Tips on Finding You the Right Auto Insurance Coverage

This is a guest post from a recent series of three from the folks at 21st Century Insurance. Make sure you are insured, but most importantly make sure you have the right coverage for you!

While there are a plethora of options for auto insurance coverage, it can be tough to find the right provider that works best for you when you need to make that auto insurance claim. But they’re out there. However, the right coverage can’t find you if you don’t go out and look for it.

If you’re not sure what discounts you may deserve on your auto insurance coverage, I have some tips to share with you that might clear up some of your uncertainties and bring you plenty of savings on your auto insurance. First off, you can’t find savings without shopping around. Rates vary from company to company so always get quotes from at least 3 different companies. When you file an auto insurance claim, the deductible is the amount of money that you lay down before your insurance starts up. Remember that higher deductibles can bring substantially lower premiums, but make sure you have the funds to cover it in case you have to make an auto insurance claim.

It’s important to know that how insurance companies decide on your premiums have a lot to do with statistics. Unfortunately, there are some things that are out of your control like the fact that insurance agencies take into consideration your gender. Statistics have proven that males generally drive more recklessly, drive more often, get more speeding tickets and annually drive more miles. All of these statistics will influence agencies to charge men higher premiums for insurance.

But there is no sense worrying about what’s really not in your control. It’s time to focus on things that you can do to lower those rates. It certainly helps to know your car. Do you have an older car? For older models, it might not make sense financially to pay premiums over many years to keep collision and comprehensive auto coverage. You will only receive the book value of the car if it is totaled in an accident. If you’re thinking about buying a new car, remember cars that are expensive to repair or ones with high theft rates will raise the costs of your auto insurance coverage. However, having safety features like air bags and anti-locks might get you discounts, depending on your insurance company.

When you finally find that provider you trust to process your auto insurance claims, ask about their possible discounts for bundling. You already get your auto insurance coverage from them. Why shouldn’t you get your other car insured by them or your homeowners insurance as well? Many insurers will give you a break if you buy two or more types of insurance. Hopefully one or more of these tips will help in keeping your insurance premiums low.

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  1. Debbieo says:

    I just found your site and it looks like something I will enjoy. My husband and I went through the financial freedom university and paid a few debts off. We are not screaming past the Gazelles. We sold our huge home on 16 acres and are moving into our 5th wheel. When its all said and done we will have paid off about $185,000.00 in debt in four months, if our business sells as well. We will pay off the house, the business and the credit card from the sale of the house. When the business sells we will pay off the pickup and the 5th wheel and will be debt free for the first time since high school 30 some years ago. My husband and I are so excited.

    I am chronicling our journey on my blog. Right now we are sorting, selling, giving away and tossing about 90% of our belongings.

    We decided to buy an enclosed trailer and build shelves along each side to use for storage instead or renting a storage unit or buying a shipping container and putting it at a relatives home. This way our stuff is with us and we can use it when needed. I can, sew and have a soap making business that all require equipment and stuff that wont fit into a 5th wheel.

    WE have two teenage daughters who are homeschooled. We are very excited about becoming debt free.

  2. Debt Solution says:

    This is a timely post…recently about a month ago my auto insurance was up for renewal and I just simply asked if I qualified for more discounts. I was shocked when the rep came back and said that my insurance rates were cut in 1/2.

    There were also prepayment discounts, an online discount and a paperless discount. All accept the prepayment discounts seem to be made up to make me feel like a VIP client.

    I would suggest that anyone trying to get out of debt needs to review all insurance policies to make sure they are appropriate and that they are getting all the available discounts.

    Never Quit…There’s Always A “DEBT SOLUTION”

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