Should You Be Teaching Your Kids About Credit Scores?

credit score kids

Let’s face it, there are plenty of adults who don’t know what a credit score is. But this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t know. In fact, grown ups with no knowledge of credit create a lot of problems for themselves. Without the underlying knowledge of credit, it’s really easy for a financial life to go off the rails for a long time. Bad credit results in high payments for things like loans. It can mean that a mortgage of auto loan isn’t available at all. It can even mean that finding good employment is hard or impossible, though laws about […] Read more »

What Is Amazon Prime, and Is It Worth The Cost?


I noticed a $99 purchase during my weekly review of my son’s checking account. Being a secondary on my son’s account allows me to periodically review his spending to ensure he’s being smart with his money. By the description of the purchase I knew that he had had paid for a yearly subscription to Amazon Prime. I didn’t know much about the service, so I did a little research to find out what he would get for his $99.   Here are the major services that come with an Amazon Prime Membership: Free Shipping Amazon Prime members enjoy free 2 […] Read more »

How to Give yourself the Best Odds and Win at Simple Table Games


When it comes to playing games at a casino, you have to be careful in order to ensure that your money management is on point, in order to provide you with the best winning chances and ensuring you don’t make rash decisions with a lot of money on the line. Money management is important in every casino game, from the slots to high profile poker tournaments, but knowing how to manage your money isn’t always going to give you the best odds – it will simply allow you to ensure that your money doesn’t go to waste. However, there are […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 8/26


My daughter begins high school this year.  She’s a typical girl, liking all the things girls typically like.  Which means Homecoming in early October has been a hot topic of conversation with her friends for months.  We’ve checked out a few places with no luck.  That all changed last night.  We went to a store in a nearby small town that specializes in dresses for Homecoming and High School Prom.  She instantly found a dress she fell in love with. You could see it in how she smiled, how she twirled in it, and how she looked at herself in […] Read more »

XTrade Shines the Spotlight on Reflation


Reflation is the fiscal policy to limit the effects of deflation. It may involve tax reductions, money stocks and lowering interest rates. Will central banks succeed in their target? When confronted by a galloping deflation, most central banks have been endeavouring to raise lowered levels to prompt economic advance. At XTrade we wonder how hopeful we can be in view of past events. Taking as reference the CPI (consumer price index), from January 2015 to June 2016, the United States economy has been the most successful in the reflationary ambit. The estimate is that the Eurozone and the United Kingdom […] Read more »

The Case Of The Smelly Hotel Room, and 4 Steps to Resolve Any Issue


My wife is well known for ensuring that she gets what she pays for. When something doesn’t meet her standards, or someone doesn’t deliver as promised, she makes sure that compensation is received. I’ve heard her utter the phrase, “How are you going to make this right?” infinite times. We’ve received discounts off our bill at restaurants and hotels, or sometimes even a gift card for a future visit. Most of the time it’s for a minor inconvenience such as: Paying extra for a hotel room with a view, but the view is unspectacular Food cooked incorrectly Bad service Not […] Read more »

Tips for Choosing the Right Personal Loan

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Coming up with a large amount of money to take care of a big expense in your life isn’t something that most people can readily do. For this reason, many people turn to the idea of taking out a personal loan. Personal loans can be used for everything from completing a cross-country move to financing the adoption of a child. Some people use them to handle financial emergencies and others use them to perform home repairs. Regardless of why you are considering taking out a loan, it is important you choose the right one. Basics of a Personal Loan Before […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 8/19


I’m heading up the the Twin Cities this weekend for a Metallica concert at the brand new 1.1 Billion dollar US Bank Stadium.  Not only do I get to see some of my favorite bands play, but I get to see them in the new home of the Minnesota Vikings.  Being the money freak that I am, I’m interested to see what the prices for refreshments will be.  I’m assuming they’re going to be high, but then again I’ve read stories about other venues trying to be more wallet friendly and slashing prices at the concession stands. Fist pump for […] Read more »

DIY Money Saver: You Can Change ANY Light On Your Car Yourself!


I was sitting in the waiting room of the quick lube oil change place when one of the employees sat down beside me to give the customary rundown of my vehicle’s status and additional suggested services. At the end of the summary, he mentioned that both license plate lamps were out. “Those lamps run $9.99 a piece. Would you like us to take care of those for you today?” If you were in my position, what would your answer be? Your answer should be an immediate, and resounding, “No, thank you.” Which is exactly what I said.As the man walked […] Read more »

Chef Boyardee Price Rollback You Won’t Believe At Walmart!


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SaveOnChef #CollectiveBias With the back to school season approaching, my family is looking for easy weeknight meal solutions. By spending less time in the kitchen, we can enjoy other after-school activities together. Now through August 29, 2016, each 14.5 to 15 ounce can of Chef Boyardee is on Rollback at Walmart for only $0.80! Purchase five cans for $4 in a variety of flavors that include: Mini Ravioli, Beefaroni, and Spaghetti and Meatballs. You can enjoy a week’s worth of quality meals at […] Read more »

Delicious and Inexpensive Meals in 60 seconds with Minute® Rice!


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ReadySetServe #CollectiveBias My seventeen year old son approached me and asked if I could help him add some mass to his slender frame.  Putting on some muscle would require him to do two things: Consistently go to the gym with me for strength training sessions Fuel his body with great food packed with the needed nutrients Between his job, socializing with friends and the school year ramping up in a few weeks, he’s constantly on the go. As a guy with three jobs, […] Read more »

The Zen of Budgeting

zen of budgeting

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from my good friend Pauline of Pauline is a ‘budgeter extraordinaire’ and an investing maverick with considerable reputation in the personal finance community. Budgeting has always been like watching paint dry to me. My brain can’t get around it. I understand the main concept: spend less than you earn, and am pretty good at putting it in practice. But who really enjoys writing down they’ve been spending $0.47 on a stamp and $2.19 on celery? Not me, that’s for sure. And I don’t blame you either if you have been postponing budgeting […] Read more »

How to Learn Roulette Without Spending a Single Cent


In many ways, roulette is unique as a pastime. Whether you play roulette online or in a brick-and-mortar casino, you are always striving to achieve the delicate balance between enjoyment and success, while also being mindful of not losing money that you can ill-afford to do without. Additionally, roulette is also a game that you need to learn in great detail if you are to achieve this balance and get the most out of the game. Historically, this would have been a difficult learning process, as you would have had to travel to casinos to observe experienced players and hone […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 8/12


The first NFL preseason game of the 2016-2017 season, The Hall Of Fame Game, was supposed to be last weekend.  Unfortunately it was cancelled due to unplayable field conditions.  I was very disappointed.  That disappointment will come to an  end tonight as my Minnesota Vikings take the field for their first scheduled preseason game of the season!  Thus begins a full six months of football gatherings with friends! Fist pump for football, and my favorite posts of the week! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump Deprivation Is Not Part Of The Journey from The Frugal Cottage Three Simple Steps to […] Read more »