I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup 9/21

Happy Friday, EOD Nation!

I’ve been bursting with excitement anxiously waiting being able to share with you my favorite articles from the past week. There have been some great ones, so I don’t want to waste anymore of your time – let’s get to the list already!

4 Steps to Avoid Financial Infidelity from Dr. Jason Cabler via Kylie Ofiu

Definitions Of A Middle Class Income: Do You Consider Yourself Middle Class? from Financial Samurai

14 Things I learned On Debt Management from a fellow customer of CareOne Debt Relief Services who is literally DAYS away from being debt free.

There was a great debate with two very interesting viewpoints going on over at Ready for Zero this week. The subject matter was your credit score, do you need one, and should you care about it. Check out the two opposing viewpoints below. If you haven’t read them, they’re easily one of the most interesting finance related posts out there this week.

Why I Refuse To Play The Credit Score Game from Brad Chaffee (Enemy Of Debt)

Why Your Credit Score Matters (Even When You’re In Debt) from David Weliver (Money Under 30)

It’s almost the weekend, which is when most people (at least that I know) clean their homes. Have you ever looked around and wondered how your house became such a mess? Well, get ready to laugh a lot, and probably feel a little better about the cleanliness of your home. I present to you this week’s Friday Funny:

Would You Live Like This? From Jana at The Daily Money Shot

I’m headed outdoors to lay in my grass and watch the leaves change color. Hope you’re doing something equally as exciting – have a great weekend!

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  1. Looks like I have some weekend reading to do 🙂 Travis, nice roundup! You know, maybe I’ll lie down on some grass when I get home too, doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Take in the sight of clouds as they float by … *sleeping already*

  2. Sam says:

    Travis, great to meet up in Denver man!

    Hope to see you in San Diego next time, fingers crossed!


  3. I’m so glad I made you laugh again, Travis! Thanks for including my post!

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