Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #12

“Thank God it’s Debt Free Friday!” That sounds a lot better than the popular “I hate my job, and the weekend is the only time I can enjoy life” counter part. Maybe if you were inspired to join the debt free soldiers, you would have a little more wiggle room to figure something else out. Congratulations, you’re in luck. That’s precisely why I created this series. I wanted to show you that everyday people, JUST LIKE YOU, have decided to kick debt to the curb to eventually realize debt freedom IS everything us weirdos say it is. It is true […] Read more »

A Contrarian View of Credit Reports and Credit Scores

Photo Credit: Adam_T4 Credit reports and credit scores are useful tools for those interested in estimating the credit worthiness of others. Many of us have worked hard to establish credit and keep our scores in the upper range so we’re viewed favorably. This indicates to others that we’re a good credit risk. It’s an important accomplishment because we know that having an undesirable credit rating can: adversely affect our ability to get a loan; result in being declined an offer of employment in certain job sectors; prevent us from qualifying as a tenant; and, interfere with being issued a security […] Read more »

Martin Luther King Jr Had a Dream – Do You?

As I had a chance to reflect on one of America’s great historic figures this weekend, I couldn’t help but think of you. Granted, what this man endured had nothing to do with personal finance, but it had everything to do with amazing self-sacrifice, determination, courage and hope. These are all things that are needed when trying to defy overwhelming odds in order to make big changes in your life. On August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. delivered one of the most inspirational speeches ever, about a dream and a vision he had for America. That dream was inspired […] Read more »

This Weeks Roundup: Tip’d Rockstars, Mentions, and My Health

Great Articles From Good Friends How I Saved $10,000 in Six Months – Evolution You 20 Signs You Need a Financial Makeover – Budgets Are Sexy Life After Bankruptcy: 3 Things That Could Change After You File – Stumble Forward Too Much Debt? 5 Steps To Pay Off Your Debt – Free From Broke Don’t Let Yourself Drown in a Sea of Financial Stress – Financially Poor 10 Guiding Principles For The “New Retirement” – Redeeming Riches Avoid the Blame Game—Take Responsibility for Your Financial Affairs – Free Money Finance Student Loans: Necessary for a College Degree? – Couple Money […] Read more »

Tips on Finding You the Right Auto Insurance Coverage

This is a guest post from a recent series of three from the folks at 21st Century Insurance. Make sure you are insured, but most importantly make sure you have the right coverage for you! While there are a plethora of options for auto insurance coverage, it can be tough to find the right provider that works best for you when you need to make that auto insurance claim. But they’re out there. However, the right coverage can’t find you if you don’t go out and look for it. If you’re not sure what discounts you may deserve on your […] Read more »

If Someone Paid You $500 to Improve Your Finances, Would You Be Interested?

Ahhh, Friday Has Arrived!! As most of you tidy up your workspace, and prepare for the weekend ahead, the last thing you might be thinking about is how to better manage your money. In fact, some of you may be schematizing (yes, it’s a word) your way into a brand new car, a state-of-the-art plasma, 3D, blu-ray, movie theater-sized television, or some special gadget that is going to take you to the moon. That’s fine if you have your ducks in a row, all accept for the new car of course. (buy used) BUT…what if you’re living paycheck to paycheck […] Read more »

Book Review & Giveaway: The New Rules for Mortgages

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a magnificent week so far! Before I get started, I feel I need to clarify a few things about my views and beliefs concerning a mortgage. As most of you know, I am against debt, but I do realize that not all people are going to go out there and save, save, save, in order to pay 100% cash down. Some people, if not most, would even consider that to be impossible. I’ll save that discussion for another day, but I just want to point out that I understand that the average […] Read more »

Perfect Example As To Why You Must Have An Emergency Fund

This is a spontaneous post, brought on by my lingering frustration with how people still manage their money. Hasn’t towering unemployment, record foreclosures, and the looming threat of a double-dip recession (as if there ever was a recovery) taught people anything? For some of us it has, but for others, not so much. That is still better than before we were hit by this recession, BUT I feel I should remind you that we have proven to be a nation plagued by amnesia. As soon as things improve, some of the very same people will go back to their old […] Read more »

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #11

Well, it’s been a while since my last Debt Free News article, so I thought today was as good a Friday as any! This happens to be the last of the submissions, so I hope if you are debt free, you’ll be sure to head on over, after reading this post, to fill out the Debt Free Questionnaire. Your story could inspire many, so if you have become debt free, then you probably know how your life has changed ever since, so please feel free to share it. This Debt Free News edition shares a debt free story from someone […] Read more »

7 Tips on Saving Money on Your Auto Insurance Without the Risk!

This is a guest post from the folks at 21st Century Insurance. Perfect timing too because I just renewed my auto insurance and saved myself by using two of the below methods. My total savings for 6 months of coverage dropped by nearly $50. I raised my deductible and change my coverage to better reflect our situation. $50 may not seem like much, but it brought our final insurance quote below $400 for the six month term. I’ve been paying over $400 since I have been with my provider so I was really excited to hear it dropped some more. […] Read more »

Please Stop Saying: “I Don’t Make Enough Money To Do That!”

Do you often find yourself repeating the words that so many people spout when referring to their financial abilities? I know I have been guilty of using this phrase in my younger years. “I don’t make enough money to do that!” Those words, whether you realize it or not, condemn you to inactivity. They pave the road to nothingness because, quite frankly, if that is your response, then you are in essence claiming that there’s nothing else you can do. That is a mistake, and a tragic one! If you work your butt off at your main job, but you […] Read more »

Pay Off Debt By Saving Money

How often do you mindlessly pay whatever price the store is asking? I’m not even one of those hardcore coupon clippers that spend hours each week laboring over countless newspapers, but I do believe in getting bargains most of the time. Quite honestly, I’m just as guilty as you are about sometimes ignoring possible savings out of mere inconvenience. I sometimes wonder how much I would have saved if I wasn’t so impatient. What if finding and using coupons was actually convenient and less time consuming though? How much faster could you pay off your debt, build that emergency fund, […] Read more »

Ignorance is the ONLY Reason You Continue to Accumulate Debt!

I want to have a little fun today! I hope the title got your blood pumping enough to want to give me a piece of your mind!! I have had this in mind for quite some time, so I think I have waited long enough. I want to introduce a way for you to share your thoughts about anything financially related. A few months ago I acquired a phone number for a new service called Google Voice. Google Voice ROCKS! So the first thing I did was pick a number. I didn’t get exactly the number I was looking for […] Read more »

How I Saved $168.17 On A Recent Purchase!

Are you looking to save lots of money by getting huge bargains on merchandise? I don’t know many people that would say no to that question, but I want to make something clear right from the beginning. I’m not an advocate for mass consumption, especially just because you are able to get a huge discount. I am of the opinion that if you need something, it’s just really nice to save money in the process. Today, I am going to share something with you that I have found to be a great resource in helping my family and I save […] Read more »