When Are You Going To Have A Yard Sale?

Today was the big day!

We had a huge yard sale today, and we made an extra $220.  This was with NO big dollar items.  We had tons of stuff to get rid of and I am not even convinced that we got rid of everything possible.  I am pretty excited about our extra earnings from stuff that has been just hanging around our house.

Could you benefit from an extra few hundred dollars?

I am sure you could, so start looking around and plan that yard sale.  Fund that Emergency Fund or earn extra money to throw at your Debt Snowball.  Either way, it could help you make some progress towards your Total Money Makeover goals.

How much did you make at your last yard sale?  Let us know.

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  1. Mama Koala says:

    We are planning a garage sale for October. Any advice on pricing, etc? I’m ready to be rid of stuff and help the snowball start rolling!

  2. Brad Chaffee says:

    Hello Mama Koala!!

    You know my wife and her mom are really big yard sale connoisseurs. My wife has been trying to get me to write an article about how to have an effective yard sale. Maybe I will have to stop procrastinating!

    I know something they talk about a lot is when people have yard sales and try to get top dollar for their items. Price your items to sell. Not sure if this is what my wife does but I would price them to sell and then add just a little on the top to deal with any negotiations. People that go to yard sales are generally hardcore and usually always ask for a lower price. Then you have the people who don’t ask so you benefit either way no matter which one of the two buys the item.

    You have got me thinking I really need to write that article. There is tons of things that can be done to have a great yard sale. From proper sign preparation to making sure each item is marked. Keep your eyes posted for such an article.

    Thanks for stopping by!!