLOW when it came to finance, it would definitely be that of the United States Government. It seems as though it’s getting easier and easier to use our government as the prime example of what not to do. Here we are without a budget, with no savings, in debt like never before AND they just found a 2.3 trillion dollar mistake in the budget projections for, I think, the next 10 years. (2.3 TRILLION?…WOW!) Employment SUCKS, and people are losing their […] Read more »

Race to Freedom Yard Sale Challenge Submissions

Meet Crystal! She’s not that attached to stuff, except for her tv, and I am super excited that she plans to pay off her car — one of her motivations for joining this challenge. Good luck Crystal and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and answer my questions. 😀 Meet Maurine! I really liked the song she chose and she thinks I am crazy for selling my stuff! LOL Yeah it might have been a bit crazy I admit, but guess what? It got me out of debt faster. 😀 She doesn’t suffer from Stuff Attachment Disorder, […] Read more »

39 People Were “Soooo Interested”, but Only 8 People Are Currently Still Determined

Photo Credit: Alex Schweigert When I first mentioned my reality series idea, so many of you were hyped up and said you were so interested in paying off as much debt in 2011 as you could. The Race to Freedom has officially started, but only 8 people signed up for the challenge. 31 of you are missing in action. I know you didn’t eliminate your debt that fast. 😀 I’m trying really hard not to be offended. haha! 😉 I know and understand how life can get hectic, and some of you may have missed a post or two along […] Read more »

Race to Freedom Challenge #1 – Sell Your Stuff

Do you want to know what motivated us the most when we decided to become debt free? Forget about the BIGGEST motivation, which was the freedom part of becoming debt free. That alone will not get you out of debt. If it did, way more people would be living the debt free life. It's because the goal is too long term for most people, and we are not motivated by what one, two, or even 10 years might be like. We need to see results and fast! Read more »

Email Me Your Race to Freedom Debt Information

This week I will be accepting debt information from all who wish to participate in Enemy of Debt's Race to Freedom. I will be doing this through the week and organizing it as more people sign up. Hopefully, I will have everything by Saturday. Next week, I would like to start this month's challenge. If you are interested in joining this friendly competition, be sure to sign up, then be sure to get me this info as soon as possible. Email me this information at Read more »

Enemy of Debt’s 2011 Race to Freedom

Happy Monday everyone!! I apologize for taking so long to update you on the "Reality Series"! I was hoping to do so on Friday of last week but ended up battling a power outage due to high winds. The main delay, however, was in trying to work out possible sponsorship. I didn't want to move forward until I found out where I was and now I know. Unfortunately, I was only able to get one company excited about the prospects of my reality series idea. I would like to thank Perkstreet Financial for believing in my very spontaneous and highly ambitious project. (YOU GUYS ROCK!) Unfortunately, in order for it to work in the long term, I needed to have more sponsors on board. Needless to say, sponsorship was a bust this time around. Read more »