As you know, simply saying you want to become debt free is just the beginning. There are many factors involved in making it happen and sticking to your plan is a very important part of that.

Life can get the best of us and cause us to lose focus and finding the motivation to stay focused when life gets tough is the key to reaching the finish line. I hope to eventually create new content that is lesson-based but for now you should find the following articles very helpful.

Interview w/ Financial Coach about Debt Freedom

The Psychology of Getting Out of Debt

I Interview a Money Psychologist: Part 1

I Interview a Money Psychologist: Part 2

I Interview a Money Psychologist: Part 3

Your Credit Score — It’s Not a Measure of Financial Responsibilty

Becoming Debt Free Is 99% Intensity and 1% Basic Math

12 Steps to Debt Freedom

Introducing EOD Basic 3.0: Made for Newbies, but Perfect for Everyone

Do You Eat Out Too Much?

Make Sure Your Budget is Realistic

Extreme Circumstances Call For Extreme Measures

3 Ways You Are Holding Yourself Back and Tips for Changing Them

10 Small Ways to Increase your Emergency Fund Without Noticing

Manage Your Money: Teamwork, Accountability, and Kids

Manage Your Money: Wants Versus Needs

Manage Your Money: Death By 1000 Cuts

Why “Go Big or Go Home” is Destroying Your Budget

How Your Financial Decisions Can Impact The Family You Love

An Uncomfortable Conversation

Personal Finance For Beginners: A Lesson From Oseola McCarty

Credit Card Emergency Funds – An Alarming Trend in Society

The Dream Budget: Find Your Debt Free Potential!

Debt Snowball – Staying Motivated While Paying Off Your Larger Debts

Great Financial Advice From The In-Flight Safety Handbook

Your Comfort Zone – Is It Really Your Friend Or Actually Your Foe?





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