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Hi!  Are you new to Enemy of Debt?  Even if you aren’t, I want to know what your TOP 5 favorite articles are.  Below is a list of my 10 favorite posts.  Read ONE post a day and then vote for your TOP 5 picks.  Leave your comments below!

What did you like?  What did you not like?  What post was a runner up? Let me know!

  1. What If You Were Recession Proof?
  2. Poverty To Prosperity
  3. In F.I.C.O. We Trust
  4. Buying vs. Renting – What Should You Do?
  5. Ideas On How To Give Yourself A Raise
  6. Are Your Priorities Backwards?
  7. Hitting A Home Run And Becoming Debt Free Are The Same
  8. Selling On Ebay Is As Easy As 1-2-3
  9. Is It Really Easy Money?
  10. Teenagers And Decisions

Your opinion matters to me, so participation is appreciated!!


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  1. funkmofunkmo says:

    My favorites 5 were 10 , 8 , 6 , 5 , 1 .
    actually all ten are awesome , these 5 just spoke to me personally, more , today. SEE YA

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