How Vehicle Car Wraps Rev Up Small Business Marketing


  Smart marketers are always looking for ways to beat the competition without outspending them. One proven but mostly overlooked marketing tactic is car wraps. This tactic involves adorning company vehicles with appealing professionally designed graphics that promote your business as a driver moves around town. High awareness and low cost Unlike the more expensive ways of advertising, vehicle wraps will be advertising your business 24/7 and 365 days a year. You as a business owner only need to spend a few dollars per day to keep your business in the public eye. Other benefits of car wraps include: Brand […] Read more »

Out From Under: How Debt Settlement Can Save You


With the continuing financial crisis, the typical American household is carrying $132,158 in debt, according to NerdWallet. From credit cards and medical bills to mortgages, many Americans are burdened with insurmountable debt. This is also true for many businesses that continue to find themselves in the red. Total debt among more than 2,000 nonfinancial companies swelled to $6.6 trillion in 2015, according to CNBC. If you are looking for financial solace and freedom, debt settlement is one process to consider. In fact, this service has helped, and continues to help, numerous people and businesses reduce debt to get back on the right path to financial success. Find […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 10/28


This weekend is one of those anomalies that happen every couple of months.  I like to call it The Third Weekend Phenomenon.  Our budget cycle runs on bi-monthly basis as that’s how often I get paid from my job as a software engineer which makes up the majority of our income.    We typically split up our funds assuming two grocery shopping trips, and two weekends worth of discretionary spending.  But since the year has 52 weeks and not 48, every couple of months there’s a pay period that has three weekends.  Therefore, we need to split up our discretionary  and […] Read more »

When is a Bankruptcy Necessary?


Money troubles come to most of us at one time or another. If you’re lucky, the severity of your financial trouble will not be too bad, but that is not the case for everyone. In some cases, in order to fix your bad financial situation, your best course of action is to declare bankruptcy even though this comes with its own consequences. Declaring bankruptcy is no small matter, and should be researched and considered thoroughly before you proceed. To help you understand when bankruptcy is needed, here are 5 scenarios under which you might want to declare bankruptcy. Credit Card […] Read more »

Cosmetology School Students Can Save You Money On Hair And Spa Services


A visit to the salon for my wife was on the list of discussed and approved expenditures for the weekend. A few hairs on her beautiful head had dared to turn the wrong color, and needed to be taught a lesson. She called around gathering current pricing information as well as potential time slots, finding she would be paying somewhere between $70 and $90 for a single all over color. She then remembered the name of another salon that had been used by our neighbor to have their daughters’ hair done for homecoming a few weeks prior. The salon had […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 10/21


It feels like the calm before the storm.  We’re past the spending spree that accompanies the beginning of the school year as well as some family functions behind us, we have absolutely nothing going on the next few weeks.  We have no out of town plans, and no large purchases that need to be made.  Knowing that the holidays will be here before we know it, it is a welcome calm.  I plan to enjoy it to the fullest. I think that deserves a fist pump, don’t you?  While you’re at it, check out my favorite posts of the week! […] Read more »

Insurance Enrollment for 2017 is OPEN!


That special time of year is upon us again, my friends. I’m not talking about the holidays, the change in season, or even the start of the NFL season. Enrollment is open for next year’s insurance selection. Millions of Americans are pouring over plan benefit sheets and plan price comparisons trying to make the most cost effective selection for themselves or their family. Many will simply take the option to renew whatever they had last year, leaving the only interesting action to find out how much their bill will go up when January rolls around. That may end up being […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 10/14


Last night was an exciting night at my house… was computer upgrade night!   I bought new parts to swap into the computer, but it barely cost me a cent.  I financed the upgrade through Amazon gift cards I got through my employer fitness program, credit card rewards, and a little cash I used from my change jar. Fist pump for (almost) free computer upgrades and my favorite posts of the week! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump We Saved $72,000 and Still Had Fun  from Money Peach Calling Shenanigans on Cord Cutters from Debt Discipline How to Quickly Build an […] Read more »

Online Investing Tips By XTrade Europe


The current European market looks good for investments as the markets are finishing on a positive note and are steady at the moment. XTrade Europe is known for keeping a close eye on market trends and on the basis of the emerging trends and past signals, they provide with invaluable expert tips from time to time which do a world of good to traders. The fact that how important keeping an eagle eye on emerging trends is cannot be emphasized enough, because they impact investments in a big way. If you take a look at the current trends, France can […] Read more »

Is Bed, Bath, And Beyond Getting Rid Of Their 20% Off Coupons?


I have a lot of love for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They’ve reduced the price of a large purchase just because we asked, they have a gift wrapping center, and they give out 20% off coupons like candy on Halloween. So my ears perked up when I saw a story on the news this week that stated Bed, Bath, and Beyond is thinking of discontinuing the 20% coupons. No more blue 20% off coupons in my mailbox? Bed, Bath and Beyond is contemplating discontinuing the well known coupons with a loyalty program. For a yearly membership fee of $29, members […] Read more »

Using a Reverse Mortgage to Cover Medicare Costs


Unlike many costs in retirement that go down, health care is unfortunately not one of them. Plus, health care costs are expected to grow about 6.5% in the next year, according to the Research Health Institute, making the challenge to meet health care costs in retirement even more challenging. Some attribute the rising health care costs to over-regulation and excessive taxation within the health care industry and specifically among pharmaceutical companies. But whatever the cause, consumers need to be prepared to bear these costs. You may have saved accordingly, but even if you have been working and setting aside retirement […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup 10/7


It’s homecoming weekend!  We purchased my daughter’s dress awhile back as she knew that a group of her friends were all going together.  Traditionally, people going to homecoming go to a fancy restaurant to eat together.  We’re not doing that with our 14 year old. Instead, we’re hosting a dinner for her friends at our home.  The theme of homecoming is “A Tour of Europe” so we’re having a Europe inspired menu including French Toast (french), spaghetti and pasta Alfredo (Italian), etc.  I think you get the idea.  Tori and her friends are excited, and it’ll be fun and frugal! […] Read more »

How to Become a Stay at Home Mom (or Dad!)- 16 Tips to Get Started

How to Become a Stay at Home Mom (or Dad!)- 16 Tips

Becoming a stay at home mom ( SAHM ) or dad is an important decision a lot of families struggle with.  Making the decision to stay at home with the kids while the other spouse works takes plenty of consideration and planning if you really want to make it a blessing for your family. If you don’t consider the advantages and disadvantages of staying home with the kids, you can very quickly end up stressed, unhappy and broke! How to Become a Stay at Home Mom (or Dad)! That’s where this post comes in! Below I’ll show you everything you […] Read more »

Keeping Your Family Out of Debt


With financial futures more uncertain now than ever before, keeping your family out of debt is becoming a priority for many families. Unfortunately, with rising costs, and diminishing working capital, it’s becoming quite a challenge for many families. These are a few steps you can take that will help you stay on the straight and narrow – financially speaking – so that you can avoid the many pitfalls debt creates. Create a Workable Budget Some people have the idea that budgets are made to be broken. That is simply not the case. A budget is meant to serve as a […] Read more »