Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 7/20

This weekend is a gift card weekend for my family.  We’ve acquired several gift cards and we’ll be using them all to keep overall out of pocket spending down.  Here’s what we have:

Olive Garden ($25) : I got this gift card to help smooth over a situation which left me waiting for my to go order for over 30 minutes. I’ll use this to buy alfredo sauce and breadsticks and make the pasta at home.

Local Burger Place ($10) : I got this gift card to help smooth over a situation where a local burger restaurant forgot part of my to go order and I had to go back to get it.  It’ll cover about 1/3rd our bill to go there for lunch.

Local Restaurant ($60) : Costco sells $100 to a local restaurant for $75.  We’ve got $60 left over from the last time we purchased one. This will cover an entire meal.

Red Lobster ($50) : We gave our son this gift card to go out for dinner with his significant other.  They wanted to go somewhere else, so I had purchased it back from him a few months ago.

Some of these gift cards we got for free, some I actually purchased.  But the money’s already spent, so any use of these gift cards reduces any out pocket spending this weekend.

Fist pump for gift cards, and for my favorite posts of the week!

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