Cyprus Continues to Draw More Forex Platforms


In May, a record number of participants came to Cyprus for the fifth annual iFX Expo conference, an event that brings together players in the growing online currency trading and investing sector. In fact, there was so much demand for the event that it had to be moved to a larger venue. This is just the latest sign of Cyprus’ emergence as a center of the industry, which includes all types of online retail foreign currency trading, ranging from platforms for binary options to those offering copy trading. The Cypriot regulatory agency, CySec, is responsible for overseeing many of the […] Read more »

3 Rules You MUST Follow When Shopping

EOD_Shopping Rules

I love lists. I mean, I really really love lists. Especially when shopping. To me, going shopping is like a military mission. I have my orders…I mean my list, I get in, fulfill my orders, and get out as quickly as possible. Having a list has several advantages: It keeps me on track. I know what I’m supposed to buy and give me a clear path to success. A list is representative that there has been a discussion regarding what we can afford and that we have properly weighed value against cost. A list, and a plan, is sometimes not […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup -7/22


Walking through the aisle at Walmart, my head snapped as if I had been slapped in the face.  What in the world are school supplies doing out already?  Summer is just getting rolling, isn’t it?  The calendar tells me otherwise. Which means it’s time to start setting aside funds for back to school supplies and clothes.   We’ve got a few weeks to stockpile some cash, but it’s going to come quickly. Are you ready for the coming school year? I don’t know if I can fist pump for the coming school year, but I sure can for my favorite posts […] Read more »

The Changing Global Economy and Canada


Now is a confusing time for the world. The recent exit of The United Kingdom from the European Union has caused investors to take pause. Brexit has changed the global market in many different ways. The value of the pound, for example, has been fluctuating greatly since the exit initially took place. Canadians, like residents of countries all around the world, are justifiably worried over what these erratic trends might cause. In order to be able to fully grasp the situation, it can be useful to take a look at a few of the fears that are coming up and […] Read more »

5 Things That Happen When You Spend Only Cash


In Friday’s roundup post, I mentioned that my wife and I were restarting our methodology of spending cash only for our day to day expenditures.   Here’s a brief look at how it works: Monthly bills are paid online out of our checking account Each Friday, cash for our personal spending is withdrawn from the ATM. Personal spending includes gas, groceries, allowance for the kids, and entertainment funds With this system we had been extremely successful managing our finances and staying within our budget.  As happens in life, we got lazy and began to let our structure slide in favor of […] Read more »

Myth-busting: The truth about matched betting

Matched betting

You’ve probably heard these sayings a hundred times, “gambling is a mugs game” and ”the bookie always wins”. Well you’ll find one of those myths has been busted when you learn the truth about matched betting. I say ‘one’ of those myths because matched betting isn’t really gambling, it’s a system devised by some smart mathematicians and successfully practised by insiders until breaking into the mainstream a few years ago. Different to conventional gambling, such as poker or blackjack, which are often played for fun, matched betting is an ingenious way to legitimately exploit betting offers to make a guaranteed […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 7/15


Happy Friday, EOD Nation!  Not only is it Friday, but it’s pay day.  My wife and I have fallen off the cash only weekends bandwagon, and we’ve decided that we’re jumping back on THIS WEEK.  Therefore, I’m heading to the ATM to withdraw this weekend’s spending money.  I’m excited to get back to what makes us most successful in handling our finances….here we go! Fist pump for cash only! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump How to Balance Your Checking Account from Couple Money What I Lose When I Bring My Lunch to Work from Frugal Rules Being Rich Eliminates […] Read more »

Costco American Express to Citibank Transition: One More Mess


Costco’s transition from American Express to Citibank occurred on June 20th. Not only did Costco stop accepting American Express, but the Costco Amex Rewards cards stopped functioning all together. I personally did not find the transition smooth, as in my opinion Costco did not do a good job of providing timely information to customers regarding what was going to happen to their account and when. But when June 20th came, the transition was was complete, with no more hiccups to deal with. I only wish that was true. I could have missed my first payment to Citibank due to incorrect […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 7/8


I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  My family’s big plans consisted of……well…..not much.  We picked up a friend of my son’s at the airport and went to the Mall Of America indoor theme park (using all day wristbands that I got for over half off through my employer…SCORE!).  Then we came home, grilled, and watched our city’s fireworks from a hill in a park behind our house.  They were kind of far away, but there were also plenty of people around us that were shooting off fireworks, and we enjoyed them all.  Cheap theme park wristbands, and […] Read more »

Four Tips for Developing a Successful Forex Trading Strategy

Forex EOD July 2016

Trading on the Forex market was once reserved solely for big investment banks and perhaps a few select financial experts and professionals. However, today, it’s a whole different story as the Forex market is open to the public and has become a hugely effective way of making a secondary, or for some even a primary income. Trading Forex is definitely all about the strategy and learning what works best in order to keep risk to a minimum and earn the biggest pay offs. Whether you’re just starting with Forex or have been trading on the market for a long time, […] Read more »

5 sure fire ways to get the car loan you want

Tom EOD July

Buying a car can feel like you’re walking through a minefield, with skilled car loan and sales negotiators at every turn just waiting to take every advantage of you they can get. If it’s not the banks taking their pound of flesh from you, then it’s the car salesman espousing the virtues of the car he wants to sell at the price he wants. You’re not a mechanic so you won’t know if the car is operationally sound, and you’re not a car loan broker so you won’t know if you’ve got the best deal possible. So what can you […] Read more »

Three Reasons To Decline a Credit Limit Increase


The email was from a credit card provider and the subject line said “Congratulations!” I opened the email to find out that I was being offered a $3000 credit line increase. The line of credit in question was one we used for our hotel bill on our trip to Austin, Texas as the card gave a significant percentage cash back for travel expenses. We hadn’t used the card literally in years, and I’m guessing that the use of the card prompted the issuer to sweeten the pot for us to continue to use it. I was about to click on […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 7/1


Happy 4th of July weekend, EOD Nation!  We don’t have any big plans for the weekend, although I definitely plan on firing up my grill to make some delicious food, and because……’Murica.   My son also has a friend coming to visit, so we’ll have a house guest for the week.  My wife and I instantly feel the need to start planning activities, but the look in our son’s eyes as we started discussing was priceless.  He wanted to hang out with his friend….not his friend and his parents  Time for us to take a step back.  LOL. Get your fists […] Read more »