The Debt Free Scream!

Hello everyone and welcome! I was reflecting on what gives me the most inspiration and encouragement to complete our Total Money Makeover, and I realized that the most emotional feeling derives from people calling in to the Dave Ramsey Show to scream they’re debt free!! Every time I hear a caller scream these 3 very powerful words it makes me imagine being there and what it feels like! Sometimes this means the eyes water up! Imagine with me for a second and think about screaming these three words. “WE’RE DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEE!” Imagine that is you! How do you feel? GREAT […] Read more »

Cause and Effect (picture blog)

  CAUSE & EFFECT       It’s basically as simple as this. If you don’t have debt and lots of payments, your income becomes a tool for you to plan, give, build wealth, and save! Often people try to get out of a problem by fixing the symptom instead of the problem. If you are struggling financially and you are wondering why, add up all of your debt payments. In most cases the solution will be right in front of you. If you had $1,000 more a month to spend because you didn’t have the car payments, you would […] Read more »

Teenagers and Decisions

Perhaps you are about to graduate High School. What’s next? The decisions you make now will eventually become your reality. The normal path to follow would be to choose a career with favorable pay, right? What college will you go to? What if I said you skipped a step? Maybe you should first consider how you are going to manage your money. If you can’t manage the money that career produces then what’s the point? 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck! So basically, 70% of Americans don’t manage their money. In my opinion NOW is the time you need […] Read more »

The Path To Debt Freedom!

The Path To Debt Freedom! (My journey illustrated) (updated) NORMAL looks like this! (Borrow NOW, CRY later!) >>> “When do I get paid again?” (The cycle of cycles!) >>> Instead of chasing it, I just tell it what to do! >>> Never again! (Cash only!) >>>o Big T.V’s are nice, but not as nice as being debt free! (Put the $600 towards my Emergency Fund) >>> Sold the left ($8,500) and bought the right ($500)! (Savings- $375/month) Gazelle TIME!!! (Determination has never been more intense!) TO Saving has become a way of life! ($5,500 EF) Aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! We’re Debt Free!!! FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!  […] Read more »

Hitting A Home Run and Becoming Debt Free Are the Same!

7 out of 10 people live paycheck to paycheck without even blinking an eye. After all, it is what everyone else is doing right?  Have you ever tried to do a budget?  This blog is about telling your money what to do.  It is about getting rid of the debt that keeps you from enjoying life.  It’s about having a plan! Do you feel it’s just too late and you have no traction? I am going to show you exactly what it is like to become debt free!  I am quickly becoming a part of the winning team, and that […] Read more »