Chase Put Me On the Road to Financial Recovery, But it Cost them $100,000,000

I recently received an unexpected letter in the mail from a law firm. Curiously, I opened the envelope, and read the title of the enclosed letter: Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement and hearing to Chase Credit Cardholders I was instantly reminded of the terror that I felt back in June of 2009 when we received five identical envelopes in the mail from Chase; one for each of the credit card accounts we had with them. The letter inside stated that terms of our accounts were being changed, and the minimum payment percentage was being increased. Our monthly payment was […] Read more »

I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup 9/07

This weekend I’m attending the Financial Blogger Conference in Denver.  Wednesday and Thursday were days to reconnect and network with other bloggers.  There was also the 3rd Annual Plutus Awards where Enemy of Debt won for “Best Debt Blog.”  Congratulations to TeamEOD for this very special accomplishment!  I feel very honored to be part of Enemy of Debt! Here are some other award winning posts (in my opinion) that you should check out this weekend! Leaks in Spending from Net Worth Journey What’s The Point Of All This?  from Financial Uproar How To Score Free Money From the Airlines  from […] Read more »

How Skype Saved Me $1,400

On a late August afternoon, my wife and two kids drove to the Steele County Fair where my son was to go to his first demolition derby. I went to the airport, boarded a plane, and flew to Tucson, Arizona. I would be gone for a week during my first business trip. It was also the first time I would be away from my young family for an extended period of time. When I returned home, my family met me at the airport. Standing by the baggage carousel, my 18 month old daughter just stared at me. I kept glancing […] Read more »

I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – 8/31

By the time you’re reading this, I will be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean traveling at mind numbing speed towards Houston TX, which is just a speed bump on my way back to the great state of Minnesota. Dear Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Tropical Depression/Tropical Whatever Isaac, if you delay my trip home by one minute I will personally charter a plane, fly over you, and take a gigantic pee right into your eye. While you contemplate THAT image, it’s time for me to pass along links to my favorite posts that I’ve read throughout the week. First up, we have Before You […] Read more »

A Family Night At the Movies for $5.50

We were operating on a shoestring budget due to overspending during some vacation activities the first half of July. My kids had been interested, and in my daughters case begging, to be go see Ice Age 3 Continental Drift as a family. Going to a movie can be an expensive excursion, especially if you visit the concession stand. Our usual movie going technique is go see the movie as a matinee, when the tickets are $4.50 per person. However, even that was more funds than we felt comfortable shelling out. With a little creativity, my family of four were able […] Read more »

I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – 8/24

I’ve been in Hyderabad, India for work this week and between long days at work, the need to create presentations at night, and my internal time clock being completely messed up I haven’t been able to do as much blog reading as I normally do. However, I was still able to find a number of fantastic posts that I’d love to share with EOD Nation. Spender vs Saver Couples: Get Back on the Same Page from PTMoney Myths About Budgeting from Life and My Finances Stop the money shaming! from Fabulously Broke In the City Finally, as I hope will […] Read more »

How Am I Paying Off $109,000 of Credit Card Debt?

My wife, Vonnie, and I are on a journey to pay off 109K in credit card debt through the help of a Debt Management Program. We started our journey in July of 2009, and are expected to be rid of this behemoth mountain of debt in March of 2014. Some of you may be wondering, what exactly is a debt management program (DMP)? There is a lot of misinformation about the debt relief industry floating around, so I felt it this would be a great forum to explain what a DMP is, and how it is helping my family get […] Read more »

I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – I’m Going To India Edition

I’m heading to Hyderabad, India for the next two weeks for work. To get there I’ll have the privilege of experiencing 28 hours of total travel time across three flights, so I’m going to have plenty of time on my hands that need to be occupied with some sort of activity. Here’s a list of awesome blog posts that I’d totally read during that time if I hadn’t already read them. Whether your stuck on an airplane for hours on end, or sitting in the comfort of your own home snugged up on the couch with your laptop, these posts […] Read more »

Overspending, Failure to Track Expenses, and A $100 Loan Equals….Success?

Trying to recover from overspending during the first half of July, Vonnie and I planned our spending  for the rest of the month with only bare bones funds available.  We even sat the kids down and explained to them exactly what was going on, so that they would have realistic expectations in regards to family activities for the remainder of the month. We had a plan that looked great on paper, and we were confident we could execute it successfully. And then real life happened. The first weekend was supposed to be one of those “enjoy what we have at […] Read more »

Weekend Links and Love

Vonnie and I have been working hardcore on our budgeting and communication skills over the last month. We’ve been digging ourself out of a bit of a financial hole due to overspending the first half of July and I’ve really been leaning on my blogging friends for inspiration during this little rough spot. Check out some of the posts that have really struck a chord with me this week and helped me keep rocking the budget and the lines of communication open. “I Want To have fun” – One of the Worst Excuses for Not Saving from Financial Samurai The […] Read more »

Does Your Wallet (or Purse) Reflect Your Financial Goals?

If you love sitcoms, you may be familiar with a show that aired during the 1990’s called Seinfeld. If so, surely you remember an episode that mocks the size and fatness of George Costanza’s wallet. He would put everything in his wallet including money, receipts, numbers, coupons and even candy. I was sitting in my office the other day and became painfully aware that my wallet had become just a little too thick. It was time to do one of those periodic cleansing of the wallet to purge those things that I don’t need to be sitting on for 10 […] Read more »

How I Save Money At Subway

I love Subway.  My whole family loves Subway.  In fact, over the last year, it has become tradition that I pick up Subway and bring it home for the family for Saturday lunch. We don’t eat out all that much, and it’s our way of saying, “How you doin?” to the weekend. I’m not sure if  they suddenly raised their prices, or if it was a gradual increase that just finally hit my breaking point, but a few months ago I noticed that Subway for my family of four was getting  kind of expensive for a Saturday lunch. Here’s an […] Read more »

It Takes Two To Make a Budget Succeed

Couples argue. Vonnie and I are no different. After a week vacation in Kentucky and the following weekend out of town for my class reunion, we needed to do a serious budget scrub. I knew we had exceeded our original budget for both activities, and I began to outline just how much. I  hadn’t done a good job of keeping track of, or communicating to my wife during that two week period as to when the over spending had occurred, and by how much. I just kept thinking to myself, we don’t have anything planned the second half of the […] Read more »

My Class Reunion, Was It Worth It?

Smokin’, drinkin’ and partying too, we’re the class of Ninetytwo! This past weekend I traveled to my hometown to celebrate my 20 year high school class reunion (yikes). My classmates who organized the reunion did a spectacular job putting together an entire weekend of events ranging from a golf outing, to an outdoor meet and greet, a dinner, a pool party and a reserving a special section at a community event involving live music and rib tasting. Vonnie and I had a blast at both my five and ten year reunion, so we were looking forward to this one as […] Read more »