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Some of you may know that we recently attended the second annual Financial Bloggers Conference known as #FinCon12. We networked, brainstormed and listened to others inspire us to make EOD (and our personal blogs) an even better experience for those of you getting out of debt and wanting to learn solid personal finance.

Enemy of Debt was nominated for two Plutus AwardsBest Debt Focused Personal Finance Blog and Best Multiple Author Personal Finance Blog.

We won Best Debt-Focused Personal Finance Blog!!

I may have created and launched my passionate mission to eradicate debt from this world, but without TEAM EOD, and all of you, that mission may have fallen by the wayside.

Last year when my wife and I decided I would homeschool Isaac through kindergarten my schedule was about to get seriously hectic. I also started Virginia Printing Company and as most of you know we also had our beautiful Hannah Banana on August 30th of last year.

I knew my new obligations would cause me serious trouble so I decided to find equally passionate bloggers who believed in my mission — radical debt elimination! And that’s how Team EOD was born!

I love and appreciate each and every one of them and I hope they know that. They helped me keep the mission alive and this year we won an award! There’s no way I can take full credit for such an honor!

From the bottom of my heart I want to personally thank Travis Pizel, Suzanne Cramer, Ashley Barnett, Meadow Devor, Jana Lynch, Paul Puckett, Clair Schwan, Bobbi Bushman, Jessica Streit, Dr Jason Cabler, and ALL OF YOU! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

On behalf of Team EOD, I’d like to thank you for continuing to read and support Enemy of Debt. We are all very much behind you in your efforts to annihilate debt from your lives.

You all ROCK!!!! Team EOD: Thank you for passionately writing about debt elimination and personal finance for Enemy of Debt! I couldn’t have kept it alive without you! And Readers: none of us would have a place to write if you didn’t give us a reason to do it each and every week.

We are family!! โ™ฅ

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  1. Hi Brad,

    Congratulation!!!!! BRAD CHAFFEE to win the Plutus Awards under “Best Debt-Focused Personal Finance Blog” category. I am guessing that it will be a party time for you and your dedicated team. I missed FinCon12 but highly excited to be a part of FinCon13. Recently I came through Jason’s blog post (http://www.onemoneydesign.com/fincon12-financial-blogger-conference-recap/) where he also shared his experience with others.

    Brad, I personally feel that you are lucky that such dedicated members are in your team.


  2. Congratulations for winning the Best Debt-Focused Personal Finance Blog! FinCon 2012 was a big success. I know attendees had fun and learned a lot.

    • Brad Chaffee says:

      Thank you Manette! It was a nice surprise and really put the topping on the FinCon experience which would have been awesome without it. I love this blog and all of the people who write for it and read it. It is a part of who I am! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Travis says:

    EOD, EOD, EOD! Congrats Brad and all my fellow TeamEOD writers!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Brad and the entire EOD team, we love you guys! It is not hard to do; each and every EOD team member shares the same mission, enthusiasm and passion for getting people out of debt! I feel like we were friends before, but after meeting you in person, we are family for sure! You can count on CareOne to always have your backs! We hope we will be seeing you again very soon ๐Ÿ™‚ XO Coblentz

    • Brad Chaffee says:

      WE LOVE YOU TOO! ๐Ÿ˜€ And it was so awesome seeing you at FinCon! Can’t wait to take a trip to Baltimore to see three of my favorite ladies — besides my wife of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Well deserved Brad, EOD is one of my favorites. Congratulations to you and your team!

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