Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 4/3/20

We’re now at the end of week three of working from home.  Here in Minnesota, we’re at the end of week one of a “Shelter in place” edict from our Governor. For those of you that are in a similar situation, what are you all spending your money on while you’re quarantined at home? Our main expenditure has been home gym equipment since health clubs are closed. Other than that, we’ve gotten take out food a couple of times, as well as take out beer from a local microbrewery. Gotta support those local businesses.  Our next expenditure is something super cool:  A new water softener.  Ok, it’s not cool at all.  In fact, it’ll be downright unsatisfying. But, it has to be done and at least it won’t hurt the bank account too much since our discretionary spending is way, way down.

Fist pump for having the money for home repairs, and my favorite posts of the week!

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