Five Ways to Make Money Online

make money

With rampant inequality spiralling out of control and every sector of society that makes under $1 million a year being squeezed by ridiculous energy bills, rising prices and stagnating paycheques, the need to make a little money on the side of your chosen occupation (or at all, if you’re unemployed) is of extreme importance nowadays. The internet is the new portal for the industrious individuals among us, opening up a variety of possibilities for those that fancy a little income boost. The best part of making money over the internet though; working from the comfort of your living room! Become […] Read more »

Five Ways to Reduce Your Clothing Budget


For many of us, buying clothes is a weakness. Maybe it is because fashion is always changing, or perhaps we as humans just get tired of wearing the same thing over and over again. Whatever the reason, the best way to spend less on clothes is to budget your expenses. Then, once you have set your budget, you can use these five simple ways to keep your spending within that clothing budget. 1) Search for Sales on Your Favorite Sites You undoubtedly have certain stores that you deem your favorite. These stores might be for boots, scarves, or maybe even […] Read more »

How to Get Ahead if You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck

get ahead living paycheck to paycheck

Some recent studies showed that more than two thirds of people are living paycheck to paycheck at least some of the time. That’s pretty incredible! It seems to be getting harder and harder to keep your head above water financially, and there is no lack of reasons why that’s happening. Some of it is because our attitudes about money have changed over the years.  Some of it is also because of the changing economy, and some of it is probably due to the fact that the world is rapidly changing, and some are getting left behind because they refuse to […] Read more »

Why Do You Need Life Insurance?


Unlike car insurance, which must be purchased and active on any vehicle that you own, life insurance over 50 is not a compulsory product. However, there are certain circumstances where it is highly advisable to have this sort of personal cover in place. Who is advised to get life insurance? Life insurance is an ideal product to put in place if you have dependents or a partner reliant on your income or on having provision in place should you no longer be around. The insurance will help provide for your family in the event of your death, and could help […] Read more »

I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 9/26

Who has two thumbs and is taking the day off today?  >>>> THIS GUY <<<< The kids are off to school, and Vonnie and I are off to the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, MN for the day.  It’ll be a fun day of shows, comedy and eating.  Although I *need* to be relatively mindful of my eating as I am trying to keep the right kinds of fuel in me with my marathon just over a week away. Speaking of the marathon, I’m mentally preparing for it each and every day.  I’m anxious.  I’m excited.  I can’t wait.  Did I […] Read more »

Tips for Running a Carpool


  A carpool is an ideal option for workers in the same area to travel to work together. This saves money over a period of time in vehicle repairs and gas. It is ideal to pair smokers with smokers and non-smokers with non-smokers when possible.  Creating a checklist for every participant is important to help run an effective carpool. Collect Weekly Gas Dues As a member of a carpool, each person should contribute $5 to the weekly pool. This puts between $20 and $30 in each driving member’s gas tank. The idea of the carpool is to trade off each […] Read more »

How to Raise Financially Savvy Kids


You’re counting on your kids to grow up into financially savvy, independent adults, but unless you take the time to teach them good personal finance habits yourself, they might not. Most American kids don’t take any personal finance courses in school; only 17 states teach personal finance in high schools and only six require students to pass a test in the subject before graduating. Even if you live in one of the states where personal finance is a part of the high school curriculum, researchers at Cambridge University have found that people develop their adult personal finance habits by seven […] Read more »

Credit Cards Are Officially NOT For Me


Some use credit cards for as many of their day to day expenses as possible in order to rack up reward program points. Some even go through a process called credit card churning to earn points for signing up for a new accounts in exchange for cash, airline miles, or travel accommodations.  I know people that have taken their entire family on a free, or nearly free, trip by using such methods. Good for them, as long as they’re using their cards responsibly. But this kind of “beat the system” mentality is not for everyone. Not everyone has the internal […] Read more »

I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – 9/19

This weekend the 2014 Financial Blogger Conference is taking place in New Orleans.  It’s the 4th year of the conference, and the first one Vonnie and I are not attending.  The conference has traditionally  been a fantastic shot of motivation to keep my blogger juices flowing.  I’m a bit down that I’m missing it this year, although I am grateful to follow along virtually by reading blog posts of my friends and fellow bloggers attending, as well as through the steady stream of Facebook updates.   Hope to be back at next year’s conference. In the meantime, it’s Friday, which means […] Read more »

The Best Mystery Shop EVER


I had heard about mystery shop jobs paying hundreds of dollars, but I had never seen one. Not until last week. I got into mystery shopping as a way to put a little extra breathing room into our budget while my wife and I fought our way through a debt management program paying off $109,000 of credit card debt. The average shop I pick up pays around $15. Nothing spectacular, but if I do three or four of them a month, the extra money is always appreciated. However, the low pay per job is one thing that prevents people from […] Read more »

Is Car Insurance Worth Your Time And Money?


Do you have car insurance? Standard liability coverage is mandatory in many jurisdictions, but opting into other types of coverage might be in your best interest. After all, liability doesn’t compensate you if your car is unexpectedly stolen. It rarely pops into your head that you could be the victim of a carjacking or a simple B&E that leaves your property in ruins. But car thefts and vandalism are common across all of North America, with many models specifically targeted by thieves due to their popularity. Casualty insurance organizations in the US and Canada recently released lists of the top […] Read more »

I Love you Like A Blogger Roundup – 9/12

We’ve had some house guests this week, my parents on Tuesday night, and some friends of ours from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area Wednesday and Thursday night.  Since my city, Rochester, MN, is the home of the Mayo Clinic we offer up our home as a place to stay when friends and family are referred there for tests.  While the circumstances for seeing people isn’t always the best, we’re always happy to spend time with loved ones, and take a bit of stress off of their need to come to town. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of the cooler temps […] Read more »

Playing with fire: is life insurance a main course or luxury dessert for you?

life insurance

Do you have life insurance? I do. I have so much life insurance, I joke that if something were to happen to me, John will be a very wealthy man. It is a bad joke, I know. John’s been telling me that since the very first time I mentioned it. It may be a bad joke, but it is the truth. My life is insured for close to $800,000 in two different policies; one of these is part of my pension plan. This is quite a bit less than the amount for which David Beckham’s legs were (are?) insured but […] Read more »

Are You As Financially Savvy As A 7th Grader?


My daughter and I always have a good time together. We have similar personalities, interests and senses of humor. She was aware of our situation as we fought to pay off over $109,000 of credit card debt, and even shared her perspective on our journey in a guest post here on Enemy of Debt. She apparently also paid close attention to how our view on money and what is important in life changed over the last few years have changed. I found this out through a conversation we had last weekend. We had gone to the mall to buy a […] Read more »