Sunday Afternoon #LaundryBliss With Purex Laundry Detergent


Laundry was on my mind as I was running errands last Sunday morning, because I knew I was out of laundry detergent. I stopped by Target just as they unlocked the doors, and surveyed the laundry detergent aisle for the best deal. I found a bottle of Purex laundry detergent boasting 10% more product than usual, advertising the potential of washing 90 loads for a cost of $7.99. That’s less than 9 cents per load! As I was standing in the checkout lane, anxious to get started with the day’s work, I thought about how I could have purchased my […] Read more »

Trillion-dollar Debt Mountain a Barrier to Savings

debt mountain

If savings in your life takes on rather more than centre stage then don’t worry. You’re not alone. And in today’s straightened times, money in the bank sure feels like a solid safety net. Building up a savings habit is a path more and more people are following. However, many who want to are simply stopped dead in their tracks because of their debt mountain, particularly through the over use of credit cards. According to top finance website NerdWallet, the average US indebted household has credit card debt totalling $15,607. This drops to an average $7,281 when considering all households. […] Read more »

How Does the Target RedCard Work?


I was hurriedly going through the checkout lane at Target picking up some items on my way home from work when the cashier sprung a question I’ve heard a zillion times: “Are you going to be saving 5% with your REDcard today?” I shook my head, “No,” after which she asked me if I knew about the REDcard. I quipped at her my understanding of it being a Target Visa card that saves me 5% on my purchases. I told her that I didn’t like to use credit cards, but thanked her for the offer. I was surprised when she […] Read more »

I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – 10/10


Happy fist pump Friday, EOD Nation!  I thought about you last weekend as I ran the Twin Cities Marathon, and fist pumped my way across the finish line!   I was ecstatic to see that the official pictures taken caught me mid fist pump.  I think I’ve finally found the picture I will use for these Friday posts, at least for awhile. I’m also happy to report that I’m back to walking normally, but I have not returned to running yet as my joints and muscles still hurt when I do impact exercises.  It will  be the bicycle for cardio for […] Read more »

Keep Workin’ Your Moneyplan Like Biz Markie


This weekend I had a connecting flight in Baltimore. On the way to my gate I saw Biz Markie getting ready to board a flight to New Orleans. I checked his Twitter feed and found he would be performing in Baton Rouge that night. If you don’t know who Biz Markie is then just search YouTube for “Just A Friend”. Yeah, now you remember. What amazes me is that he hasn’t changed a bit. I would know, I saw him perform live at the Rosemont Theater back in the late 1980’s. How does a rapper who hasn’t released an album […] Read more »

What I Learned From Running The 2014 Twin Cities Marathon


I sprang out of bed at the chime of my cell phone alarm at 4:30am yesterday. I quietly got ready for the day, gathered my things, and quietly closed the hotel room door behind me as to not disturb my sleeping family. I headed downstairs to the lobby to meet some friends and to walk over to the light rail station that would take us to the start line. In just a few short hours I would be lining up with over 11,000 other runners to run the Twin Cities Marathon. It would be my 4th time, and I had […] Read more »

I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – 10/3

Marathon weekend is here.  I don’t mean to beat you over the head with it…….OK, yes I do, but since it’s this weekend you’ll get to stop hearing about me and marathons for at least a few months until I run the next one in June.    This has been the slooooowest week ever because running this race has been taking up all my brain power.  It’s going to be a great day, I cannot wait! Something else I wanted to share with you is exciting news for a friend of mine and fellow blogger.  Prudence Debt Free, who has […] Read more »

The Power Of A Support System


“Why does part of my brain keep wondering if I’m really going to be able to finish next week?” I asked my wife. At 8:00am on this coming Sunday the starting gun will fire, and I’ll begin a 26.2 mile run that is the Twin Cities Marathon. I’ve been training hard for the last 9 months, but a little piece of my consciousness seems to want to focus on how hard the last couple of long runs have been.   Then I think about how much further I have to run to complete the marathon and wonder if I’ll really be […] Read more »

Five Ways to Make Money Online

make money

With rampant inequality spiralling out of control and every sector of society that makes under $1 million a year being squeezed by ridiculous energy bills, rising prices and stagnating paycheques, the need to make a little money on the side of your chosen occupation (or at all, if you’re unemployed) is of extreme importance nowadays. The internet is the new portal for the industrious individuals among us, opening up a variety of possibilities for those that fancy a little income boost. The best part of making money over the internet though; working from the comfort of your living room! Become […] Read more »

Five Ways to Reduce Your Clothing Budget


For many of us, buying clothes is a weakness. Maybe it is because fashion is always changing, or perhaps we as humans just get tired of wearing the same thing over and over again. Whatever the reason, the best way to spend less on clothes is to budget your expenses. Then, once you have set your budget, you can use these five simple ways to keep your spending within that clothing budget. 1) Search for Sales on Your Favorite Sites You undoubtedly have certain stores that you deem your favorite. These stores might be for boots, scarves, or maybe even […] Read more »

How to Get Ahead if You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck

get ahead living paycheck to paycheck

Some recent studies showed that more than two thirds of people are living paycheck to paycheck at least some of the time. That’s pretty incredible! It seems to be getting harder and harder to keep your head above water financially, and there is no lack of reasons why that’s happening. Some of it is because our attitudes about money have changed over the years.  Some of it is also because of the changing economy, and some of it is probably due to the fact that the world is rapidly changing, and some are getting left behind because they refuse to […] Read more »

Why Do You Need Life Insurance?


Unlike car insurance, which must be purchased and active on any vehicle that you own, life insurance over 50 is not a compulsory product. However, there are certain circumstances where it is highly advisable to have this sort of personal cover in place. Who is advised to get life insurance? Life insurance is an ideal product to put in place if you have dependents or a partner reliant on your income or on having provision in place should you no longer be around. The insurance will help provide for your family in the event of your death, and could help […] Read more »

I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 9/26

Who has two thumbs and is taking the day off today?  >>>> THIS GUY <<<< The kids are off to school, and Vonnie and I are off to the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, MN for the day.  It’ll be a fun day of shows, comedy and eating.  Although I *need* to be relatively mindful of my eating as I am trying to keep the right kinds of fuel in me with my marathon just over a week away. Speaking of the marathon, I’m mentally preparing for it each and every day.  I’m anxious.  I’m excited.  I can’t wait.  Did I […] Read more »

Tips for Running a Carpool


  A carpool is an ideal option for workers in the same area to travel to work together. This saves money over a period of time in vehicle repairs and gas. It is ideal to pair smokers with smokers and non-smokers with non-smokers when possible.  Creating a checklist for every participant is important to help run an effective carpool. Collect Weekly Gas Dues As a member of a carpool, each person should contribute $5 to the weekly pool. This puts between $20 and $30 in each driving member’s gas tank. The idea of the carpool is to trade off each […] Read more »