Talking Finances While On Vacation

You might go on a vacation, but you should never take a vacation from paying attention to your finances. My wife and I are currently on vacation, but we continue to have financial discussions every couple of days, just as we do at home.

How We Talk Finances On Vacation

Just like when we’re at home, our financial discussions cover several areas:

  • Recent Spending: The first thing we do is discuss what we’ve spent, We make sure we’re both aware of what we’ve spent our money on, and how much we’ve spent. We also review how our spending matches up with our budget.
  • Available Funds: Next, we reconcile our checking account so we both know our available funds.
  • Future Spending: Finally, we discuss what spending we have coming up and make sure we have the funds available.

Why We Talk Finances On Vacation

It’s always important for couples to talk finances. But there are a couple of extra reasons to do so while on vacation:

  • Achieve Vacation Goals: Periodic reviews of our spending ensures we have the funds available to do the activities we planned on vacation. Without these reviews, wasteful spending could derail our plans.
  • Prevent Normal Life Sabotage : Overspending on vacation doesn’t just affect vacation. Eventually it has to be dealt with. It would mean altering our spending once we returned from vacation. Staying on budget on vacation allows us to just slide back into normal life.

My wife and I are having a wonderful time on vacation. By continuing to have periodic financial discussions we prevent finances from detracting from our vacation and remain on track once we return home.

How about you, EOD Nation, do you talk finances with your significant other while on vacation?

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