I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – 3/7

This week I celebrated my 3 year blogoversity.   On March 3rd, 2010, my very first blog post went live in the CareOne Community.  I can’t believe I’ve been writing about my family’s journey out of debt for three years!   I was off work yesterday afternoon and today to be with my parents in Minneapolis as my mom is having back surgery to correct severe curvature of the spine.    If you wouldn’t mind, send some positive thoughts this way for a speedy recovery.  I don’t know why this is the case, but every time I need to take some time off, it seems like I have to work twice as hard for a week to get ready to be gone.  Because of that I haven’t been as active on twitter this week, and haven’t had the time to comment on posts as much as I normally do – which is really unfortunate because there were some really good ones this week.  Check ’em out below:

Posts That Make Me Fist Pump:

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Looking forward for life to get back to normal next week!


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  1. Laurie says:

    Happy Blogiversary, Travis! Yes, sending prayers up for your mom, quick healing, and minimal pain. Have a great weekend. 🙂

    • Travis says:

      Thanks Laurie! We’re told it will be a long healing process, but once she gets through it she will be much better off than she has been (and where she was headed). Have a great weekend!

  2. Quite the achievement Travis. 3 years is a long time blogging, but you are working it. I will be sure to send some positive thoughts over. I am happy that my post made your fist pump, so thank you for including me, it means a lot. I hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Congrats on three years Travis, that is awesome! Best wishes to your mom & her surgery. My mom had back surgery several years ago for a pretty bad issue which has since been largely taken care of due to the surgery so I can understand.

    • Travis says:

      Thanks, John – some days it feels like I’ve been writing forever and I couldn’t possibly come up with another post idea. Other days I feel like I just started. It’s been quite a ride! I’m happy to hear that the outcome of your mom’s surgery was good…..I’m hoping I can say the same thing!

  4. Michelle says:

    Congratulations on your blogiversary! Am also sending good thoughts to your mom and wishing her a speedy recovery.

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