Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 4/16/21

I opened my front door to find my neighbor waiting with a piece of paper in his hand. He had contacted a lawn service to thatch his lawn, and they were coming the next day. He handed me the number stating since the guy as going to be in the neighborhood he’d probably be willing to do more yards while he was in the neighborhood. While I opt to do my own fertilizing, I gladly called the lawn service and agreed to pay $100 to have my lawn thatched as well.  I would rake my whole yard, but it would take hours and hours.  The lawn service, with it’s lawn thatcher, will have it done in half an hour and will do a much better job.  After the work was completed, my lawn was cut, thatched, and ready for the growing season.

Fist pump for having a lawn service save me hours of work, and my favorite posts of the week!

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