Weekly Roundup – “Fall Hiking” Edition


Have I told you how much I love hiking? Have I told you how much I love hiking in the Fall? It’s the most beautiful time to hike because of all the pretty colors. I go hiking very often and being that I live near so many hiking trails and mountains, I have plenty to choose from. Gone hiking lately?

EODhike-21Articles I Enjoyed This Week

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps: A Real Path to Family Financial Freedom – Written by Dustin at Engaged Marriage.

Friday Financial Foul Ups: Being Too Eager to “Move Out and Move Up” Kept Me In Debt and Cost Me Thousands – A GREAT series put together by Brian at My Next Buck.

Wealth And Contentment: Two Peas In A Pod – A post written by Craig at Bible Money Matters. He writes so many great posts it’s hard to keep up with them all. Great work Craig!

Are You Talking to Your Kids Enough? – This was such a great find over at Mama Notes. Well are you? 🙂

Our Journey To Debt Freedom: Cresting The HillFrugal Dad was one of the very first blogs I found as I dove into the blog world of personal finance and life. Congratulations Sir! 😀

FallHike-22Guest Post From ME

A Debt Free Manifesto – 10 Common Sense Reasons To Live Debt Free – posted over at My Super-Charged Life. Thanks Jeff!

hike23My Contributions At The Self-Reliance-Exchange

10 Substantial Reasons Why You Should Want To Become Debt Free – A retread of my Debt Free Manifesto that appeared on My Super-Charged Life, with a self reliance approach.

Saving Money – Paying Yourself First Really Pays Off

FallHike24Carnival Love

Carnival of Personal Finance #229: Candy Edition hosted by The Centsible Life. Editor’s Choice: Enjoy Frugal Entertainment Without Breaking The Bank

The Best of Money Carnival #23 hosted by Provident Planning. #3 Pick: Are You Under The Influence Of Debt?


“Making A Difference” Giveaway Of The Week

Win a Free iPod nano and Help a Great Charity! – Donate to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation and win a free nano ipod!! You can donate as low as $2.50 or as high as you like. Make a difference and help a child get their wish! Giveaway hosted by Jeff at My Super-Charged Life.

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  1. Money Funk says:

    Oh, how I truly wished I lived in a place where the leaves changed colors like the ones in this pic. Love the sweatshirt, too. Good pics and great links. Thanks for the reading material. 🙂

  2. Hey, I love the EOD sweatshirt! That’s some fantastic branding. Thanks for mentioning my iPod giveaway and fundraising campaign for Make-A-Wish! Have a great weekend!

  3. Kelsalynn says:

    I have to admit, I have no idea what you wrote about in this post…I was too busy checking out and smiling at the adoreable pictures throughout. Next time, if you want me to READ, you must not distract me with such amazing pictures! 😛

  4. Brian says:

    Thanks so much for the mention Brad. I cant wait for you to post on my series! It makes me feel smart when all of the articles i enjoyed throughout the week are recapped in one location! Well done buddy!

  5. Brad Chaffee says:

    Thank you Samantha! I say the same thing all the time but figure I am just biased. 😀

    The mountains here in Virginia are truly beautiful, and I cannot wait to go hiking again.

    That sweatshirt was one of the very first Enemy of Debt articles of clothing. It was a bit big for Isaac when I made it so he had to grow into it.

    Thanks Jeff, and you’re welcome. I made a donation and hope that many others did too.

    Kelsa Lynn – LOL! Awww, thank you! I am glad you liked them. I was surprised how good they turned out because I really do have a crappy digital camera. Now I know what to do to get you to come back. haha 😀

    Brian it was not a problem my friend! I am hoping to knock that post out tomorrow so you can share it with your readers.

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