No Restaurants in November 2011 – First Week Peek Plus Recipes!

If this is your first time visiting last year I hosted my very own No Restaurants in November challenge. The point was to save some money and hopefully curb some bad eating out habits while being transparent about all of it. I revealed how much we spent in October of 2010 and our savings at the end of November. The challenger was a huge success in terms of popularity so I decided to bring it back every year. If you want to know more about it read No Restaurants in November 2011 – for the rules of the road. It’s […] Read more »

What Are You Doing on Bank Transfer Day?

Editor’s Note: This post is in no way linked to the Occupy Wall Street movement. The only thing I support about OWS is their right to assemble and protest, but even if I did agree with them — which I don’t — I would definitely not support the rapes, the violence, and the complete disrespect of others as well as the destruction of public and private property. Bank Transfer Day? Did you know Bank Transfer Day existed? I didn’t either, but I like the sound of it and here’s why. For starters, I used to be a “customer drone” with […] Read more »

Day 1: No Restaurants in November 2011 – Let the Savings Begin!

Time to break out the cookware!

So today it begins. No Restaurants in November baby! If you missed the rules I am giving myself (and possibly you) click here to see if you have what it takes. Yep those are challenging words! :D Have you decided to be TOTALLY WEIRD by participating in such a thing? WARNING: Your friends may laugh at you. You may get called some names. Your actions may cause people to feel judged. If this happens to you, please tread carefully. Unpredictable behavior may ensue. I get it. It totally sucks to be the only person at work with a bagged lunch, but guess what? It also sucks to be broke and/or keeping yourself from reaching your goals. Read more »

Share Your Debt Free Bucket List. Win $500 towards Killing Off Your Debt!!

Yep, you read that correctly! One of YOU is going to win $500!! Enemy of Debt and Life Insurance Finder have partnered up to help you reach your debt free goals. Life Insurance Finder is an Australian based company that allows you to compare and select the right life insurance for you and your family based on your needs. All you have to do to enter is tell us what's on your Debt Free Bucket List, plus if you want 10 EXTRA ENTRIES you can write about this giveaway on your blog. Don't have a blog? Not to worry because you'll have the chance to earn up to 5 EXTRA ENTRIES by tweeting about the giveaway. Please read and follow the instructions below to ensure your entry is accepted. Read more »

Three Ways to Decrease Your Car Insurance Payments

This is a guest post provided by the folks at 21st Century Auto Insurance. Sick of paying high monthly costs for your auto insurance policy? According to CNNMoney, there are three ways in which you can lower your car insurance payments each month. 3 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance The source states one relatively new way to cut down on your auto insurance fees is to install a device in your vehicle which can monitor your driving habits, such as acceleration and breaking patterns, as well as how many miles you drive. But, before having one of these devices […] Read more »

No Restaurants in November 2011

Recently, I ran a poll about what challenges you the most about becoming debt free and I thought the results were great. There were 70 voters total and the results can be found here. Today, I want to talk about one of the TOP 5 challenges picked by you and am excited to bring back something I did last year that was very popular. Of course I’m talking about my No Restaurants in November challenge! According to my EOD Poll, 37% of you picked EATING OUT as one of the five things that challenged you the most about becoming debt […] Read more »

Love Drop October — The Triplets

Hey guys! The Love Drop team is at it again! They just came back from the Boston area where they dropped $5,000 worth of appliances and gifts to a woman who recently got hit by a car and is recovering in a wheelchair, and THIS month they’re trying to round up the love for precious newborn triplets! We want to help Jeff and Becca (the parents) prepare to bring them home from the hospital, as all three were born very underweight and are currently in the Neonatal ICU (they’re doing great though! And will be coming home soon). With four […] Read more »

UPDATE: Expect to See Some Changes Over the Weekend

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week and I hope your weekend is even better. I just want to let you know I’ll be working on the layout of Enemy of Debt over the weekend starting today. If you come to the site and notice something seems a little off, it probably is but it won’t stay that way for long — hopefully — unless I break something. 🙂 For the kind of changes I want to make there’s no way around it short of throwing the entire site into maintenance mode. That’s just ugly and not […] Read more »

Pay Day Loans are for Lazy People…Do This Instead!

Recently, I had a conversation at the Financial Blogger Conference and Pay Day Loans came up. First off, I was kind of surprised to hear a financial blogger say that these loans had their place because most bloggers agree that these types of loans are dangerous and avoidable. At the time my mind was spinning a hundred miles a minute but I said nothing because not only had I just arrived at the conference, but I know that debates like this are rarely productive (especially with a financial blogger). So I bit my tongue but I do have an opinion […] Read more »

EOD POLL: The Challenges of Becoming Debt Free (Pick Top 5)

On Monday I asked for you to respond in the comments section detailing your biggest challenges to becoming debt free. I received some really great responses and really appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts and struggles. I decided to create a reader poll to list some of these challenges but also add a few more things I thought others might experience in their debt free journey. This time I want you to pick the TOP 5 CHALLENGES you face. Read more »

What are your Biggest Challenges with Paying Off Debt?

As many of you know, this past weekend I attended the Financial Blogger Conference in Chicago. The atmosphere was amazing and I learned so much about what I should be doing better to build the Enemy of Debt community. I won't get into the details of the conference here, but if you are interested in seeing just how awesome it was simply sign on to Twitter and search for the hashtag #fincon11. Read more »

Debt Free News #21 – Congratulations Amy

The Enemy of Debt Questionnaire – Congratulations Amy! How much debt did you have and how long did it take you to pay it off? I took a 401(k) loan in 1997 of $8,000 for a down payment on my condo. My mortgage was $34,800 for 15 years. I paid off the mortgage in 2005. I paid off the 401(k) loan in 2001. I bought a new SUV in 2006; did a dumb thing by trading it on a new model in 2008; the car loan was paid off in 2010 (it started out about $25,000.00 – stupid, I know […] Read more »

Two Giveaways and a New Business Venture

Today I wanted to take this opportunity to share some things with you in case you missed it over the weekend. Many of you know Budgets Are Sexy but did you know that Giveaways Are Sexy too? Well they are, and my friend J. Money is making sure of it. This week I am sponsoring a sexy giveaway!! I have offered up a Financial Peace University Lifetime Membership Kit ($119 value) and you are invited to enter the giveaway. After you finish this post be sure to head over and enter your name to win!! Read more »

Book Giveaway: The Wealth Cure by Hill Harper

Time for another book giveaway! 😀 I have not personally read this book yet but it is on my wish list. It sounds like a very inspirational story and a great read for those who want to transform their financial struggles into financial success. Today, I’m giving away one copy of this book and you will have until Wednesday by midnight to enter to win. Enter this Giveaway In order to be eligible to win the hardcover copy of The Wealth Cure all you need to do is leave a comment on this post describing a bad financial habit you […] Read more »