I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 3/17

I filled out my tax return a few weeks ago, but I just hit the “submit” button last night.  I wanted to let them settle for a bit, then go over them again.  After verifying everything looked correct, I sent them to the IRS.  The government must have agreed with the awesomeness of my returns as both my Federal and State returns were accepted within a few hours.  I got a refund back from federal, and owed some to the state.  All together I owed a few hundred dollars, which is the best our taxes have turned out in years.  I finally have my withholdings set where I want them to account for my blogging income (which as an independent contract has no taxes taken out).

Fist pump for another tax season down, and for my favorite posts of the week!

Posts That Make Me Fist Pump



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