8 Responses to “Year End Review: How Did My Health Savings Account Workout in 2015?”

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  1. Nice job Travis! Braces are not cheap! 🙁

    • Travis says:

      Nope…..expensive little pieces of metal, aren’t they? But I know firsthand what it’s like to walk around as a teen with crooked teeth. Kids can be BRUTAL. I wanted braces….and was thankful when my parents were able to do it for me. I’m excited to be able to do it for my daughter as well (although her teeth are no where near as bad as mine were!)

  2. Sassy Mamaw says:

    Yes, my husband and I have been using a HSA for a couple years now. We really like it. Saving the money ahead (pre-tax!) makes paying medical bills and prescriptions less painful, too. Plus the fact that anything remaining can be carried over to the next year. We have signed up for it again next year as well.

    • Travis says:

      Great to hear it’s been working for you, Sassy Mamaw! Once I signed up and money started flowing into the account, the lightbulb really went on….I had never thought about needing to save up for medical insurance premiums in retirement before!

  3. Wow! That’s really cool that you had these numbers to share. My wife’s company is offering an HSA and she wanted to know how it worked. Even though I explained it fairly well, your real life case study will come in handy! Thanks Travis!

  4. Hannah says:

    In the past four years, we’ve come out ahead three times with an HSA plan. The year we didn’t, my husband joined my plan the same year that we had a baby, so the deductible was quite a bit higher than anticipated. Still, we only lost out by about $800 that year, and have come out ahead by $2000 in the other years combined.

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