6 Things You Can Do If Your Doctor Prescribes Medication You Cannot Afford

medication you cannot afford

Imagine stopping by a pharmacy to pick up a prescription you absolutely have to have, but the cost is more than you have in your checking account.  Do you sacrifice your health because you cannot afford your medication? What would you do?

Below are six actions you can take to reduce cost when your doctor prescribes medication you cannot afford.

Ask For Samples

Drug companies give doctors product samples to be distributed for free. Asking your doctor for samples is not a permanent solution, but could help until a long term solution is found.

Be Proactive

Tell your doctor if you have financial concerns before medication is prescribed. Doctors are aware which medications are less expensive, and can prescribe one that is easier on your budget.

Request Alternative

If you get to the pharmacy and find out the prescribed medication is too expensive, ask your pharmacist to recommend a less expensive or generic alternative. Generic drugs cost up to 80% less than their brand name counterpart.

Apply For Medicaid

Another option worth investigating is Medicaid. Medicaid is an insurance program funded jointly by the federal and state governments to assist low income and needy people. The criteria is not solely based on income and varies by state. Contact your local agency to find out if you qualify and if it provides coverage for your medication.

Shop Around

Drug prices can vary between pharmacies. Get price quotes from several different pharmacies in your area to find the least expensive option.

Free Prescription Assistance Programs

Free prescription assistance programs funded by non-profit organizations exist to help Americans lower their prescription medication costs. Two of the most popular are:

FreeDrugCard.us is a free coupon card that provides savings of up to 90% at major pharmacies across the country including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, Kroger, Kmart, and Safeway.

NeedyMeds.org is a non-profit resource dedicated to helping people locate assistance programs help them afford medication and other healthcare costs. Just type in the name of the drug and a list of assistance programs with phone numbers and links to required paperwork are displayed.

Prescription drugs strain the budget, accounting for 17% of healthcare costs. When your doctor prescribes medication you can’t afford, take advantage of all available resources to reduce cost without compromising your health care.

EOD Nation, have you ever been prescribed medication you cannot afford? What did you do?

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