4 Things To Check When Returning Items

I do it whenever I return something to a store, and this situation was no different. The cashier requested I sign a slip of paper to authorize the return of funds to my debit card, which I did without even giving half a glance to the return receipt. She handed me my copy, and I was out the door. I had no idea how that lack of attention to detail would affect me just a short while later.

I was returning some large candles my wife had purchased through the retailer’s website. The cashier scanned my receipt, scanned each candle and had me sign the receipt. On my way to my van, I looked at the numbers and realized she had just refunded me MORE than the total of the entire order. The problem was, the candles were purchased at a deeply discounted sale price, but returned at full price.

I attempted to go back and correct the mistake, however the transaction had already gone through, and nobody at the store knew what they should do to make everything as it should be. In the end, they basically said, “Thanks for being honest, but it’s our mistake, and we’ll eat it.”

Consumers have to be careful when returning items, especially during the holidays when everything is rushed. Here are a few tips for making sure your return is handled correctly:

Count The Items

Make sure the number of items on the return receipt match how many items you are actually returning. Sometimes a scan doesn’t register, or the employee misses an item sitting on a crowded counter top.

Check The Price

Match the return price to the purchase price. Unless there are special circumstances, which the employee should be able to explain to you, they should match.

Check The Return Account

If the refund is to be put back into a credit or debit card account, ensure the number of the account is the expected account.

Show Me The Money

Save your return receipt at least until you see the funds show up in the expected account. If it never shows up, the receipt will be needed to prove your case.

Retail employees aren’t trying to take your money, but they are people and people make mistakes. In my case, the mistake actually turned out in my favor, but it easily could have gone the other way. By following these tips you can make sure the retailer gets their merchandise, and you get your money.

How about you, EOD Nation, have you ever had a return go wrong?

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