What Body Piercing Can Teach a Teenager About Finances, Value, and Life


When I got home at 6:00am from my usual morning workout, I found my daughter not only already awake, but showered, dressed and ready to go for the day. All of this before she normally rolls out of bed. She seemed excited and anxious. I quickly found out why. “I get my piercing today,” she said to me with a glimmer in her eye. I then remembered she had an appointment later that day to get the cartilage of her upper ear pierced. She had been asking for awhile to have it done, and needed our permission and assistance since […] Read more »

5 Things to Know About Debt Consolidation

Todd balance

When your bills start to pile up, you probably wonder how you will ever get out from under them. There are a lot of options for people who need help with existing debt; however, be careful that you choose the right plan for consolidating your debt. Balance Transfers Image via Flickr by GotCredit If you have a few credit cards with varying interest rates, consider opening up a new credit card with a low APR. Sometimes you can also find a special deal that offers a zero-percent APR for the first year. Make sure there are no penalties for transferring […] Read more »

5 Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side

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Everyone wants to make more money. Extra cash means extra toys you can buy or more bills you can pay. Whether you like to splurge or use extra funds for more practical purposes, the result is still the same. Here are five ways to make extra money on the side. Become a Middleman Image via Flickr by cytech The Internet era provides opportunists with an unprecedented number of options to gain disposable income. One of the easiest involves eBay. The popular auction site services almost 160 million active users each quarter. Some companies perform so many transactions that they pay […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 5/27


Memorial Day weekend is here!  It’s the unofficial start to summer……although the kids have 2 weeks of school left.  The holiday weekend is a good reminder that we need to adjust our grocery shopping list, and our budget, to account for the kids being home during the day.  For me personally it means I can sleep a little later as I don’t have to make sure kids are up, fed, and off to school.  Yup, that’s right….in a few weeks I’ll get to sleep in to 5:30am!!! Fist pump for sleeping in! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump 2/3rds of […] Read more »

3 Expensive Procedures that Can Actually Save you Money


When we think of procedures, especially cosmetic ones, the first words that come to mind are “frivolous,” “unnecessary,” and “expensive”. However, some of these seemingly costly procedures can actually be a money saver in the long run. They have to be seen as investments which might have a high price tag upfront but eliminate other costs that we are currently paying or will pay in the future. Here are a few examples of procedures which might be worth your consideration. Your health and your wallet will thank you. Laser Eye Surgery Laser Eye Surgery has become a quite common procedure […] Read more »

5 Reasons People May Overspend With Credit Cards


Staying out of debt is as easy as spending less than you earn. Sounds simple, right? If it’s so simple, why do so many people find themselves over their heads in debt? Sometimes life just happens. An unexpected catastrophe, or medical emergency and you’ve got enough debt racked up for a lifetime. In other cases people just consistently overspend, and find themselves waking up one day saying, “How did I get here?” Having paid off over $109,000 in credit card debt, I know a little something about the latter situation. So how do people get into such a situation? Why […] Read more »

Want control of your finances? Start your own online business!

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Sure, it all adds up if you don’t order that meal at that restaurant, go on that date night or order that coffee on the way to work. But do you really want to live your life scrimping, saving, and missing out on the little things? Sometimes it can’t be helped, but what if there’s an alternative to, er, soaking your own chickpeas? The world’s financial experts agree: starting your own business can be a great way to get a regular income that is far more than what you’d usually make from workin’ for the man. If you come up […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 5/20


Next week is Memorial Day weekend, which also happens to be when Vonnie and I host an annual party.  It’s kind of a big deal, and takes quite a bit of planning…….and money.  We have a budget, but as we start to get closer to the date we tend to go into “screw tracking our spending, let’s just get through this.”  I’m hopeful not to do that this year. I’ve got all kinds of lists made with estimated prices.  Hopefully we can execute on those lists, and stay on budget! Now, get those fists in the air, it’s time for […] Read more »

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth the Cost?


As we reach the 12 year mark since we built our home, we find things are starting to show signs of wear, and a possible need for replacement. On the top of that list is the carpeting. With two cats and two children that have grown up within the walls of the house, there are spots in every room and the stairs were a disaster. We clean the main rooms of our home once a year on average using a carpet cleaner we purchased at Walmart. It does a decent job, but it won’t get out really tough stains, and […] Read more »

What You Should Know About Balance Transfer

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If you have too much debt on your high-interest credit card, balance transfer is a way for you to save yourself. Balance transfer is all about transferring your own debt to a new card that can lead to low interest rates, helping you save money and get rid of your debt. Eastwest credit card application for balance transfer is an example of premium balance transfer offers. If you are thinking about choosing balance transfer, then here are the factors that you definitely have to consider. Enjoy reading them: Transferring doesn’t mean you are repaying When you use a balance transfer […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 5/13


My daughter is getting confirmed this weekend, so we’re having the carpets in our main living areas cleaned today.   I’m spending the morning moving furniture around so we can get the most carpet cleaned possible in each of the selected rooms.  We had looked into replacing all the carpet in our home, but that was more money than we were willing to spend right now.  Hopefully spending a little money on having the carpet cleaned will allow us to put off the major expense of replacement for a little while.   Fist pump for clean carpets and my favorite posts […] Read more »

4 Steps To Have Your Luggage Checked For Free


I’m a big fan of convenience while traveling by air. My preference would be to check my luggage, and walk onto the airplane with nothing but my laptop bag. I wouldn’t have to try to find a place for a carry on, nor would I have to retrieve it through a sea of people trying to do the exact same thing in a very cramped space. That being said, it’s ridiculous to have to pay to check a bag. Almost every major airline does it. Obviously they’re doing it to raise revenue, but it’s like saying, “Thanks for using our […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 5/6


My daughter gets confirmed next week, so we’re in paint, clean, organize, plan mode.  The biggest question at the moment is, will I have the time to throw something on the smoker to serve at her open house celebration, or will we go with the standard ham and turkey buns? Decisions, decisions…….while I contemplate that, check out my favorite posts of the week! Fist pump for confirmations, and the best posts of the week! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump Get Rich with a Frugal Lifestyle from Couple Money 5 Signs You’re In Debt Denial from Stefanie O’Connell 5 Statistics […] Read more »

DIY Interior Painting: How It’s Done, and How Much You Can Save


Do It Yourself projects are a great way to save money, if you’re willing to put in a little sweat equity. Last week my father and I did exactly that by painting a living room in my home. If you’ve never painted a room before, the proposition of doing so may be a bit frightening. But as with most projects, it’s all about getting a little education about how to go about doing it. Since we’re all about helping each other save money here at Enemy Of Debt, I’m going to share the process of how I painted my living […] Read more »