I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup 9/07

This weekend I’m attending the Financial Blogger Conference in Denver.  Wednesday and Thursday were days to reconnect and network with other bloggers.  There was also the 3rd Annual Plutus Awards where Enemy of Debt won for “Best Debt Blog.”  Congratulations to TeamEOD for this very special accomplishment!  I feel very honored to be part of Enemy of Debt!

Here are some other award winning posts (in my opinion) that you should check out this weekend!

Leaks in Spending from Net Worth Journey

What’s The Point Of All This?  from Financial Uproar

How To Score Free Money From the Airlines  from Yes I Am Cheap

21 Signs You Were Raised By Frugal Parents from Bargain Babe

Oh, I almost forgot the Friday Funny.

That honor has to go to My Kid Ate What? from Jana over at Daily Money Shot.  Kids eating gross stuff always makes me laugh.

Enjoy these posts, then come back here for more posts from the award winning  team at Enemy of Debt next week!


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  1. Bargain Babe’s post on frugality is interesting. #19: You cut open toothpaste tubes to get at the last bit of product. <– that's me!

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