How You Company can Save Money with VAT Recovery

VAT recovery

VAT or otherwise known as Value Added Tax, is a broadly based consumption tax assessed on the value that is added to the goods and services that a company is offering. The VAT due on any sale is a percentage of the sale price but from this, the taxable person is entitled to be able to deduct all the tax that is already paid at the preceding state.

Subject to the local tax rules, companies can recover the VAT incurred on domestic business purchases (through local tax returns) and even international purchases in certain foreign countries (usually through refund claim). VAT rates may vary depending on your local tax rules. However, VAT is usually not well recovered by companies. This is usually because of how these companies handle their expenses. VAT recovery can be tricky and complicated because the process is different from general accounting. VAT refunds differ from country to country but the process is the same; it is long, complex and time-consuming.

How to Ensure Your Company files Proper VAT recovery

However, despite the arduous process, proper VAT reclaim can really help your company save money. As a business owner, taking advantage of all the possible VAT reclaim opportunities can improve your business growth and even makes running your company cost-efficient. There are many ways on how to properly manage your taxes. There are a few ways in which you can ensure that your company doesn’t miss an opportunity on VAT recovery click here for more information.

  1. Pay VAT on time. This may sound like common sense but most people tend to ignore how much penalty you can get with late VAT payments. The percentage added to your account usually increases with each late payment. The only way to ensure that your company pays their VAT on time is to hire specialized recovery agencies for help. This way; you save both time and money, as these agencies only require success fees for their services.
  2. Educate your staff. A company will not thrive without its employees. In order to make sure that you get the most of your VAT refunds, be sure to inform your employees about the different ways that they can contribute. Whether it’s from business travels (as dozens of countries worldwide permit VAT reclaims from business-related travels) and even conferences (this also applies to promotional events that are organized for your employees or business partners). Making sure that your staff is well informed about these opportunities and that they know which documents to submit in order to be able to properly reclaim VAT on their expenses.
  3. Choose the right VAT scheme. While the standard VAT scheme may seem like the safest choice, it is important to review and understand that there are other options for your company. Consulting with companies that provide automated recovery of VAT is a good way in finding out which scheme is better for your company.

Unrecovered VAT is Money Lost

VAT recovery can be a long and time-consuming process but thankfully, there are agencies that specialize in these kinds of things. They can help you save time and money whilst ensuring that you get the most of your VAT reclaims. Remember that thoughtful and proper VAT management from you and your employees can help you provide better services to your clients whilst also keeping it cost-efficient.

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