Millennials should skip the 401(k) and go ROTH all the way


When I was a young adult there were only two options to prepare for retirement: Pensions and 401(k)s. Well, there was also Social Security – but we won’t go there! The investing landscape has changed dramatically. The government has created other venues for tax favored accounts – and all of them are better than doing nothing. Everyone’s situation is different. I’m not a Financial Advisor so you need to seek the advice of a trained professional but I do think Millennials have the best opportunities to become investors and get complete control over their financial destinies if they skip the […] Read more »

Five debt induced feelings that can ruin your relationship (and how to cope with them)


Do the words you screamed at him/her still taste bitter on your tongue? Did he/she snap at you when you asked an innocent question? Well, chances are that if you recently had a serious argument with your ‘loved one’, this was because of either love or money. One of the most often cited reason for divorce is ‘fall out of love’. Statistics also tells us that money problems are mentioned in about half of the divorce cases in the developed world. You know, I believe that debt is a curse. When it comes to relationships, debt can be a killer […] Read more »

You Can’t Beat Kohls Return Policy


Coffee drinkers are passionate about their morning go-juice. Maybe you’re one of these people, my wife certainly is. Which is why she was very concerned when her Keurig single cup coffee brewing system started acting up. Her particular model has a choice of three difference size cups, and even though she always chooses the largest of the three, she noticed that it just wasn’t filling up the cup as far as it should. She had to resort to running the cycle twice or even three times to get her morning cup of brew. It obviously was not working right. Consulting […] Read more »

I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – 8/01

Welcome to August, EOD Nation!   August has traditionally been a challenging month financially for us, as it is when we pick up the things our kids need for the upcoming school year.  In years past this meant checking out Old Navy and Kohls because we had store credit cards for those retailers and we could get new clothes without having to spend any money immediately out of pocket.  Over the last few years, with the lines of credit unavailable due to our debt management program, we have struggled to save up the funds needed to get clothes and school supplies.  […] Read more »

Why Camping is a Very Expensive Holiday Option for Me

camping costs

Last Sunday we drove to the airport and my son boarded a plane. On his own and he is only thirteen. He is off for a week camping with a friend and his family. Why we are not with him, you may ask? We are staying put because, contrary to popular belief, camping for me has always been a very expensive holiday option. “Always” as in the three times I’ve tried it, that is. I tried camping for the first time about twenty years ago; we were young(ish) and my step sons were still at an age when sleeping in […] Read more »

Would You Bust Your Budget to Boycott a Business?

Empty Wallet

We have a running joke at my house that I should never tell my brother-in-law where I purchased the food I cook for him when he visits. When I happen to accidentally say it out loud he plugs his ears with his fingers and loudly repeats, “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA,” as to try to tune out what I’m saying. The reason being that the vast majority of our grocery shopping is done at Walmart. He refuses to shop there because he disagrees with how Walmart generally pays and treats its employees. These kinds of boycotts are not […] Read more »

Your options when spending money abroad

money abroad

So you’ve finally booked up your foreign holiday, or perhaps decided to really go that extra mile by opting to travel abroad for a long period of time. As well as wanting to wish you a fantastic break overseas, we would like to give you as much advice as possible to ensure you don’t end up spending more money abroad than you need to. This guide covers many of the methods used to make a purchase in a foreign country — we haven’t included traveller’s cheques as they are not as popular as they once were, but this advice from […] Read more »

I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – 7/25

After a summer that started out with so much rain that it caused flooding problems in many parts of the great state of Minnesota, it’s been awfully dry lately.  This morning, however, I woke up to the sweet sound of thunder and the pitter patter of rain hitting my bedroom window.  I LOVE aimlessly drifting in and out of consciousness listening to a thunderstorm, and I allowed myself to this pleasure for darn near an hour.  I can’t think of a better way to start out a Friday morning….especially when it’s followed by some fist pumping! Let’s get it on! […] Read more »

Don’t be sloppy with your money: make sure to get what is due to you

sloppy with money

One thing I know well is debt. Small wonder this is: I lived with debt for quite a few years before we reached a crisis point and dealt with it once and for all. Debt, however, is just a symptom while the illness is in a number of behaviour patterns we acquire on the way. My illness was in: Refusing to talk about money; Refusing to check on my money; Convincing myself that I need stuff (I didn’t really); Not having a big, fat dream for my life; and Being sloppy about money. How can one be sloppy about money, […] Read more »

Starting Over Requires a New Starting Point


In her book “#GirlBoss,” Sophia Amoruso talks about how she gets a lot of praise for creating a multi-million dollar business (NastyGal) without going into debt to do it. The problem, she writes, is that she’s getting praised for something that she did not because she wanted to, but because she had to. “When people write about Nasty Gal, the articles almost always note how I built the company with no debt, because that’s a pretty unusual feat in the business world… But what these stories usually leave out is that it wasn’t by choice that I built the company […] Read more »

We’re Getting a Debt Consolidation Loan, and I’m OK With That


Hot off the presses, EOD Nation, despite all you may have read, debt consolidation loans are not evil. Even after completing a debt management plan in which we paid off $109,000 of credit card debt, my wife and I knew we still had actions we had to take to really get our finances completely on the right path. One of those actions is paying off two additional lines of credit that could not be included in our debt management plan. Our goal was to consolidate these two lines of credit with a single consolidation loan. We applied for such a […] Read more »

How do I Know How Much Equity I Have?


It’s actually very difficult to find out what equity you have in order to refinance unless you actually do so. The problem with this is that completing an application to refinance has associated fees which can be high. It’s a big investment when you are not guaranteed a positive outcome. Figuring out the equity in your home is about comparing what you owe with what your home is worth on the real estate market; the loan to value (LTV) ratio. There is a common belief that an 80% ratio is ideal, but it is possible to re-finance with a much […] Read more »

I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 07/18

We’re headed to a wedding this weekend, something we haven’t done in quite a long time.  It should be a good time, as it’s for a daughter of a coworker and friend of mine.  Party with the work crew!  I’m guessing that all the usual wedding songs will be played at the dance, and there may be some fist pumping action going on.  But it won’t compare to the reaction to this week’s list of favorite posts, there were some great ones this week. Get ‘em up! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump Is It Possible To Live Without Credit? […] Read more »

The Lemonade Stand Review, and IPad Mini Giveaway!


Whenever I pass a lemonade stand on the side of the street, I pull over. Regardless of where I’m going, how busy I am, or whether I’m thirsty or not I pull over and buy a couple of glasses. It’s a personal policy. I did the lemonade stand thing many times when I was a kid, and I know how discouraging it is to not have any customers. I also know how awesome it feels to have someone take the time to stop and help you reap the rewards of your hard work. I absolutely LOVE seeing a kid’s eyes […] Read more »