Driving Vs. Flying – How Much Did We Save?


My son and I were walking from the beach to our rental home while on vacation in Florida. We were discussing our travel plans home as the next day we were to begin the multiple day drive back to Minnesota. “So, it’s cheaper to drive than it is to fly, right?” he asked. Without hesitation I stated it was much cheaper for our family to drive. I didn’t doubt my answer, but I wondered just how much money we were saving. I decided to do the research and find out. Traveling By Car   Fuel: Our family van averages 25mpg […] Read more »

Why is everyone buying gold?

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Investors have been buying up gold at an incredibly fast rate since the markets opened for trading this year and the increased demand has fired gold up for its best start since 1974. Analysts observe that long unlevered gold ETFs has enjoyed inflows of about $7.3B since the markets opened this year. More so, the most popular gold ETF (SPDR GLD) has seen inflows of $5.5B this year – the highest inflow recorded since 2009 during the global financial meltdown. The uptrend in gold demand is not limited to the United States alone because the demand for gold is rising […] Read more »

Friday Fist Pump: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 4/8


A week ago the Pizel family was driving across the country from Minnesota to Florida.  Today, we begin our way back.  It’s been a great vacation.  We spent countless hours at the beach as well as in the pool at our vacation home.  I’ve maintained my workouts, gone jet-skiing, and gone on a dolphin boat cruise. PLUS, We’ve saved a ton of money by cooking most of our own meals. But I’m ready to go home.  More than ready.  As soon as I hit “publish” on this post, we’ll be packing up the van and heading north.  Hopefully I’ll bring […] Read more »

Your Startup Needs to Think about Workforce

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If you build it they will come. That is the hope for an entrepreneurial start up. How do you get there? The way to make it happen is to empower your employees to be brand managers, to be evangelical, to care about the business. Any efforts supporting this direction will be returned to you ten-fold. BRAND MANAGERS Every employee, from the mail clerk to the CEO, should feel ownership in the company and should fully understand the mission and the brand that it supports. Every action, whether in personal or public life, should reflect this understanding and cohesion to the […] Read more »

Vacation Meal Planning Adventures


My family and I are currently on vacation with some friends and family. We packed up our vans and started our adventure last Thursday, taking a couple of days to drive from Minnesota to Florida. During our 3 day trip across the country we had no choice but to eat out. Eating at restaurants is not my idea of a great use of my funds, but in this case there wasn’t any way of avoiding it. However, once we got to Florida, we’re staying in a large rental house with a full kitchen. On the night of our arrival, we […] Read more »

Top Four Things to Consider When Doing Crowdfunding


The market has been flooded with positive news about crowdfunding and how it is displacing the traditional venture capital market with great rapidity. This is a trend that is likely to continue, although it does represent only a small fragment of the market. The fact is that crowdfunding still has a long way to go in terms of displacing the venture funding market. A big mistake that one can make is going straight to crowdfunding and believing that is will give you the same coverage that a traditional fundraising campaign will have. This article is designed to provide you with […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 4/1


Greetings from the road to Florida!  I’m writing this in a hotel room in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois as my family and I make our way to Florida for a much needed family vacation.  We’re looking forward to having a week of fun in the sun, while still being budget minded. Here’s to vacations, and to my favorite posts of the week!   Posts That Make Me Fist Pump How To Budget Successfully as a Couple from Couple Money Five Ways You are Secretly Overspending from Master The Art Of Saving The True Cost of Wasting Money on Getting Wasted from Blonde […] Read more »

Book Review: Hustle Away Debt


What’s the first thing you do when an unexpected expense pops up, or if extra room needs to be cleared in the budget? If you’re like most people, you tighten the spending belt. The entertainment budget gets cut, and monthly expenses are scoured for things that can be discontinued. When faced with a financial dilemma, most people will free up funds in their budget by cutting spending. What doesn’t occur to most people is that there’s another choice. Instead of slashing spending, why not increase income? Cutting spending generally means lifestyle deflation because there are less discretionary funds available. But […] Read more »

Set Your Idea to Motion through Smart Fundraising

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A lot of us have ground-breaking ideas in mind but don’t have the capacity to make those ideas into reality because of a major factor which is that we don’t have enough capital. The reason why many ideas and projects fail is not because it isn’t good enough, but because there is no supporting capital to help push through that particular idea or project. If you are an entrepreneur, putting your plans into motion is the hardest if you have no funds to help with your operations. The same is true if you are an advocate of a specific cause. […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 3/25


Yesterday I woke up to 10.5 inches of snow on the ground from a late season snowstorm.  Although I once wrote a post hailing the money saving simplicity of using a shovel, I fired up my snowblower and made quick work of the pile of snow on my driveway.  What made it even sweeter?  The fact that my snowblower was given to me for FREE.  My father gave it to me as it was old (they’ve had it since I was in 7th grade, which makes it….gulp….30 years old!) and very heavy.  He purchased a newer, lighter version that was […] Read more »

Paying Off Student Loans for New Graduates

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As a graduate medical education specialist/coordinator, I have encountered hundreds of medical school students and residents early on in their career.  The young physicians vary in their financial status as one might think, for example some have over $300k in student loan debt, and while others don’t have student loan debt, there may be credit card debt, and a lucky few who have no debt because their parents paid for their education or they went to more affordable international schools.  As part of my job I recruit medical students to join my residency program.  Once they match into our program […] Read more »

All You Need to Know about Treasury Trading – and How You can Benefit from it

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We all know that saving money is good; we’ve been taught from a young age that a penny saved is a penny earned – and for most people, saving is good advice. However, why should anyone place their money in the bank when the bank pays only a measly interest on your hard-earned money? Why not invest in a secure and low-risk commodity that gives you a much higher return on your investment than the banks ever would – or could? Here, then, is a guide to treasury trading; what it is, what you need to know about it, and […] Read more »

Costco’s Breakup With American Express Is STILL A HUGE MESS


Over the last few months, every time I dig my Costco membership card out of my wallet to show the person standing by the entrance I think about how the calendar is marching closer and closer to April 1st. That is the date the Costco American Express Rewards Card was supposed to cease to be accepted at Costco, and the transition to a Citi Visa was to be compete. The information I had was obtained only because I called both parties involved (Costco and American Express), not because they gave me any information. In their defense, Costco did send a […] Read more »

7 Tips to Buy and Affordable Laptop


Buying a new laptop doesn’t have to break the bank. With modern PC manufacturers looking to offer the highest quality features at reasonable prices, it’s easier than ever to find the notebook that meets your specifications without resorting to costly financing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for the best deals: 1. Don’t Skimp on Memory Image via Flickr by marfis75 While it’s possible to buy extra sticks of RAM to add to a laptop designed with a free slot, memory isn’t something you want to compromise on. Any decent laptop should have at least […] Read more »