Reader Rewards Program – Rewards That Are Actually FREE!

Hey everyone! First of all, to all the Mommies out there, I hope you had a fantastic Mother’s Day Weekend! One thing I have learned from writing about credit cards is that people LOVE rewards, so I have decided to start my own Reader Rewards Program!  The great thing about this upcoming program is that you don’t have to go into debt in order to get free rewards!!  Now that’s a REAL reward!!  Subscribe now to receive FREE updates from ENEMY OF DEBT! Two XL Dave Ramsey “Owe Nothing To Anyone, Except Love” T-Shirts FREE!! As promised, I will be […] Read more »

As Seen On

An Unusual Day In The Life Of A Part Time Blogger Well let me start by saying, WOW!!!  Today was an extraordinary day for me.  Two weeks ago I was contacted through my website by Jim Kavanagh, a writer for  When I woke up this morning I had no idea what I was in for.  Kavanagh wrote a terrific story called, Walking Away From Credit Cards, which highlighted the fact that some people have chosen to say NO to credit cards. I was quoted as saying, “Credit card debt is our biggest hindrance in being able to take care […] Read more »

The American Dream Is Only As Good As Your Plan To Achieve It

Go to to learn more! Decisions, Decisions! The American dream is to own a home, but at what cost?  Should you sacrifice financial security just to buy a home?  Should you take advantage of creative financing in order to bypass the red flags?  Should you buy a home if you have absolutely no savings and no down payment?  The answer is NO to all of the above.  If you attended the Town Hall For Hope event then Dave Ramsey attempted to teach us a new word.  That word is “NO”. His point was that we need to learn how […] Read more »

11 Keys To Building Wealth For Generations

  DOWNLOAD THIS BUDGET – I created this budget to give people the tools needed to budget effectively.  Budgeting is very important and I have received many emails about how it has helped people with the process.  Give it a try and see what you think! FOLLOW THESE 7 EASY STEPS TO BUDGETING – Proven methods to help you beat the budgeting blues.  So many people, including myself, have started a budget and before the month ends the budget is busted. It kills your motivation and desire to budget, and before you know it you are right back to your […] Read more »

Are You Getting Bit By Snakes?

When You Ignore The Warnings, Getting Bit Shouldn’t Be A Surprise! On my way home tonight I heard on the radio some hissing from people getting upset because Credit Card companies have started to rattle their tails.  It started near the end of last year when credit card companies started lowering consumers credit limits, to no doubt protect themselves from the possibility of continued economic decline. The following article excerpt sheds some light on the problem this is causing for people: “Texas-based flight attendant Lilli Durbin used to have six credit cards (my emphasis added), which is fairly typical for […] Read more »

Debt-ception – Why Do We Fall For The Lie?

Debt-ception Is Everywhere! The use of debt is rampant and highly irresponsible.  Because we think the good outweighs the bad, we allow ourselves to justify its use.  We tell ourselves that it is okay because it is helping us, ignoring all of the signs of its destruction.  We have replaced good old fashioned savings for the servitude and hardship that debt brings us.  In my opinion we have done this because we have forgotten that no journey worth taking is easy.  We have lost hope in our lives and in ourselves, but I know how to get that back.  Learning […] Read more »

One Year Anniversary!!

Hey Everyone! On April 5th, 2008, I was inspired to start my very first blog ever!  The mission was simple.  Spread the word about living debt free!!  Three months earlier we started our Total Money Makeover and discovered through the process, a little thing called HOPE!  It was such an invigorating experience as we watched our habits and financial situation transform before our eyes. Around the same time I started the online version of Financial Peace University and a passion started pouring out of me like never before.  I finished watching every lesson and passed every test within about two […] Read more »

Just Say NO To Debt CONsolidation!

Once a month I may get something from a company that wants to partner with Enemy of Debt in some way. The one I received today was a little different but not really.  She claimed to read a blog of mine, but maybe she needed to read more of them before contacting me.  Her company was nothing more than a debt CONsolidation and negotiation company.  My response was respectful, but to the point. The OFFER: Hi! I was checking out an article called “I Hate Debt, What About You” on your site, and was thinking that I have a […] Read more »

Weird Or Broke?

A Little Fun I created an application on Facebook.  Are you Weird Or Broke? Find out now!  This is for fun but there is some truth to the results you get. Even if you feel broke your new way of thinking about money from what you have learned here changes everything! Have fun and share this link with everyone!   Read more »

Debt – [det] A Financial Storm Cloud

Student Loans Often Overstay Their Welcome Just as many of you, we used student loans.  We had about four total.  We currently have one left and that makes us VERY happy!  We used every last dollar we could squeeze out of our budget, to pay on our debt snowball in March.  We were very blessed and were able to pay off $1,325 which actually paid off one completely.  (See our updated DEBT FREE progress chart.)  I was looking at our current updated balance when I noticed something very amusing.  The scheduled pay off date was not until 10/21/18!!!! 10 YEARS […] Read more »

Townhall For Hope – FREE LIVE EVENT Coming Soon!

Would The Real Person Responsible Please Stand Up! Not a day goes by where I do not hear at least one person, but usually more, complain about something that they don’t have.  Whether it be health care and retirement, the lack of one stinking dollar in their savings account, or the ability to juggle a loftier than thou mortgage that is no longer affordable.  It is no wonder people are running around scared to death.  The truth is I feel a little scared too!  BUT…our Total Money Makeover has relieved some of that fear, and hope has renewed our spirits.  […] Read more »

7 Tips To Make Your Budget Work

1. Maintain An Emergency Fund Of $1,000 This is very important!  If you do not have an adequate emergency fund when life happens to you, you will feel defeated.  It has a very negative impact on your desire to budget when you have to reorganize EVERYTHING to pay for emergencies.  If you have an emergency fund all you have to do is cover the emergency without reorganizing the entire budget. 2. Remember That You & Your Spouse Are On The Same Team The friction caused by disagreement will often cause the budget to be a flop before it ever has […] Read more »

I Hate Debt, What About You?

When Is America Going To Start Caring? The problem is getting a debt happy culture to realize the danger.  So many take so much for granted!  How do you convince a society that has tricked itself into believing that debt is a good thing, into believing debt is actually the opposite of a good thing?  Look around you people!!  Debt is not a good thing and proof is ALL AROUND you!  Debt is swallowing up America, and no one really seems to be concerned with it.  Oh there are some that claim to be concerned during every election cycle, but […] Read more »

Personal Responsibility Starts With YOU

Personal Responsibility Starts With You Not The Government I often talk openly about money, personal finance, and the debt free lifestyle that I so strongly believe in.  In fact, I am sure that some people wish that I would just shut up about it.  After all, who wants to hear someone making good points about how to live a less stressful life without debt?  Because of these conversations I often have, I really get to see where people stand, as well as why they are struggling themselves. It is also hard to have these kinds of conversations without politics coming […] Read more »