Five Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts for the Low Maintenance Dad

Inexpensive Father's Day Gifts

The calendar states next Sunday is Father’s Day. A state of panic consumes many as they try to conjure up the perfect gift idea for the dad in their life. If this describes you, let me help you because it really isn’t that hard. Most dads appreciate being remembered on Father’s Day, but don’t want you to drop a lot of cash on a gift. With that in mind, here’s a list of perfect inexpensive Father’s Day gifts for the low maintenance dad.

Grill Seasonings

If the dad in your life enjoys spending grilling, he loves getting seasonings as gifts. However, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about this. Do NOT just head to the store and look for a seasoning that sounds good, or comes in a fancy package. Find out where he keeps his seasonings, select one that is almost empty, and buy THAT one. Dads are creatures of habit, and will love the effort you put into replenishing the stockpile of his favorite seasonings.


You may have the urge to take your dad out for lunch or dinner on Father’s Day. Although he’ll never say it out loud, the low maintenance dad would prefer not to. They would much rather do one of the following:

  • Grill at Home : That’s right, many dads would actually prefer to fire up the grill and make something special (of his choice) for YOU for Father’s Day. This may seem odd, but letting him do something he loves is one of the best inexpensive Father’s Day gifts.
  • Order Pizza : The low maintenance dad would much rather have his favorite pizza delivered and eat in the comfort of his own home than spend hours at a crowded restaurant.

Car Wash Gift Cards

A low maintenance dad enjoys a clean car, but almost always comes up with a better use for the money than buying a car wash. Give the dad in your life the ability to have the sparkling car he deserves.

Adult Beverage

Many dads throw back a cold beer or two while working in the yard. Restock the fridge with his usual brand. Not only will he appreciate the gift when he opens it, but he’ll think of you when he cracks one open on the next hot summer day.


Dads are constantly looking for a screwdriver, pliers, or bottle opener. Save your dad a trip to the toolbox with a multi-tool that has these commonly used items and more.

How about you, EOD Nation, what are you getting your dad this year for Father’s Day?  Do you have any additional inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts?

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