The Path To Debt Freedom!

The Path To Debt Freedom! (My journey illustrated) (updated) NORMAL looks like this! (Borrow NOW, CRY later!) >>> “When do I get paid again?” (The cycle of cycles!) >>> Instead of chasing it, I just tell it what to do! >>> Never again! (Cash only!) >>>o Big T.V’s are nice, but not as nice as being debt free! (Put the $600 towards my Emergency Fund) >>> Sold the left ($8,500) and bought the right ($500)! (Savings- $375/month) Gazelle TIME!!! (Determination has never been more intense!) TO Saving has become a way of life! ($5,500 EF) Aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! We’re Debt Free!!! FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!  […] Read more »

Hitting A Home Run and Becoming Debt Free Are the Same!

7 out of 10 people live paycheck to paycheck without even blinking an eye. After all, it is what everyone else is doing right?  Have you ever tried to do a budget?  This blog is about telling your money what to do.  It is about getting rid of the debt that keeps you from enjoying life.  It’s about having a plan! Do you feel it’s just too late and you have no traction? I am going to show you exactly what it is like to become debt free!  I am quickly becoming a part of the winning team, and that […] Read more »