How To Bow Out Of Group Activities You Cannot Afford

Every budget has limits. Whether you’re rich and famous or middle class, there are limits on how much you can spend. Some just run into their limit faster. In a society where success is equated with how much money you have, it’s hard to tell people you don’t have the funds to buy or do something. Especially when you’re being asked to be included in something that sounds really fun like a night out, a weekend away, or a group vacation. With that in mind, here is a list of polite ways to gracefully decline an invitation without making it about money.

Weekend Activities

  • We went out last night, so we’re taking it easy tonight.
  • I think we’ll pass this time.
  • We decided to stay home and watch a movie tonight.
  • It’s beautiful outside, we’re just going to stay at home and sit by the fire table.
  • We went out last weekend, so we’re taking it easy this weekend.
  • We have a lot going on tomorrow, so we’re going to stay home tonight

No thanks, maybe next time.

Weekend Getaways or Group Vacations

  • We’re saving for a vacation to <name your dream destination>.
  • That’s a little more than we want to spend right now.
  • We can’t commit this far in advance.
  • I think we’ll pass.
  • We’re just not interested.

Some people have a hard time saying they don’t have enough money to engage in fun activities with friends. It could be you’ve already spent all your discretionary funds, or you might be generally strapped for cash. Whatever the reason, if you don’t feel comfortable telling your friends you don’t have enough money, try one of these ready made responses that are much easier on the ego.

How about you, EOD Nation, what do you say to friends and family to ask you to participate in something you just don’t have the money for?

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