Low Cost Upgrades to Improve Home Equity


Upgrading the appearance of your home can be an expensive project. In many cases, the homeowner feels the need to call in contractors to completely revamp the rooms they have chosen to upgrade and they pay a fortune for the labor and materials needed to complete the project. If you do not want to go this route, you do not have to. There are plenty of low cost upgrades you can do to your home that will improve home equity and appearance. Regardless of whether you are planning to sell your home or just want to update a dated look, […] Read more »

Questions and Answers to Your Structured Settlement Questions


It is an excellent time to establish new personal financial targets to achieve as the months go by. For those who have a structured settlement, selling your monthly payments to get a lump-sum of cash is a choice you may have available to enable you to finish your budgeting. Taking control of finances is a target everybody should have and can lead to less stress.These are just a few of the ways that selling your structured settlement could allow you to achieve your financial ends. You could start your own business with your structured settlement money. Have you got a […] Read more »

What I Should Do vs What I Do Do


(Go ahead, giggle. I did when I wrote the title of this post) To become a successful entrepreneur I’m supposed build an engaging blog and active media presence in the margins around my “day job”.  Those who have done this successfully are living testimonies that it really does work, but I’ve been struggling.  It’s taking a toll on my health, the relationships with my wife and daughter, and my effectiveness in everything that I should do. Why? Because I’m not doing what they did. Let me explain… In order to be successful, I’m supposed to follow some recommendations.  I have […] Read more »

What You Need to Know about Your Options for Debt Recovery if a Customer You Supply Goes Under


Once in a while, businesses go under. And if you are a business which has supplied to one of these businesses, then you will become affected as well. There is really nothing much you can do about a business that goes under, except be patient. But in general, you can expect that the business’ assets will be distributed amongst its various creditors, and they will then be released from their debts. The business goes through a series of processes for insolvency, and once these processes are ongoing, you cannot begin any legal action for debt recovery. What you should know […] Read more »

Using Deals Sites To Get What You Want For Less

Over the past few years, deals sites have proliferated across the internet, providing access to a wide array of goods at prices lower than you would find at many retailers. Using deals sites, you can find apparel, furniture, entertainment tickets, and restaurant discounts with a click of the computer mouse. Some deals sites also send regular emails to users detailing the available deals on the site that day. While all deals sites are not created equal, most of the best deals sites will save you 30 percent or more off of the general retail price of the item you are […] Read more »

Tax Time Savings With Walmart Family Mobile!


It’s tax season, and that means it’s important for you to get the most out of your tax return. Walmart Family Mobile has the perfect #MaxYourTax deal for you! $29.88/month (+taxes/fees) gets you Walmart’s Lowest Priced Unlimited Plan which includes Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data with up to 500 MB at 4G LTE Data Speeds. This allows you to do more without paying more. #CollectiveBias Can’t get enough 4G LTE? Family Mobile has Unlimited Talk,Text, & Data with up to 2.5 GB of 4G LTE for only $39.88/month (+taxes/fees). Check walmartfamilymobile.com or visit your local Walmart for more information on […] Read more »

I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 2/27


When I changed our medical coverage for 2015 to a high deductible PPO with a Health Savings Account, I wasn’t sure if I had made the right choice.  Yesterday I took Tristan and Tori into the optometrist for eye exams, new glasses for Tori,  contact lenses for Tristan, and a bill of several hundred dollars.  Between my contributions and seed money from my employer we had $1000 in our HSA.  I simply swiped my HSA debit card, and walked away with zero out of pocket expenses. I think that deserves a fist pump, just like the following posts! Posts That […] Read more »

Get Maximum Cash For Your Old Cell Phone Using SellCell!


My wife recently upgraded her Apple iPhone 4S for a shiny new iPhone6. Something that got lost in the shuffle of the excitement of getting a new phone was the amount AT&T gave her for her old phone. A phone that sold for a retail price of nearly $500 when she bought it just three years ago brought her just $40 of trade in value. She certainly could have tried to sell it privately. She could have listed it on Craigslist, or local classified ads and tried to get more for it. Maybe she could have gotten significantly more for […] Read more »

Eliminate Debt in 6-Steps


What is debt elimination for the standard bill-laden individual? Is it a quick easy payment to clear the debt you owe from various personal loans, credit cards, and other pressing bills? No, and if you see one of these promises, it’s likely a business trying to make money off of you. The only way to eliminate debt is by working diligently and efficiently to pay off what you owe (spending way less than you earn). This can be overwhelming to some, where do you start? Take a look at the following six steps and get on the track to being […] Read more »

I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 2/20


Vonnie and I are hosting a get together for her side of the family tomorrow.  Of course I found it as a fantastic reason to offer to fire up the smoker and make pulled pork.  Not only is it delicious, but it’s an relatively inexpensive way to make a large quantity of great food for a largish gathering.  If you ever find yourself in South Eastern Minnesota, let me know and I’ll throw some wood in the smoker, fire up some home made BBQ sauce and show you what I mean. Fist pump for BBQ! Posts That Make Me Fist […] Read more »

Top Things to Know When Fighting an IRS Bill


Filing your taxes on time can take a big load off your shoulders, but what do you do when you receive a letter from the IRS insisting that you owe more? The immediate reaction is to pay what the total says, but if you believe you have filed your taxes correctly, you should take a deeper look into if a mistake has been made on their part. Yes even the IRS can make mistakes. After all, they’re only human. The notices you get are typically generated by computers that may have misinterpreted or miscalculated data. This is one of the […] Read more »

Quick steps for starting a small business


Have you been wondering how to finally get your small business idea off the ground? This piece takes a look at everything you need to know. This is assuming that you already have a solid business idea. Decide on a business name and get it approved Many people spend an awful lot of time trying to decide on what the ideal name for their business should be. Some go as far as considering how the name will sound when used as a URL! All of this ends up pushing the actual start up process further away. There is no need […] Read more »