I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – 8/31

By the time you’re reading this, I will be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean traveling at mind numbing speed towards Houston TX, which is just a speed bump on my way back to the great state of Minnesota. Dear Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Tropical Depression/Tropical Whatever Isaac, if you delay my trip home by one minute I will personally charter a plane, fly over you, and take a gigantic pee right into your eye.

While you contemplate THAT image, it’s time for me to pass along links to my favorite posts that I’ve read throughout the week.

First up, we have Before You Build a Budget-Go Grocery Shopping  from Lbee and the Money Tree. I love any post that talks about grocery shopping right now because this is an area that my wife and I are currently conquering together.

I’ve been following Ashley from MoneyTalksCoaching for a long time so I’m well versed in her struggle to instill good financial habits in her daughter. Trying To Get My Daughter To Save made me homesick for all the things that being a parent entails – good and bad.

Some need a morning cup of coffee, I need my daily money shot. In An Open Letter To the McDowell Family, Jana shares her experience with a family she’s never met, and how they’re making their debt her problem.

A new school year starts next week, so clothes buying is on my brain. How I Save Money On Kids Clothes from My Dollar Plan was very timely for me.

My wife and I are paying off a mountain of debt, so hearing stories of others successfully eliminating similar mountains of debt inspire me. Paying Off More Than $147,000 in Debt from The Debt Myth is just such a post..way to go Jackie!

Now it’s time for the Friday Funny, and for the second week in a row, Andrea from So Over This takes the crown with Unsent Letters: Paypal Edition.

Fellow bloggers, I dare one of you to try to break Andrea’s streak. Crack those knuckles and get to writing.

For everyone else, have a great weekend and enjoy NOT sitting on an airplane!

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  1. Thanks for sharing and for the vivid imagery, Travis. Both are much appreciated!

  2. Ugh, I forgot to include Andrea’s post in the roundup. It was really great!

    • Travis says:

      She’s a talented writer, that’s for sure, Veronica. Her brand of sarcasm always makes me laugh….but who has it in them to break her Friday Funny streak? We’ll see this week……

  3. Yay! I’m glad you loved my grocery store post, it went over so well. I feel like the only place I am really competent in staying “on track” is my grocery budget. Wonder why that is?

    • Travis says:

      Who knows, LBee – maybe just use it as an anchor to build on. Use your success with grocery shopping and try to expand it to other areas of your finances. Before you know it that money tree will be shakin’ and bakin’ LOL.

  4. Mike says:

    We vaporized $37,000 worth of debt this month! $11,000 to go and then it is time to pile drive savings and investment! http://livetheneweconomy.com/blog/2012/8/31/the-ltne-report-august-2012.html

    I’m humbled by the $147K reduction post over at The Debt Myth though!

    • Travis says:

      Nice work, Mike! I wish you nothing but success on polishing off the $11k you have left – it’ll be an awesome feeling to get out from underneath that debt!

      • Mike says:

        Thanks Travis! I can’t wait. My entire mentality about debt, spending, consumerism, etc., has changed in the last six months– I wish I had had this epiphany about 19 years ago!

        • Travis says:

          I hear ya’ Mike…my wife and I racked up our credit card debt over the first 13 years of our marriage. Oh man, if we had lived within our means then, life would be so much easier now….

  5. Jackie says:

    Thanks for loving me like a blogger 🙂

    And I hope you got home in good shape, ideally without having to pee on the hurricane.

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