My Wife Doesn’t Stop…..Until She Gets What She Wants


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When my wife gets her mind set on a mission, her tenacity at achieving a goal is unparalleled.  This is true in every facet of life, including those times when she feels that she has been overcharged, or not getting what was promised to her. I got to see my fiery wife in action again this weekend.

Back in our free spending days we had a subscription to Sirius/XM radio. We had purchased a detachable faceplate unit that fit into a mounting plate in our car, or on a portable radio that we commonly use outside. The $15 a month subscription was one of the first things to get the axe when we enrolled in our debt management program to cut our monthly expenses.

Last July they were running a six month subscription special for $25, so we splurged a little and signed up. A few months later we called to communicate that we would not be renewing as we aren’t outside as much in the winter. We also did not want to pay the regular price as didn’t feel it was worth that price . At the time of the call we had about a month of our subscription left. They offered to suspend it, and allow us to reactivate it in the spring. At that time we could then see if there were any deals being offered similar to the one we signed up for in the summer as a renewal option.

This was the first really nice weekend this spring, and Vonnie decided that it would be a good time to restart our subscription, as well as check if any deals were being offered. We turned on our radio to find that it linked right up. Wondering if our subscription had been reactivated without our knowledge, Vonnie picked up the phone and began quite an adventure for a Saturday morning.

Representative #1:

Vonnie found out that our subscription had NOT been reactivated, but instead that they were giving all non-subscribed previous members a one week trial period if they turned on their radio. She inquired about current prices, and there were no deals being offered. Unwilling to pay full price, the representative offered to refund the one month remaining on our current subscription. Vonnie agreed and hung up the phone. About 5 minutes later, our XM radio ceased playing music, giving us the familiar message encouraging us to call to subscribe. Vonnie’s phone call had somehow triggered the one week trial offer to be ended.

Which of course did not please my wife in the least.

Representative #2

With a look of, “Oh no they didn’t!” in her eyes, she called XM again and explained the situation to the next representative, who agreed to reactivate our radio for the remainder of the week trial. I heard Vonnie explicitly ask, “Now, I’m not willing to pay full price for a 6 month subscription, so before you turn it back on, you are NOT charging me in any way, right?” The man acknowledged she was correct. While still on the phone with representative #2, she logged into our online account, and noticed that it indicated we had just been renewed for a 6 month subscription and now had a balance due of $97. Vonnie demanded to know what he had done. He admitted he had indeed just renewed our subscription, to which Vonnie said “I did not authorize you to do that, sir. Turn my radio off right now!” He quickly transferred her to someone else.

Representative #3:

“Hi Scott, I am not angry with you personally, but I just want to let you know that I am angry.”

That’s how the third conversation started out. All of the passion that I know and love about my wife was still there, but she had added a new secret weapon. What I witnessed was controlled fire paralleled with calmness of the likes I had never seen from my wife. She calmly, but forcefully explained the events of that morning, seemingly dotting every ‘I’ with thrusts of her pointer finger into the air. She concluded by telling Scott that we would continue to monitor for specials as she would be willing to pay $25 for 6 months as we had in July, but would NOT be willing to pay the full price of $97. Guess what came next.

He gave it to her!

So we have XM radio for the next six months for the low price of $25, which is less than a third of the regular price. What I learned from watching my wife work her magic.

  • NEVER settle for less than what you were promised
  • NEVER assume that a representative is doing what they say they are. Double check everything!
  • ALWAYS let a representative know when you are not satisfied
  • ALWAYS let a representative know when their prices are too high for you
  • ALWAYS let a representative know how much you ARE willing to pay.

This may not always work, but for things like a radio subscription, I get the feeling that representatives have the ability to give out deals at their discretion. After all, their operating costs are fixed regardless of how many subscriptions they sell, so some money from us is better than none.

What I witnessed on Saturday morning is one of the many things I love about my wife. I would never have it in me to do this. I would have just accepted the fact that they turned off my radio, and wouldn’t have called to complain. I certainly wouldn’t have pushed my way into getting the lowered price.

Have you talked your way into getting something for less expensive? I’d love to hear from all you passionate people like my wife!

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  1. Haha, your wife and mine should get together and exchange notes. Haha. With calling companies and people, I usually leave it up to my wife. I just get mad and start yelling or I just hang up and never know how it worked out. But my wife, like yours, finishes what she starts and accepts nothing less than perfect! Haha. Your one piece of advice, “NEVER assume that a representative is doing what they say they are” is particularly true. I swear that we tell them what we want and they just do whatever they want.

    • LOL, I would get along with both of your wives just lovely: it’s the same way in our family – Rick leaves all of those types of calls to me. :-). I just did one of those calls last week and not only received a 450 refund on the defective product, but they called later to say that they would be replacing the product as well – free of charge. That tenacity and firm hand pays off sometimes, that is when it’s not driving our husbands crazy. 🙂

      • Travis says:

        That’s awesome Laurie! Yes, that kind of tenacity does have it’s positives and negatives…..I find myself saying to Vonnie, “Just let it goooooooo” every so often. You going to #fincon13? If so, you’ll get to meet the lovely Mrs. Pizel.

        • Travis, is that the one that’s being held out of state or the local one? If it’s the MN one, I don’t have the details/info on that one. We won’t be at the out of state one, due to budget restrictions, LOL. 🙂

          • Travis says:

            I was talking about the out of state one…..but we could certainly connect at the next local one (unscheduled right now)!!!

    • Travis says:

      I just don’t have it in me to be pushy or firm with people I don’t know – I have no idea why. I always say my wife and I balance each other out and form equilibrium in the universe. LOL.

  2. Mackenzie says:

    Ha, loved this: “With a look of, “Oh no they didn’t!” in her eyes,” 🙂

    I am the opposite, I get so angry so fast, my husband has to handle these types of calls. He’s better at being diplomatic with people than I am, I guess 😉

    • Travis says:

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, MacKenzie, she gets worked up VERY quickly…..but she has a knack of channeling that passion and anger to work for her. I’m the diplomatic one, and she absolutely HATES watching me try to get something done through those kind of means – it just doesn’t happen quick enough for her!

  3. She sounds like a force of nature. Great lessons to learn!

  4. Moni says:

    I’m just in a similar show down myself at the moment and hubby tells me I have that ‘pit bull’ look in my eyes. He says he is just glad it someone else on the receiving end.

    Would I put $10 notes thru a shredder? No way! So why am I going to let this slip away?

    • Travis says:

      Go Moni! I’d love to have you share your experience….I’m sure my wife would get a kick out of reading as well – please share sometime if you feel comfortable!

  5. I do this all the time with my cable company! I have to call them much more than I’d prefer so I make sure I get a good deal because of it.

    • Travis says:

      True story, Lance – with the cable company it’s the request to the “customer retention department” when our promotional deal is over. I just calmly get information, and hang up to call again if I get the wrong answer. Vonnie would work herself up into a frenzy trying to squeeze as much out of a single representative as she can!

  6. Denise says:

    I liked how she used, “I’m not mad at you personally but I am angry.” So many people take out their frustrations on the company, program, 1st customer service rep’s mistake on a totally different individual who had nothing to do with the initial issue and proceed to berate, belittle, and scream at them. Working in customer service for years, I’ve learned that the people who get what they want most are those who know how to make demands in a calm, polite, and respectful way. Sounds like she did great.

    • Travis says:

      It was that exact phrase, Denise, that surprised the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks out of me. Normally she just starts laying into her next victim. I honestly think that single phrase helped her (our) cause out a lot. That combined with her unyielding persistence! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Denise!

  7. I swear we are going through the SAME issues at the same time! I just looked at my credit card last night and noticed that 2 weeks ago Sirius XM charged me $97 for 6 months for my 2nd vehicle! I was on a promotional thing where I would get 6 months at $6.00 a month in my minivan (I already had a regular subscription in my Accord, for $19.80/month). I called them today and said I wanted to cancel the 2nd subscription, and each time I said, “Cancel it” they kep rolling out new, lower incentives!! All I kept thinking is that it was not right for them to keep offering “deals” at $11 a month….then $8 a month….then $5 a month! Just give me the best deal and let’s be done with this negotiating!

    So, long story short, I decided to keep XM in my 2nd vehicle for $25 for 5 months (you got the better deal!). I figure I would easily waste $25 on something else; may as well waste it on XM! 🙂

    Get Your Life Straight

    • Travis says:

      That’s amazing, Serena, we must be living parallel lives or something! 🙂 Your experience reinforces my thought that they will do pretty much anything to generate revenue including giving very deep discounts. When they cut the price that low, it’s hard to say “NO” isn’t it????

      As always, I truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts…..enjoy your XM radio!!

  8. Renee S says:

    Your wife and I would get along well! I had lots of issues with TWC. First–they raised my price of internet (i only have internet) without telling me. I called and after speaking with three reps I was able to get $40.00 credit onto my account and they reimbursed me the 10 dollars they decided to overcharge me. I was so upset we got to an agreement that they would let me have internet for $22 dollars for 6 months and then $29 dollars for 6 months after that. I did what your wife did and said that I did not want to pay more than $30 dollars a month for internet.

    Well, the next month, they charged me the inflated price AGAIN. I was really upset because I was under the impression that the credits would cover the $22 dollar charge for about 2 months, so seeing that charge on my CC boiled my blood. I called and explained that I was mad. They gave me an additional $40 dollar credit (basically giving me that month for free). I have not been charged this month, thank goodness. But you know I will be watching my accounts like a hawk! I don’t trust people who can just charge my card willy-nilly!

    • Travis says:

      Oh, don’t even get me started on the cable company Renee….I have huge bones to pick with them for so many reasons. Every time we switch our service at all, or enter a new promotional plan they screw our bill up – but of course always in their favor……

      Keep watching your accounts!!!

  9. Lol, can totally relate man. I don’t know what is it about them but it’s pretty impressive to watch them in action ayt? Good lessons.

  10. Travis says:

    I marvel at her each and ever day, KC….I’m a lucky man indeed!

  11. I think my wife and yours are pretty much cut from the same cloth. When my wife decides that she wants something, there isn’t much that is going to keep her from getting it. I consider us both lucky men..:)

    • Travis says:

      I agree, zimmy – I have no idea what I’d do without her. 🙂 I’m happy to see you checking out the posts here at EOD, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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