Tips to Make Driving & Car Ownership More Affordable Than Ever

While owning and driving an automobile may seem like an overly expensive thing to do, there are obvious advantages that cannot be ignored. Most importantly, you save time and are more productive when you drive to work; not to mention, it’s nice having the privacy and convenience of their own vehicle. Further, who says you can’t drive in premium style without breaking the bank. We’ll focus on Mercedes automobiles here since they appeal to so many types of drivers, but the same could be said for BMW and Audi.

One of the first things personal finance experts will tell you when you’re trying to save money and control your finances is to cut down unnecessary expenses, starting with the luxuries and commodities. That includes the status of automobile you drive. But did you know you can still drive a car like a Mercedes Benz or BMW and still fit within their advice!

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The costs of luxury car ownership have to go somewhere, so if you’re committed to driving a car of that status such as a Benz, you must be willing to spend your blood and sweat repairing your Mercedes’ parts when they breakdown or deteriorate, and of course performing its routine maintenance.

Be Smart About Mercedes Parts Maintenance

Most luxury European cars are notoriously efficient, such as the new generation Mercedes Benz E300 4matic sedan (22 mpg city, 29 highway, and 24 mpg combined) and the BMW 3 Series Sedan (23mpg city, 41mpg highway). But these luxury cars are designed to hit these optimal levels only when they are kept in good shape. This means opting for regular vehicle checks and Mercedes parts maintenance instead of waiting for something to breakdown all the way. A quick side note for a European automobile like Mercedes or BMW: Regularly maintaining your vehicle’s parts and systems is actually cheaper than fixing those car parts after they completely break.

Some high quality aftermarket parts are designed to be as good as the original genuine Mercedes parts.In fact, a lot of these aftermarket parts companies, especially for luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes, analyze why OEM parts fail, and then improve the original design or materials of the original parts.

So, the next time you need to replace something on your Mercedes, you can save a lot by choosing high quality aftermarket Mercedes parts. If you do your research, those aftermarket Mercedes Benz parts will last just as long and will work just as well as the originals. It’s a win-win solution, isn’t it?

Continuing on, financial advisers and debt relief experts often suggest mitigating the overall costs of heavy driving your car, for work commutes or pleasure road trips. These suggestions are amplified by driving a higher-end vehicle. These additional tips will help ensure that driving your luxury Benz stays very much affordable.

Be Mindful of Your Routes

Just because you need to drive to work, doesn’t mean you should drive elsewhere. Driving can be the most cost-efficient way of commuting to work, but it isn’t always the most affordable way to make short trips once you’re at the office. Instead of taking that Mercedes(or bimmer or other luxury car)just to run an errand or out for lunch, try to plan your timing better.

For these short trips, try carpooling or maybe switch to public transport; consider ride sharing apps for maximum convenience. You can easily save a huge chunk of costs from driving your Mercedes just by applying this tip. You’ll not only be saving on fuel, but also on vehicle maintenance and repair; costs of car parts and consumables; and possibly even labor (if you have to hire a mechanic for an advanced repair).  The idea is that by not using it for all those short trips, your beloved Mercedes won’t suffer all the extra wear and tear short-term trips tend to have. The repetitive heating/cooling of the engine and transmission parts, the stop and go of the brakes, and even the on/off of the HVAC will certainly add up with daily use. By prolonging the time all those parts need repair with less driving, the total amount of money you can save in the long run could be substantial and you won’t even have to sacrifice your luxury, style and efficiency along the way.

Change the Way You Drive Your Benz

Last but certainly not least, you can boost your fuel efficiency and further reduce wear and tear on the Mercedes’ parts and systems by altering the way you drive your car. It’s not the car that matters; it’s how you drive it.

Avoid sudden accelerations and learn to use the brakes less frequently. There are even courses that will help you master the art of efficient driving. After a while, you’ll start noticing your average fuel consumption getting better and that more time passes between having to do routine maintenance and repair broken parts. This all might mean you’re actually saving even by driving more.

With these tips in mind, you don’t have to give up the advantages of driving your car to work, nor the ability to do so on the level of style found in luxury automobiles such as Mercedes Benz.

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