Great Financial Advice From The In-Flight Safety Handbook

I know what your thinking. "How in the world can an in-flight safety handbook help me financially?" I want to focus today on one specific part of those instructions. Skip ahead to the part about securing your oxygen mask in case of changes in the cabin pressure. Now I know you're really confused, but bare with me. After hearing many stories of financial struggle, and dealing with the raw emotions that come with it, I want to discuss something that seems to be a pretty common issue among struggling families. I have received more than a dozen comments about this issue just over the past six months, so I finally decided to write about it. Read more 禄

Manage Your Money Week 2 – Teamwork, Accountability, and Kids

WOW! Out of the 44 that signed up, only 12 showed up, leaving 32 people MIA. That’s alright though, there is still a chance to redeem yourself. Don’t give up before you even start! How are you going to change things if you don’t do the work? I know it’s hard! I know you’re scared! I know you’re intimidated! But you have to make some changes, and you may as well start now. You are still welcome, and can win some prizes. Make the changes now! To the ones that showed up, and blew me away with their honesty and […] Read more 禄

I Love You…Like A Blogger – Yakezie Edition

Welcome, and Happy Sunday! Consider this new series to be a “best of” carnival of sorts. Every time I post the I Love You…Like a Blogger series, I will include the best 10 articles I read during the week. This week, I have decided to focus on blogs participating in the Yakezie Challenge. I am looking into having this become a regular weekly carnival, but we’ll see how things shape up! 馃榾 Yakezie Edition Some of you may know about the Yakezie Challenge, which was started by Sam from Financial Samurai, but for those that have not, it’s basically a […] Read more 禄

Book Review: Outstanding By John G. Miller

Hello everyone, Happy Friday! As you know I have been trying to put together this book review for a few weeks now. I have been very excited about sharing my thoughts on this magnificent book. Most of you will already know that I am a huge fan of John G. Miller’s work, and have talked about him more than once on this blog. He is the go to man when it comes to personal accountability, and personal accountability is what can give us the ability to resolve anything by asking the right questions. Today I am happy to announce that […] Read more 禄

EOD SHORT: Episode 1 – Behavior Meets Reality

One of the most common phrases that people use to validate wasting their money is that they “only live once”. Without getting into any theological and philosophical arguments, let’s just assume that statement is true. You only live once, so my question to you would be this. What are you waiting for? What does it mean to live life to the fullest? It’s obviously a relative statement, and would depend on what someone considers to be “living a full life“. What it means to you, could be far from what it means to me. For some people, it means constantly […] Read more 禄

Manage Your Money: Wants Versus Needs

Manage Your Money 2010 Budget Challenge!   {{{{{{Trumpets Blaring}}}}}} I am very happy to announce that we currently have 40 people participating in this challenge, including myself. That is AWESOME! New sign ups will be permitted until midnight on Wednesday March 3rd. If you know any procrastinators out there that planned on joining you better let them know. 馃榾 Before I fill you in on the first challenge, I want to be sure everyone is clear on eligibility. In order to be eligible for the wonderful prizes that are available, YOU MUST, I repeat, YOU MUST participate in the comments […] Read more 禄

I Love You…Like A Blogger!

Welcome to my new roundup series here on Enemy of Debt. For almost a year now, I have been looking for a great name for sharing the vast amount of awesome personal finance articles floating around out there. I have finally done it. People like to say, “I love you…like a brother”, so I thought it would be perfect to say, “I Love You…Like A Blogger”. Bloggers have a unique relationship with each other that at times, to me, seems stronger than even some of my closest relationships. Most of us have never even met each other, yet we are […] Read more 禄

Manage Your Money Pre-Challenge Post: On Paper On Purpose

Hello all! I hope you are all excited to be taking part in the first ever Manage Your Money Challenge here on Enemy of Debt. If you have not already signed up, please do so now. I am excited to be working beside you on this. Now before we get started I want to say this. I do not inherently love budgeting. BUT, there are a lot of things that I have to do in life that do not thrill me but are necessary. So I do them. Budgeting can be simple, hard, boring, exciting, or as my good buddy […] Read more 禄

The 2009 Plutus Awards Have Arrived

Hello everyone! I want to share with you something that I need your help with. Flexo from Consumerism Commentary put together the Plutus Awards to help showcase the best in personal finance. Enemy of Debt was nominated for the “Best Debt Blog” of 2009, and I can’t tell you how much of an honor that is. There are some really great debt blogs out there so to be in the same company with some of them is truly special. I thank you for your nomination, and now I must ask you for your vote. It would be super awesome to […] Read more 禄

It’s Your Money, YOU Spend It!

Hello debt haters! A few weeks ago I received an email from a reader that suggested I write a post about how other people spend your money for you. I have to admit it is a great post idea, and I am really surprised I had not come up with it earlier. You see, I have my own issue with this very problem. Kelly in Cleveland Ohio wrote in: “I’d love to see an article on “When others spend your money for you”. For example, a 50th wedding anniversary for my fiance’s parents. We were just notified that we’re paying […] Read more 禄

Meet Mrs. Accountability from Out of Debt Again

Today Mrs. Accountability from Out of Debt Again and I are exchanging question and answer posts. Mrs. Accountability is a personal finance blogger who is working to get her family out of debt… again! When you’re done reading her answers here, go on over to her blog to read my answers, take a look around and subscribe to her blog! photo credit Is your spouse a spender or a saver? It’s hard for me to categorize my husband as one or the other, because when I think of a spender I think of someone who is somewhat out of control […] Read more 禄

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #6

Hello everyone. As always, I hope you all are having a wonderful debt free Friday. Today’s Debt Free Friday addition is from one of my good friends, Dustin from Engaged Marriage. He is a wonderful guy, and one of the things I love about him so much is his passion to help others. Him and I, have a lot in common and I know we will be working together on some great projects in the future. Please stay tuned by subscribing to Enemy of Debt if you have not already. You would be missing out if you did not also […] Read more 禄

Time Management – Organizing Your Time For Maximum Results

I posted this today because I find myself needing more time. Time management seems to be an area we could all improve in so I hope this is helpful to you. It’s a short video from someone that has taught me a lot about myself and my potential. Brian Tracy has helped hundreds of thousands of people improve and become more productive, more successful, and more wealthy. Today I needed this! If you are interested in learning more I have included below, a way for you to do just that. I love to read, but admit that if I could […] Read more 禄

Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader #5

Hello everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful debt free Friday. It’s time for another Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader installment. This one is brought to you by Mr. J Money from Budgets Are Sexy. I have been friends with J since around the middle of last year, and he really is the nice, caring guy that wants to help make your finances and your life go a little smoother. He is really good at posting on topics to make personal finance a little less boring and has proven that budgets really are sexy. At the […] Read more 禄