Big Changes and Uncertainty Ahead

Major life changes are occurring that may have  significant financial impacts for my family. Both my wife and I have had to make some very difficult employment decisions only time will tell if we’ve made the right choices. Me: Pulling Back On Blogging At my blogging peak I contributed to five different sites, but over the past few years I have slowly decreased that down to two. Recently, I resigned from a site that consumed a very large amount of my time. I decided I would rather spend the time with my family, doing projects around the house, or putting […] Read more »

Secured and Unsecured Loans: Knowing the Differences

  A loan is the amount of money that an individual borrows from a financial institution or a bank for a specified period. A loan is always repaid along with interest. Currently, loans are the best means of getting finance for purposes such as purchasing a car, construction of a house, education or any other venture requirement. Loans fall under two categories namely: secured and unsecured. When a loan is secure, the borrower must pledge some assets to act as security against the loan. On the contrary, unsecured forms of borrowing, such as personal installment loans, do not have any […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 7/13

Picture sitting outside on a warm summer evening on a deck looking out over a vineyard sampling wines while eating a wood fired pizza. To me, that sounds like a fabulous Friday night with friends.  But how much would such an adventure cost?  Turns out, not that much: Wine tasting (10-12 wine samples) : $9 x 2 people (my wife and I)  = $18 Wood fired pizza: $14 Total price of hanging out with friends enjoying wine, pizza, and the outdoors is a measly $32. This winery sits just a few miles outside our city and has been there for […] Read more »

How Good Is The Lifetime Warranty on Zagg’s InvisibleShield Cell Phone Screen Protector?

  The screen protector on my daughter’s cell phone was cracked, peeling off and in need of replacement. With some cell phone prices skyrocketing near $1000, it’s no surprise people want to protect their mobile devices, and a $40 screen protector can prevent a screen replacement costing hundreds of dollars. My daughter’s screen protector is an InvisibleShield from Zagg with a lifetime warranty, but to my dismay I discovered I had never registered the product. I’d gladly shell out the cash for a new protector if necessary, but would Zagg honor the lifetime warranty even though I’d never registered the […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 7/6

Today is my wife’s birthday! I’m looking forward to spending some time and celebrating with her.  What do you have on tap this weekend? Fist pump for birthdays and my favorite posts of the week! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump How Successful People Achieve Their Goals from One Cent At A Time Money-Spending Decisions: How to Know When to Splurge from MoneyNing 10 Habits to Reach Financial Freedom in a Hurry! from Life and My Finances 8 Free and Cheap Things to Do with Kids This Summer from Beating Broke   Read more »

How Smart Contracts Can Reduce Your Liability

If you own a business, you’ve probably heard the term “smart contract” at least once. Smart contracts on the rise in the business world. In fact, some even called 2017 the year of smart contracts. A carefully crafted contract can relieve you of a great deal of liability if things go awry in your company. But you have to make sure you include certain elements within them. So, what exactly is a smart contract and how do they reduce your liability? A Smart Contract, What Is It Good for? You already know retail fraud is a growing problem in commerce. […] Read more »

6 Things You Can Do If Your Doctor Prescribes Medication You Cannot Afford

Imagine stopping by a pharmacy to pick up a prescription you absolutely have to have, but the cost is more than you have in your checking account.  Do you sacrifice your health because you cannot afford your medication? What would you do? Below are six actions you can take to reduce cost when your doctor prescribes medication you cannot afford. Ask For Samples Drug companies give doctors product samples to be distributed for free. Asking your doctor for samples is not a permanent solution, but could help until a long term solution is found. Be Proactive Tell your doctor if […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 6/29

Today is my wedding anniversary!  22 years ago today, my wife and I tied the knot! I’m planning to take her to her favorite restaurant tonight. It’s the most expensive restaurant in our area, but fear not EOD nation – I’ll be rocking a coupon that will save me $20. One of the best parts of being married is you can be yourself without worry. My wife and I both love to save money, so a coupon doesn’t seem out of place at all – even when we’re dressed up going out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary! Fist pump […] Read more »

Five easy ways to save money by making your home more energy efficient

Everybody wants to save money. After all, the more you save, the more more you have. And the more you have, the better you can live. The question is: How? If you’re paying attention to the experts, you’re probably paying less for heating, cooling and overall energy than your neighbors–because pretty much all the experts list energy efficient home improvements as one of the best ways to save money. Here’s a look at five easy ways to save money by making your home more energy efficient: 1) Double up your panes When it comes to saving money on your energy […] Read more »

The Basics of Frugal Living

Nobody wants to be frivolous with their money. However, with money management, there’s a fine line between intention and action. Many of us are never able to surpass the intention part. Whether it’s a compulsive hobby, the absence of a budget or a lack of resourcefulness in identifying cost-saving measures, being frugal takes rigid discipline and effort. If you’re sick of the way you spend your money and want to exercise more control, consider these key tenets of frugal living. Pay Off Your Credit Card Each Month Contrary to popular opinion, credit cards are not the devil. They are problematic, […] Read more »

How Do You Trim Your Own Tree?

If you own a home, you likely have at least one tree in your yard. Trees add a nice look to your property and provide shade. But you can’t just ignore them, they require care including the occasional trim. Trimming a tree is easy, inexpensive and takes only minutes if you do it every year. Keep reading to learn how to trim your own tree, saving yourself hundreds of dollars. Why Trim Your Own Tree? Trees are trimmed for their health as well as for your convenience. Some of the most important reasons are: Stimulates growth Gives your tree a […] Read more »

Three Amazing Tips on How to Escape Your Debt Situation

We know how you feel. There must be a mess in your head right now, with all the worries and stress that comes with financial issues. Getting out of debt can take a while and might suck the life out of you. But if you think about it, it’s better to have a healthy life with no stress caused by the money you have to pay back. We’ve written this article to give you some suggestions regarding your way out of debt. It’s meant to provide you with a more precise image of our situation. Before getting into the actual […] Read more »

I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 6/24

There’s a saying that goes something like, “If a man says he’ll do something, he’ll do it. There’s no need to bug him every six months about it.” I felt a little like this recently as it’s been over two months since our automatic garage door opener broke.  I started to replace it, ran into some snags, but kept plodding along.  Then life got busy and it got dropped for awhile.  Well, this weekend, I’m happy to say I finally finished the job, and we have a working automatic garage door opener!  The estimated cost to have a professional do […] Read more »

5 Steps To Dealing With Storm Damage To Your Home

The sound of heavy rain from a summer storm suddenly included the occasional loud thump on the roof, or against the side of the house as gusting wind hurled the bits of ice against it. It was hailing. When the storm passed everyone in the neighborhood inspected their homes for damage. Over the next few weeks, trucks with home repair company’s names on the side drove up and down the streets knocking on doors. They introduced themselves, asked if the home had any damage from the storm, and promised to help the homeowner get as much out of their insurance […] Read more »