My Favorite Inexpensive Relaxation Technique

One of my personal guilty pleasures is finding ways to relax. I go all out, 100%, a million miles an hour most of the time, so when I need some downtime I need it bad. Many of my favorite ways to indulge in some relaxation can be fairly expensive. A weekend away and massages are two activities that really help recharge my batteries, but also come with a fairly hefty price tag. However just recently my daughter introduced me to a relaxation activity that I absolutely love, and it costs just a few dollars.

Stressed out ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Bath Bomb.

A bath bomb doesn’t sound relaxing, but I promise you it is. A bath bomb is a round object that comes in varying sizes from a golf ball to a softball. You fill your bath tub with water, and drop in the bath bomb. As soon as it hits the water, it starts fizzing as it dissolves expelling colors into the water and scents into the air. I just sit there while the bath bomb fizzes around in the water, surrounding me with bubbles and a nice fresh scent.

Bath bombs are a great relaxation technique for several reasons:

  • Inexpensive : Depending upon size and brand, bath bombs are inexpensive, usually costing only a few dollars. The ones I like are about the size of a baseball, and cost $5.99.
  • Variety : There are almost infinite colors, scents and themes of bath bombs. You can stick to one you like, or explore and try different ones.
  • Easy To Find : Bath bombs can be found at bath and body stores, online, and even in some grocery stores.
  • Convenient: Almost every home has a bath tub. All you have to do is fill it, sit down, and drop the bath bomb in the water with you. You don’t need another person and you don’t need to travel anywhere. You just close the door and enjoy some precious along time

I’m not afraid to admit I’m a guy that enjoys a relaxing bath. I also like saving money. A fresh smelling, fizzling bath bomb helps me accomplish all of these things!

How about you, EOD nation, do you like baths, and have you tried a bath bomb?

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  1. Sassy Mamaw says:

    If you want to save even more money, and give your daughter a new hobby, bath bombs can be made at home, too! My granddaughters and I made them together!

  2. Steveark says:

    I’m a guy and I might lose my man card but I vastly prefer baths to showering because as an endurance runner and competitive tennis player I pretty much hurt all the time, did I mention I’m like really old too? Anyway nothing soaks sore muscles like a hot bath but this bath bomb sounds even cooler? Never heard of them but I’m now on the hunt, how cool!

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