Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt

My wife knows better than to ask me what I want for Father’s Day, or for that matter any other occasion that involves gift giving. My answer is always the same, “The best present you could give me is to not spend any money on me.” She never listens to me. She has to get me something, even if it’s under the disguise of “from the kids.” She understands, though, that it’s not necessary, or in our best interest financially, to purchase an extravagant gift. Quite frankly, Vonnie has taken gift giving on a budget as a personal challenge. I think she actually enjoys trying to get the most gift for her dollar.

So how did she do for Father’s Day this year?

I received one of my presents early.  I was asked to prepare some smoked meat for a brother-in-law’s 40th birthday party over the weekend. Vonnie had heard me talk about a “marinade injector,” and asked if that was something I could use for the briskets I was planning to smoke on Friday. She and my daughter picked one up and gave it to me Thursday night as I was seasoning the meat.

On Sunday, my family presented me with a Father’s Day scavenger hunt.  Come along with me as I go searching for my gifts.

Clue #1: Someone fat and orange likes to sleep here.

This was a reference to our orange and white cat, “Stitch” who obsessively sleeps on the middle pillow of our king sized bed. If the pillow happens to be occupied when she jumps up on the bed in the middle of the night, she’ll either meow, or lick my wife’s head until we move. I walked into our bedroom and found a package of orange slice fruit candy (one of my favorites!) under the pillow. Get the connection? Orange cat, orange slice candy?

Clue #2: This is where mommy puts her rings.

I walked across the room to Vonnie’s jewelry box sitting on our chest of drawers. Next to it was a package of peach ring fruit candies. I love those too! Get it? Vonnie’s rings, peach rings?

Author’s Note: Technically, mommy usually puts her rings on the bathroom counter, or  the edge of the bathtub, and daddy puts them back in the jewelry box. But for the sake of the scavenger hunt, we’ll let it slide.

Clue #3: You have to click this to stay safe.

I must admit, for some reason I biffed this one. I thought of the deadbolt on our front door. Not finding anything near the door, I indicated I may need an additional hint. Being told that “it may not be in the house,” I entered the garage and found a new reversible belt in the front seat of our car. Are you getting the hang of this? Seat belt, clothes belt. Somehow I managed to lose my belt recently, and a new one was so greatly appreciated!

Clue #4: And last, but not least, this is where you put your keys.

I walked into the kitchen and opened the drawer where I keep my keys. Neatly folded in the drawer was this new shirt:


None of these things cost very much, the most expensive item being the belt at $21, and the grand total of all of them coming in at less than $40. I received something I wanted (marinade injector), something I needed (belt), and some completely frivolous things (shirt and candy). The whole family was involved, and the items were connected through creativity.

It doesn’t matter what they got me, or how much they spent. What matters is how they made me feel.

They made me feel loved, appreciated, and special.  What else could I ask for on Father’s Day?





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  1. bogofdebet says:

    Those are some excellent gifts it sounds like! I’m glad you had a great Happy Father’s Day! (I really do love that t-shirt)

  2. Travis says:

    I did have a great Father’s Day, bogofdebt! I have a whole collection of grilling shirts…It puts me in the mood for firing up the grill!

  3. Ali says:

    I love this!!! Please tell Vonnie I think this was a brilliant idea and if she doesn’t mind, I’m stealing it for next year. I especially loved your Author’s Note. That could have been written by my husband. Totally cracked me up.

    • Travis says:

      Vonnie was tickled to hear that you liked her idea! As for the Author’s Note……she gave me the “glare of death,” then said, “Not funny, Pizel.” Then laughed. Whew.

  4. Awwwww this is SO SWEET!!!!!! I have to remember this for next year. I love your note about putting the rings back in the jewelry box. Sounds just like my BF. I’m always putting things where they’re not supposed to go 😛

    Hope you had an a great Father’s day!

    Oh btw, we got my dad a t-shirt..well, my brother did, but it said “LIKE A BOSS” haha it was awesome and so appropriate.

  5. Travis says:

    Well, Erika, it certainly seems like we have an epidemic of significant others not putting their stuff back where it belongs. It may be time for us men to unite. LOL.

    I had a GREAT Father’s Day as a matter of fact!

    I would LOVE a “LIKE A BOSS” shirt. I’m totally putting a bug in Vonnie’s ear!

    thanks so much for your comment!

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