Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #9

Happy Friday!! I am excited to share with you today another debt free story coming from The Lone Star State. That’s right, Austin Texas! I really enjoyed this debt free interview from Deacon Bradley of Bradley Coaching. (Excellent resource!) I am pretty sure that Deacon Bradley and I share the exact same passion for giving as we complete our Total Money Makeover. Having money is nice, building wealth is nice, and even doing some fun stuff along the way is definitely a must, but for me, giving tops the list of reasons to become debt free. Helping others overcome adversity […] Read more »

Are You Looking For Answers About Money?

Are you looking for answers about money? Aside from the coming here for motivation, you might want to check out They just added a new feature called Mint Answers – a question and answer community for personal finance. The best part is that it’s free!! You can ask a question as well as answer questions and the community votes on the best answer given. There are lots of opinions out there but the great part about this forum is that it gives you many insights into a subject which ultimately has many different right ways to do things concerning […] Read more »

My Beef With Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki!

Ever heard of Rich Dad Poor Dad? I have to start by admitting that I used to like Robert Kiyosaki. In fact, one of the very first books on finance and money that I ever read was his first one called Rich Dad Poor Dad. That book, to it’s credit, did change the way I looked at money, but it also reinforced the acceptance of debt in order to prosper, which by now I believe is not only nonsense, but horrible financial advice. The best part of that book was reading about and understanding the difference between how rich and […] Read more »

Are You Being Frugal Or Just Cheap?

Are you SUPER FRUGAL when it comes to everything? Maybe I shouldn’t dirty the word frugal by using it so poorly. Are you SUPER CHEAP when it comes to how you spend every single dime? If so, this post may help you reconsider your cheaper than thou ways. My example may not work for every situation, but it works if you want your nice lawn mower and weed eater to stay in good condition. Just to clarify, frugal to me, means making the best financial decision I can with my money. To get the best bang for my buck. But […] Read more »

I Love You…Like A Blogger – Weekend Reading Edition

Looking for something to read this weekend? Have a great weekend! 😀 Engaged Marriage – How to Get Your Spouse to Talk to You: 7 Tips for Engagement Mama Notes – Ask the Moms: Toddler is Taking Diaper & Clothes off at Night- Help! My Super-Charged Life – How to Create a Vision Board and How It Is Useful Wisdom Journal – The Tiger Woods Method Of Busting Your Budget Len Penzo – Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline and Others: What’s the Best Travel Search Engine? Oblivious Investor – Using Annuities to Protect Inheritance Money Help For Christians – Passwords Security | […] Read more »

Switching to Frugal Theme This Weekend

Hello debt haters! I just wanted to let you know that this weekend my site is going to be going through some changes. At times when you visit, it may appear as though my wife and I had a money fight on Enemy of Debt. Things will sometimes be scattered and possibly even broken, for hopefully very short periods of time, as I work to put EOD back together again. I hope to have everything at least back to normal by Monday. In the next few weeks I will be testing different ideas that I have had over the two […] Read more »

Becoming Debt Free Is 99% Intensity and 1% Basic Math

Are you trying as hard as you can to be debt free? As many of you know I coordinate and lead Financial Peace University at my church. I’m currently working on the third group of classes, and we just got finished with the very valuable, and highly motivational Dumping Debt lesson. It’s definitely one of my favorite lessons of all time. Dave starts out by giving the history of credit and how it has become such an integrated part of our society in a relatively short amount of time. Thanks to genius marketing, and a changing society with alternative financial […] Read more »

“I’m Debt Free!” The Game Giveaway

Become Debt Free At Your Very Own Kitchen Table!! Good afternoon everyone! Today I am giving away something I think you will love. It’s a game called I’m Debt Free! About a month or so ago, I bought one. I have only played it a handful of times since, mostly because of time constraints. I was planning on reviewing this game today, but will save that for another day, when I have something more to add. For now, I want to give a couple of these games out to my awesome readers! Learn about money and being debt free the […] Read more »

Use Your Tax Return To Pay Off Debt and Still Get an iPad!!

Only two more days until Tax day. Have you filed yet? I sure hope so. If you haven’t then that means you’re either really patient, really lazy (I’ve been both), or you probably OWED Uncle Sam some loot. If you’ve waited this long then I hope you do not intend on trying to get the rapid refund. You’ve waited this long, don’t pay to get it quickly now, or EVER in my opinion. Patience will save you some money, and saving money is ALWAYS cool. 😀 We used to wait until the very last minute, well that’s before we started […] Read more »

All Aboard! The Personal Finance Tour Bus is Scheduled for Departure

Good morning debt haters! This morning I would like to introduce you to a new network I have been asked to join. As you know, there are many networks out there, just as there are many personal finance blogs, but this network is a bit different because each member is considered to be an expert in a specific niche of personal finance. (investing, debt, Canadian, teens & college, retirement, taxes, Christian, and even humor.) Allow me to introduce you to the Money Mavens Network. I am extremely honored and excited to be working next to these guys. We plan to […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #8

Finally, another Debt Free Friday!! I always love doing them and it’s been a while since the last one. The point of this series is to show you why debt freedom is so nice and to hopefully inspire you to reach for the stars. When you don’t have any debt following you around, life gets pretty interesting, and your financial options become abundant. I hope this story, and the others available help you see that. Check out Don’s Debt Free News! ENJOY! I have also put together a page, where YOU can fill out the Debt Free Questionnaire. I’d love […] Read more »

Win a Free iPhone/Android Pay Off Debt App

Hello everyone! In the Manage Your Money challenge that recently ended, I had a sponsor offer up 2 iPhone, and 2 Android Pay Off Debt Apps. However the participants either, had no debt, or had neither of these phones. So today, I would like to give them away to anyone with an iPhone or Android cell phone. I wish we would have had either phone along with this app when we were paying off our debt. The Pay Off Debt App is an application that uses the debt snowball approach to paying down your debt. As you know that is […] Read more »

Children and Money: A Basic Plan To Teach Financial Responsibility

Have you been wondering how to start teaching your children about money? If you are counting on the schools to give them anything in the form of financial training, you’re wasting your time. You’re better off doing it yourself. If schools taught solid financial principles, many of us would have never got into the financial trouble we ended up in. To make matters worse not only did we make a mess ourselves, but for most of us–myself included, we continued the stupidity for more than a decade. I plan to stop that nonsense right now with my children. As Dave […] Read more »

Cleaning Up After a Mess (Apology and Forgiveness)

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a terrific Easter Sunday! Today, I am starting the launch of the Love Everyday e-book tour. Each week, another piece of this great free resource will be hosted on each contributor’s respective blog. My contribution might not appear to be related to money, but I assure you it is–even if indirectly. Money fights are something we all face when dealing with money, and the aftermath of those money fights determine our financial success or failure. If you don’t know how to apologize to or forgive your spouse, this money thing will seem impossible. […] Read more »