I Hate Debt, What About You?

When Is America Going To Start Caring? The problem is getting a debt happy culture to realize the danger.  So many take so much for granted!  How do you convince a society that has tricked itself into believing that debt is a good thing, into believing debt is actually the opposite of a good thing?  Look around you people!!  Debt is not a good thing and proof is ALL AROUND you!  Debt is swallowing up America, and no one really seems to be concerned with it.  Oh there are some that claim to be concerned during every election cycle, but […] Read more »

Personal Responsibility Starts With YOU

Personal Responsibility Starts With You Not The Government I often talk openly about money, personal finance, and the debt free lifestyle that I so strongly believe in.  In fact, I am sure that some people wish that I would just shut up about it.  After all, who wants to hear someone making good points about how to live a less stressful life without debt?  Because of these conversations I often have, I really get to see where people stand, as well as why they are struggling themselves. It is also hard to have these kinds of conversations without politics coming […] Read more »

Our Debt Is In Danger!

  Watch us become debt free right here! DEBT EVERYWHERE is on the run! I posted a debt free progress chart about 3 months ago.  Here is the current updated chart.  When the green fills up the word “DEBT FREE“, not only will we be free, but so will our green.  FREE to save, give, and invest without restraint.  Last week we were able to pay down our remaining student loan debt by $3500.  That was a huge win for us, and motivated us even more to knock the last little bit out.  $4649 is in the sights, and has […] Read more »

EOD Deluxe Budget 2.0

  EOD Budget has finally been upgraded!! (EOD Deluxe Budget Version 2.0) If you have been wondering where I have been, here is your answer.  I have been working hard to upgrade the EOD Budget so that your budgeting experience will be easier, better, and faster!  I have added lots of new features including an Allocated Spending Plan and a Checkbook Registry.  I have added some new content to the Savings Worksheets, as well as implemented a color coded system so you know what areas need your information.  Yellow cells are the only cells you need to enter your info […] Read more »

Monkey See, Monkey Don’t!

MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DON’T   I have said before that Washington is in desperate need of a Total Money Makeover.  If you have been keeping up with current events in Washington then you probably are aware of the current spending proposal to “stimulate” the economy.  If not, then you should be, because your tax dollars are being wasted on a daily basis.  (Nothing new right?)  In fact, your grandchildren are going to be footing the bill.  It’s no wonder that most of America has a hard time managing their money, when they watch “supposedly” intelligent minds in Washington giving them […] Read more »

Myth: I Don’t Make Enough To Do A Total Money Makeover

You Don’t Make Enough Money To Manage It? I hear this excuse all the time.  Yes, I said excuse, or you could call it a justification for not wanting to face managing your money.  Either way you look at it, it is still a myth.  Yes, it is true that you could do more faster if you made more money, but to say you can’t, simply because you think it is impossible to do so much with so little, is selling yourself short.  I would argue that it is even MORE important for you to be on a Total Money […] Read more »

A Sacrifice Is Not A Loss But A Gain

Returning Thoughts I am in my car a significant amount of time.  I have tons of time to think about so many things.  One of the questions I find myself asking is “What in the world do people say when they see my car?”.  My first response is usually laughter because I imagine what people might say who would never be caught dead in such a car.  To make it even more amusing I have a sticker on my bumper that says, “Act Your Wage”, beside another “Anti-Debt” sticker. To me this makes TOTAL sense, but the average person might […] Read more »


Happy New Year! Now it’s 2009, and the holiday season has come to an end.  First let me say that I hope all of you had a terrific Christmas and I hope that your New Year is full of resolutions that will make your life easier in 2009.  I myself have many resolutions, and so far I am off to a great start. It’s also time for people to start coming down from the holiday high and some are likely experiencing something many call buyers remorse.  Usually this happens the day after you make a big purchase.  I think Christmas […] Read more »

Bad Economy=Record Sales?

Bad Economy Should Equal More savings! Bad economy and record sales do not seem to go together, unless of course you are a credit card company.  As most of you know I deliver pizza for Papa John’s Pizza.  I have been there for just over 3 years and during this time my boss has been trying to reach a store record of one million dollars in sales for the year.  Even when the economy was booming he came close but never reached the goal. Here we are in what some refer to as the worst economic crisis since the early […] Read more »

Where Have I Been?

Hi everyone! You may have noticed that the activity on EOD has been very minimal.  This will change I promise.  I have been busy doing preliminary training for the half-marathon I plan to run in April.  Boy do I have some work to do.  Out of shape is the understatement of the year.  I am also not happy with my set up here and have had trouble learning how to change the things that bug me. On top of that I am trying as hard as I can to become super gazelle so we can knock out the rest of […] Read more »

Less Than $7,000 Till We Are Debt Free

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am so thankful for everything the Lord has given me and my family.  I am thankful for His direction when times got hard.  I am thankful I was shown my purpose to help others become debt free and experience financial peace for themselves. I am very thankful for Dave Ramsey and what he does.  It is because of his plan that we only have less than $7,000 until we are debt free but the house. Thank you Mr. Ramsey, we’ll be calling you soon! I am so very thankful for the wife I […] Read more »

Dave Ramsey for President 2008

President Ramsey? No, Dave Ramsey isn’t running for President, but if he was, I would probably vote for him.  He has expressed his opinion and has made it clear he does not want the job.  Personally, I do not blame him, but boy would it be nice to have a Government with a ZERO-BASED BUDGET?  It would be nice to have someone who knows how to cut expenses and knows the difference between a want and a need.  Someone who knows all to well how it feels to hit rock bottom, and someone who knows how to bounce back by […] Read more »