Be Mindful Of Your Spending…or Else!

Let’s try something a little different today, EOD Nation. Instead of a single subject blog post, I’ve got two quick hits for you. Both are personal experiences I’ve had in the last week. Both are good examples that you have to keep your eye on your money at all times.

Free Sample Machine or Marketing Ploy?

“Would you like a free sample?” said the machine at the end of the dairy aisle in Walmart. Each time I passed, it squawked at me. After several passes I noted the product being advertised. I found myself interested in checking it out. The information on the dispenser said I needed to scan the code on the machine with the Walmart ap on my my smart phone. It took awhile to install the ap because the cell phone signal was weak at that point in the store. Then, before I could scan the code with the ap, I needed to sign in. Since I didn’t have an account I would have to create one. At that point I gave up. I decided to just buy the product to try it out.

Walking out of the store, it occurred to me I just did exactly what the product manufacturer had hoped I would do. I wouldn’t have cared if I got home and really liked the product, but I didn’t. I should have gotten the free sample, or just walked away.

One Dinner Out, One Hundred Dinners In

My wife and I went out to dinner with our son and his girlfriend to a restaurant that was on the more expensive side of the cost spectrum. Drinks, dinner, dessert and tip included, the check totaled $200.

I spent the following weekend smoking four briskets and four pork shoulders for our annual Memorial weekend party. I estimated I had made enough servings of meat to serve 100 people. The cost of the meat was also $200.

Quite honestly, the food I made myself on the smoker was better. This will likely stick in my brain for quite some time when we talk about going out to eat.

Two seemingly innocent every day experiences: going out to eat with family and walking through the grocery story. But they illustrate how you have to be mindful of how your spending your money at all times. Otherwise, you might just look back with regret.

How about you, EOD Nation, do you have any personal experiences you’ve had recently that illustrate what happens when you’re not mindful of your spending?

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