Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup 7/3

fistpumpHappy almost Independence Day Friday, EOD Nation!  Since the 4th of July falls on a Saturday this year, my employer gives us today off. So what will I be doing today?  Oh, I’m so glad you asked……I’ll be spending it reconciling the checkbook and working with my wife to come up with our spending plan for the next two weeks.  We’re a few days late, but life has been busy lately, and I’m glad to have the day off to play catchup with our financial planning.

Tomorrow we’ll be having some friends and family over, busting out the grill, and celebrating the 4th of July.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Give a big 4th of July fist pump for my favorite posts of the week!

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  1. I hope you have a great holiday weekend, Travis!

  2. Enjoy the 4th and the grilling Travis!

  3. Tre says:

    Have a great 4th weekend!

  4. Michelle says:

    I smiled when you talked about reconciling your checkbook! It was a wonderful holiday weekend.

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