Prom Dress Shopping 101

My daughter is looking forward to her Junior Prom, just about a month away. I had a budgeted amount in mind I was willing to spend on a dress, but braced myself for the possibility of sticker shock. I had some reserve funds I could use if absolutely necessary.

Our first stop was a bridal store, where she tried on half a dozen dresses. I happened to see the price tag on one, happy to see it fell within my desired price range (at the high end, however). When her heart settled on a different dress, I was scared to look at the tag. A feeling of relief swept over me as I saw the numbers on the tag was half as much as the dress I had caught the price of. A second later a my feeling of relief intensified as I noted the 50% off tag.

My daughter looked fantastic in her dress, she loved it, and it only cost $75.

My prom dress shopping experience turned out well, by pure luck. If prom dress shopping is in your future, educate yourself where you can find dresses, where they will be the least expensive, and where you can find the best selection.

Prom Dress Shopping Stops

Check out these 5 places you could find a prom dress:

  • Local Dress Exchange: Some charitable organizations will hold a dress exchange. These events can help families having financial hard times still provide a nice dress for their daughter’s prom.
  • Facebook Classifieds: High school students wear homecoming and prom dresses at most a few times. High quality dresses can be found at a reduced price through social media pages.
  • Department Store: While more expensive here, great deals can be found if you keep your eyes open.
  • Bridal Store: While the selection of dresses is fantastic at a bridal store, prices can be high. Start with the clearance rack first.
  • Specialty Prom Stores: Likely the most expensive option, but also the largest selection.

My prom dress shopping had a great ending by accident. To guarantee you have a similar result, you have to be more purposeful in knowing where to look and in which order. And by all means, always check the clearance rack first!

How about you, EOD Nation, do you have any tips to add to help readers find a prom dress for any budget?

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