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Word of a great deal spreads fast. When a person finds a great sale, they not only tell their friends, neighbors and family, but they may also put it on social media. Some will find the same product at the same great price. Others will walk into their local store and find the product at a higher price. The same sale isn’t always in effect at every location of a specific retailer, especially when it comes to clearance sales. Websites like Brickseek can help you save time and money by finding the location with the best price near you.

What Is Brickseek?

Brickseek started as a service to help LEGO collectors find specific sets online and in brick and mortar stores. It has since evolved into an inventory and price checking service that helps people find the best deals on products for some of the largest retailers including Target, Walmart, and and Lowes. While not directly associated with any of the retailers, they are somehow hooked into their inventories (they don’t say how) and can report the inventory and price of products in your area.

How Do You Use Brickseek?

The most common way to use Brickseek is to type in the product description to find the UPC or SKU number. Or, if you know one of these pieces of unique identifying information, you can type it in directly along with your zip code. Once this information is entered, Brickseek will display the stores in your area that carry the product, how many are in stock at each location, and the price.

Is Brickseek Accurate?

I decided to put Brickseed to the test. I was at a Walmart recently wondering around the lawn and garden section. I saw a specific type of grill that I knew was on clearance. I plugged its information into Brickseed, and it told me the location I was shopping had 2 in stock, and the price was a clearance price of $138. I looked at the shelf and saw two boxes, both marked with a clearance sticker of $138.

Additional Brickseek Features At A Price

You can use Brickseek for free, however you can upgrade to premium services for a monthly fee. The amount you pay provides additional alerts, extended range data, as well as trending information.

Brickseek does only cover a handful of retailers. But if they are some of the largest in the US, and may help you find the best deal at the right right location for a product you’re interested in.

How about you, EOD nation, have you ever used Brickseek, or something similar? How did it work for you?

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