Use The 4 Keys of Consistency to Get Out of Debt

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When you decide to start getting out of debt, it can be hard because you’re attempting to live life in a new way.  You’re changing your mindset about money and developing new habits that you hope to be permanent.

But while you’re in the midst of making all these changes, it can be easy to let some of those old habits and mindsets creep back in.

Change is hard.

That’s why it’s necessary to learn how to be consistent when you’re trying to getting out of debt.


It Takes Firmness of Character To Get Out of Debt

One definition of consistency is “firmness of constitution or character”.

When you finally decide to  get out of debt and stay out, you start a process of character building that eventually propels you to a higher and better place in your life.

You’re constructing a firmness of character that changes more than just your finances.  The firmness of character that it takes to get out of debt serves to build you up in

other areas of life as well.


Consistency Has 4 Traits

So when you’re trying to get out of debt, what does it take to be consistent?  I believe there are 4 traits to being consistent that will cause you to be successful in getting free from the bondage of debt:

  • Consistency means adopting a long term point of view.  Changing your mindset and habits for a short while and then reverting back to them later just doesn’t work.  You have to change your habits permanently.
  • Having patience even though results are not coming easy.  Being consistent means being relentless about getting out of debt no matter how long it takes.
  • Consistency means getting back on track when you have a setback.   There will always be problems that stand in the way when you try to do something worthwhile.  To be consistent, you have to take the setback in stride, work your way through it, and continue on. Adopt the attitude that you WILL NOT BE DENIED!
  • Consistency means sticking with it even when others don’t believe in what you’re doing.  Family and friends may make fun of you because you have to sacrifice some things temporarily while you’re getting out of debt.  Don’t let the unbelievers drag you down and keep you from your goal.  Ironically, these will be the same people who ask you how you did it once they realize you’re out of debt and not struggling with money.


Consistency Will Change Your Life

When you learn to put into practice these 4 keys for being consistent while you’re getting out of debt, you’ll discover that they will transfer to other parts of your life as well.

Learning to be consistent helps you to become disciplined and diligent toward the completion of any goals you may have in life.

It’s much like the constant pressure of Earth’s tectonic plates grinding against each other for millions of years that eventually forms a massive mountain range.

Or the consistent flow of the Colorado river that carved the Grandest Canyon in the world.

All it takes is a small amount of consistent pressure over time to change your financial life forever.

Being consistent with your efforts when you’re trying to get out of debt will always cause you to win in the long run, period!

Question: Are there any other traits of consistency that you can think of?  Tell me what you think by leaving a comment

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  1. You make an interesting point when talking about firmness of character. When you decide to go on a budget, your will-power is truly put to the test.

  2. Right, you have to form new habits and exercise will power to change your life. Just being passive and hoping something changes never works. You have to be active, patient, and relentless.

  3. “All it takes is a small amount of consistent pressure over time to change your financial life forever.” Jason, AWESOME post. Consistency, in any goal, is often the most important “step”. As we work our way out of a massive pile of debt, we have finally learned this. No matter how small the steps, as long as you are making forward progress and doing your best.

    • You are so right! Even if you have the occasional setback, as long as your overall progress is in the right direction you will reach your goal. I know you guys are working hard at it. Keep up that consistent pressure!

      Thanks Laurie!

  4. Travis says:

    Getting out of debt isn’t something you just do and forget about….it’s a permanent life change. If we go back to our old ways, we go back into debt. We have to maintain that consistency forever!

    • I have no doubt your life has permanently changed by what you’re going through. Your consistency has been an inspiration to a lot of people, and i have no doubt that you will never be back in debt again. Keep it up Travis and Vonnie!

  5. Dear Debt says:

    The biggest difficulty for me is the patience part. I am not a very patient person and it feels so slow. I am throwing such a huge percentage of my income towards debt, yet it will still take years to get out of debt. It’s easy to slip back into bad habits, but committing to get out of debt is life changing!

  6. I think patience is the most difficult part for a lot of people. It’s so easy to get into debt, but it takes a lot of effort and usually a lot of time as well to get out of it. Even though it goes slowly, as long as you’re moving forward you will eventually get there. Be consistent and YOU WILL WIN!!!

  7. I think the most difficult part is having a long-term mindset– it’s something your really have to train yourself to get into. Many people shy away from a plan when they do not see immediate results. Sticking to a plan takes discipline, but it is entirely possible!

  8. It’s hard to go from the short term mindset of getting most everything you want and not worrying about the consequences, to the long term mindset of getting out of debt one step at a time. I think it’s the one part of getting out of debt that people struggle with the most.

    But hey, that’s what it takes to start and maintain a whole new lifestyle.

    Thanks for the comment Terry!

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