The Newest Finance Podcasts You’ve Never Heard

Hitting the search button on Google is a great way to find the answer to your questions about money, but how do you know the advice fits your specific situation? Maybe you have two teenage daughters and the author of the article is a single guy fresh out of college.

It is likely the advice is technically correct, but it would be nice to have some more context than a little box at the bottom of the post or link to their About page. Personal finance is personal and you want to know the knowledge you are obtaining fits your unique situation.

The way I learned about money was first by listening to podcasts, then reading, then audiobooks. There were some videos in there too but I was able to internalize – and scrutinize – all I had learned while driving (or walking the dog or mowing the lawn) before taking action. I made the most of my time by learning while commuting and was able to separate the wheat from the chaff for maximum efficiency.

Back then there were only a handful of personal finance podcasts: Dave Ramsey, Brian “The Money-guy” Preston, and Marketplace Money to name a few. Today there are hundreds and more are popping up every day – and you get to choose whose message resonates with you best!

4 New Finance Podcasts You’ve Never Heard



Brand new on the scene is M.O.N.E.Y. with blogging rock stars Paula Pant and J. Money. The juxtaposition of ways they deal with money doesn’t keep them from agreeing at the end, which is why this podcast works. Paula is a jet-setting real estate investor who is all about making money while Jay is a husband and father of two who is all about saving money.

Definitely listen to their first episode where you get to understand their view on finance (Click here).


financial-conversation-podcast-logoFinancial Conversation

Want to get the perspective from four young women? Check out the conversations from Kayla, Erin, Choncè and Kristi. Most have debt, some have children and one is planning her wedding.

Recent episodes include How to Practice Delayed Gratification and “Your Job or Your Health”. Where will their stories take you? Go listen to find out here.


save-money-dammit-logoSave Money, Dammit!

Where did this come from? I LOVE the title! Ashlee and Brian are a married couple who dug themselves out of $17,000 in debt to becoming debt free with a net worth over $40,000 in just two years. Oh, and they love budgets!

Their episodes are short, averaging about 20 minutes, so this could definitely fit into someone’s commute to the office or early-morning dog walk. (Check it out here)


moblie-home-park-investors-logoMobile Home Park Investors

Are you interested in Mobile Home Park Investing? Me neither, but if I were – there’s a podcast for that!

I haven’t checked this show out yet but I’m simply amazed that someone could dig deep into a very narrow niche and offer free education through a podcast.

While I can’t direct you to their show on their website, I can send you to Stitcher (Click here) where you can listen via your computer or your smartphone

Why didn’t I include iTunes links?

If you use iTunes then you probably already know how to subscribe to a podcast. Besides, any podcast that knows what they are doing would include easy-to-use subscribe buttons on their website.

Podcasts are an investment in your time but are easy to consume. Use iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio or even the Pocketcasts app and listen via your smartphone.

ndncnp-show-ARTWORK-1500xAnd while you are at it, check out this podcast you’ve probably never heard: “No Debt, No Credit, No Problems”. Yes, it’s my new show and this is a bit of self-promotion. I hope you forgive me, but you might be interested in my interview with Jesse Mecham about the newest changes to YNAB (You Need A Budget) or Chris Hogan, one of Dave Ramsey’s speakers.

So, tell me: What podcasts are you listening to?

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  1. I’m SO excited about all of the new shows out there….lots of fun choices now other than the usual talking heads….

  2. J. Money says:

    Thanks man!!!! So excited to get our podcast finally launched after all these months. It’s so much fun talking about money! (Big shock)

  3. Steve, thanks so much for the shout out! That’s exciting. It’s a big honor getting featured along with those other really great shows

  4. Erin says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning Financial Conversation, Steve! We appreciate the support (and your tutorials, since I definitely followed one to figure out Libsyn). =) Very excited to queue some episodes of M.O.N.E.Y. up this weekend. You did a great job on the intro and production.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing about our new podcast, Financial Conversation. We have really enjoyed working on it so far!

  6. This financial podcasts is really gives some knowledge somehow. It is off the grid. This would also make some amazing contribution to make some out of it. Those shows on podcasts are really making a lot of help. Looking forward to this amazing shows.

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