I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 08/23

Happy Friday, EOD Nation!  The last few weeks of Summer are proving to be rather busy for my family and me.  Both kids had their schedule pick up days for the upcoming school year and walked their initial class schedules.  With Tori entering middle school, and Tristan a freshman in High School they are both headed to new schools this year which brings both apprehension and excitement.  This weekend we have a family reunion to attend and then looking forward to a HOT Sunday afternoon lounging by the pool at our already paid for gym membership to let our checkbook cool off for awhile.

Speaking of cooling off, this week’s best of the best are cool like the other side of the pillow.  You know what I always say, check ’em out and give ’em some love.  Everybody fist pump!

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  1. Wow: high school! Our oldest will be starting high school next fall, and I have to say it totally freaks me out. How on earth do they grow up so fast? Have a great weekend, Travis. Sounds like you’ve got lots of fun planned. 🙂

    • Travis says:

      It was a great weekend, Laurie – but now I’m ready for a nice low key week before school starts. I know what you mean about it freaking you out…not because I am necessarily, but Vonnie….woooooooboy. 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear that your end of summer is proving to be rather busy. I guess that is what I should expect once my son gets into school. Thank you for mentioning my post. I really appreciate the support Travis!

    • Travis says:

      Better busy than bored, that’s what I always say, Grayson. Enjoy every year, and every stage of your son’s childhood…they DO grow up fast and each stage is new and exciting.! Thanks for commenting!

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