Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 1/14/2020

Fate hit me hard this week.  I knew it was coming, and I even wrote about it in my post earlier this week.  We had someone come and look at our extremely loud washing machine and my fears proved correct.  The drum bearing was going bad, and the service person deemed it was not worth the cost of parts and labor to fix on our 15 year old washing machine.  We were instructed to go to a local appliance store where we were given a dollar amount towards a new washer. We picked one out, and as I had predicted we also decided to get the matching dryer.  The washer was completely covered by the appliance protection plan, but the dryer we paid for out of pocket.  On the bright side, the new appliances are super cool, connect to wifi and allow me to control and check the status remotely through my phone.  Who knew laundry could be so high tech?

Fist pump for high tech laundry, AND my favorite posts of the week!

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