Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #13

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Debt Free Friday! I was recently inspired to ask another passionate debt free blogger to share his story on Enemy of Debt for all of you to enjoy. His comment was filled with passion, which you know I love, so I had to send him an invite. I know you will be as inspired by his debt free news as I was by all of his recent comments. Have a wonderful DEBT FREE weekend! Check out Steven Williams’ awesome debt free story. I think there’s a “bondage-free” revolution happening right now, won’t you join us? […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #12

“Thank God it’s Debt Free Friday!” That sounds a lot better than the popular “I hate my job, and the weekend is the only time I can enjoy life” counter part. Maybe if you were inspired to join the debt free soldiers, you would have a little more wiggle room to figure something else out. Congratulations, you’re in luck. That’s precisely why I created this series. I wanted to show you that everyday people, JUST LIKE YOU, have decided to kick debt to the curb to eventually realize debt freedom IS everything us weirdos say it is. It is true […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #11

Well, it’s been a while since my last Debt Free News article, so I thought today was as good a Friday as any! This happens to be the last of the submissions, so I hope if you are debt free, you’ll be sure to head on over, after reading this post, to fill out the Debt Free Questionnaire. Your story could inspire many, so if you have become debt free, then you probably know how your life has changed ever since, so please feel free to share it. This Debt Free News edition shares a debt free story from someone […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #10

Time again for another Debt Free Friday! This one comes from a friend of mine that I met on the FPU forums, and we’ve been friends ever since. In fact, she started out as one of my accountability buddies. We kept each other motivated throughout our debt free journeys. Golda has been an awesome friend to me during this time! Are you working on becoming debt free? Ever feel unmotivated to continue what you know you should in order to get your finances in order? Perhaps finding someone with the same goals and values as you would be beneficial. It […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #9

Happy Friday!! I am excited to share with you today another debt free story coming from The Lone Star State. That’s right, Austin Texas! I really enjoyed this debt free interview from Deacon Bradley of Bradley Coaching. (Excellent resource!) I am pretty sure that Deacon Bradley and I share the exact same passion for giving as we complete our Total Money Makeover. Having money is nice, building wealth is nice, and even doing some fun stuff along the way is definitely a must, but for me, giving tops the list of reasons to become debt free. Helping others overcome adversity […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #8

Finally, another Debt Free Friday!! I always love doing them and it’s been a while since the last one. The point of this series is to show you why debt freedom is so nice and to hopefully inspire you to reach for the stars. When you don’t have any debt following you around, life gets pretty interesting, and your financial options become abundant. I hope this story, and the others available help you see that. Check out Don’s Debt Free News! ENJOY! I have also put together a page, where YOU can fill out the Debt Free Questionnaire. I’d love […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #7

Hello everyone. Time for another Debt Free Friday!! Today we have with us the author of Debt Free Hispanic. Be sure to check out Fabian’s debt free call to the Dave Ramsey Show. It’s debt free calls like this that kept us motivated throughout our journey. As I’ve mentioned before those calls are why I wanted to start this series. Actually, it’s not the first time I tried putting something like this together. The first time I was a little too optimistic with what probably amounted to 10 or so readers. 😉 It was only my 5th post, but I […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #6

Hello everyone. As always, I hope you all are having a wonderful debt free Friday. Today’s Debt Free Friday addition is from one of my good friends, Dustin from Engaged Marriage. He is a wonderful guy, and one of the things I love about him so much is his passion to help others. Him and I, have a lot in common and I know we will be working together on some great projects in the future. Please stay tuned by subscribing to Enemy of Debt if you have not already. You would be missing out if you did not also […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #5

Hello everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful debt free Friday. It’s time for another Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader installment. This one is brought to you by Mr. J Money from Budgets Are Sexy. I have been friends with J since around the middle of last year, and he really is the nice, caring guy that wants to help make your finances and your life go a little smoother. He is really good at posting on topics to make personal finance a little less boring and has proven that budgets really are sexy. At the […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #4

Hello everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful debt free Friday. I’ve decided to share another Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader submission with you today. One of the things I’ve learned from listening to people call into the Dave Ramsey Show to scream they’re debt free—hearing that call makes a HUGE difference. Hearing someone else to the point of tears after finally paying off that debt is an emotional experience. Paying off debt is like running a marathon. It takes A LOT out of you—tremendous strength, discipline, sacrifice, and endurance—but each and every cramp is worth […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #3

It’s time for another Debt Free Friday edition of Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader. I will be stepping up my efforts to get more of these so that I can give you real debt free results from real debt free readers at least twice a month. YOU can help me! Are you done paying off your debt? Let me know by contacting me here if you’re interested in inspiring others with your story. Today I bring to the podium of celebration, a self-proclaimed geek, who started the blog Fiscal Geek. Paul has recently become debt free so […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #2

Hello everyone! There has been a change of plan. Originally, I wanted to share with you how my wife and I were earning extra dollars and saving money, but that post is incomplete. I need a little more time to add everything we’ve done. I also got bogged down with site design the last few days. 😉 So today, I wanted to share with you an inspiring story of debt freedom! This story comes to you via one of my followers on Twitter. He recently became debt free, and I jumped on the opportunity to get him to share his […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader!

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce you to one of the readers here at Enemy of Debt.  Her name is Kelsalynn and she has recently become debt free.  She currently writes for kelsalynnfitlog, and she started out with $60,952 in debt with a minimum monthly payment total of $790.  Now she is DEBT FREE and can feel the tremendous burden that has been lifted first hand.  Her family has more options and her financial potential is remarkable. Kelsalynn used some of the questions from an article I wrote that was intended to be like a self interview.  I asked […] Read more »

Debt Free News: My Debt Free Journey

Not sure if interviewing yourself really counts as an interview.  I thought it would be helpful to some to see what we struggled with and how we handled the task of becoming debt free.  Furthermore, if you have any other questions for me feel free to ask them in the comment section.  Happy Debt Free Friday! The Enemy of Debt Questionnaire – EOD Question 1: First of all how much debt have you paid off, and when did this journey begin?  Are you completely 100% debt free, including the mortgage? We have paid off 26,076.75 and our journey began on […] Read more »