I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – 10/19

The second Presidential debate was held this week, and as was the case with the first one and the Vice Presidential debate, Facebook and Twitter were alive with comments.  When it was all over, there was a lot of discussion about who “won” the debate.  Both sides claimed victory of course.  Since it’s all very subjective with your point of view, there really is no clear cut winner.

Maybe one day there will be a way to determine who actually won a Presidential debate, but in the mean time there should be no question in anyone’s mind that the below posts from the last week ROCK.  Check ’em out and show them some love.

Favorite Posts:

Does Your Credit Score Matter If You Don’t Do Debt?  from Budgets Are Sexy

I’m Just Tired from Care One Debt Relief Services

How Do You Get Out of Debt?   (Part 1) from Dr. Jason Cabler

Never Say These Things to a Debt Collector  from Leave Debt Behind

Flexibility – The Key to a Working Budget from  Budgeting In The Fun Stuff

I feel the next post requires a bit of extra introduction or explanation.  The point of this weekly roundup is to provide members of EOD Nation links to inspiring and informative posts that could provide encouragement or financial tips to people struggling with debt.  But this next link is really for other bloggers that may find themselves here.  Bloggers need inspiration and encouragement from time to time as well to just keep doing what they’re doing.    Fellow writers, read this post, then bookmark it for the next time you’re questioning why you’re blogging.

If Your Blog Hasn’t Changed Your Life, You’re Doing It Wrong from Frugal Beautiful

Shameless Self Promotion:

Long Distance Budget :  My weekly post in the CareOne Debt Relief Services user Community

Should You Need a License to Get a Loan? : My latest at My Personal Finance Journey

I didn’t get much of a response on last week’s roundup as to whether I should post a picture of the Baby Back Ribs I was going to make on Sunday for football…but I’m going to include it anyway.  Come to my house to watch football, and this what you have in store for you (click on it to see it full size – I dare you)



Have a great weekend, and come back Monday for a brand new post!





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  1. Thanks for the mention T-man! I’m gonna get the world out of debt one post at time!

  2. Brad says:

    Hey Travis, thanks for the mention! Those ribs are talking to me right now. What time on Sunday?! Ha.

  3. Wow, thank you so much for the very kind words! Blogging truly has changed my life- it built a community, helped me question my identity, reshape it and work really hard for my goals. I hope nobody ever just blogs to blog- but uses it to launch their business, or a big goal, to question their own behaviors or life outlook and push for more. There are so many great bloggers out there that are sources of inspiration as well as possible friends and allies…. it’s not just a “blog” but a life!

    Thank you sooo much for sharing. 🙂

    • Travis says:

      You are very welcome, Shannyn. Your post hit home for me because I feel exactly the same way. I’ve heard many bloggers (including myself) say how blogging has made a big impact on their life, but I’ve never heard or read anything that expressed it so well, and in such a personal way. Thank YOU so much for sharing your thoughts on blogging. Hope your running continues to go well for you!

  4. Those … ribs… ugh… look… so… goooooooood! Sorry I didn’t watch the debate, since I already didn’t vote for either one of them what’s the point? hehe.

    • Travis says:

      Glad you like the picture of the ribs, Veronica – ribs are THE reason I got into BBQ smoking. I’m currently an undecided voter, so I’m trying to get as much exposure to the candidates as possible so I can make an informed decision in a few weeks. I’m not sure the debates is the right place to get that info though……there’s an awful lot of generalization and chest puffing going on. Hope you had a great weekend!

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