Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 11/20


Next week is Thanksgiving (Whoohoo!), and then comes the official  beginning of the holiday shopping season.  I choose not to participate in Black Friday.  The last couple of years I wouldn’t have even if I wanted to – I just couldn’t find anything in the ads that were worth my time and energy.  BUT, I know a lot of people do partake in Black Friday shopping in almost traditional like manner.  If you do, do your research and be armed with price and value comparisons to make sure you get the most for your money.  Our friends over at The […] Read more »

The Dangers Of Swiping A Card


If you’re a regular reader here on Enemy Of Debt, you know that I’m a firm believer that cash is king. I’d much rather throw down some greenbacks than swipe a card. Every reason that I love paying for things with cash was reinforced by a situation with my daughter that occurred over the weekend. As I waded through my email, I noticed three email receipts from Apple for purchases made through iTunes. I hadn’t made any purchases during the week, so I was interested to see what had been bought, and by who. The agreement with my kids is […] Read more »

Property Investing: Finding the Right Help to Get You Started Right

houses Tim

Successfully investing in real estate is a tricky undertaking. There is a lot more to it than finding a house you like. While we don’t have room to discuss every last detail here, we’d like to go over the most important factors to keep in mind. Consider these five resources before you start to search for your first property and your overall chances of success will skyrocket. 1. Find the Right Financing Few people have the money it takes to invest in real estate upfront. The vast majority of investors need to use lender financing in some shape or form. […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 11/13


My wife is hosting a “Ladies Night In” this weekend at our home.  There will be wine, there’s a person coming in to lead the group in a painting activity, and there will be food catered.  Ok, so caterer is me, but it sounds good doesn’t it?  I get to fire up the smoker and make brisket sliders.  Vonnie asked me yesterday if we wanted to simplify things and just buy pre-made brisket from Costco. “We will not serve imitation brisket,” was my response. In addition to the fact that using my smoker is one of my favorite activities, pre-made […] Read more »

From Dream to Reality: Making the Homeownership Decision


If you’ve been renting your home, and dealing with uncooperative landlords, rental inflation, yearly moves and homes that aren’t the way you want them, the idea of homeownership can appear hugely tempting. Should you go ahead and buy? Lifelong renters often point to the fact that home ownership isn’t considered a good investment — property values do not rise reliably, and it’s never a good idea to put nearly all your wealth in a single investment destination. If such reasons have dissuaded you from home ownership in the past, it’s important to see the rub in all of this. While […] Read more »

7 Tips to Buy an Affordable Laptop


Buying a new laptop doesn’t have to break the bank. With modern PC manufacturers looking to offer the highest quality features at reasonable prices, it’s easier than ever to find the notebook that meets your specifications without resorting to costly financing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for the best deals: 1. Don’t Skimp on Memory While it’s possible to buy extra sticks of RAM to add to a laptop designed with a free slot, memory isn’t something you want to compromise on. Any decent laptop should have at least 4GB of RAM, so never […] Read more »

Could black box car finance help those with bad credit?


For those with a bad credit rating, buying a new car can be difficult. If you have missed payments in the past, many lenders will be wary of offering you finance. Not having access to a car can be very inconvenient if you need a car to travel to work, pick up the kids and do the weekly shop. In some cases, not having a car can prevent workers from getting a higher paid job that would contribute to improving their financial situation, and some people would lose their job if they were unable to buy a new car. If […] Read more »

PPI Claims Calculation: For What Purpose Would A UK Resident Use A Claims Calculator?


One of the big questions on the mind of the British public that are currently endeavouring to reclaim payment protection insurance at the moment is: “How much could my claim be worth?” A PPI Calculator endeavours to make an estimate on this for the customer, taking into account factors such as “loan length” “amount of money borrowed” and “loan value”, also the nature of the money borrowed, (was it a mortgage? Credit card? Or loan?). Why is this useful for the consumer looking to claim ppi? Having a vague idea of the value of a claim can be a powerful […] Read more »

Your First Apartment: Budgeting Basics to Make Ends Meet Every Month


Renting an apartment involves lots of preparation, whether you’re planning to share it or live there alone. If you haven’t planned ahead, you may encounter some problems. All renters need money for rent, food, transportation and other basic expenses. You’ll probably have to make sacrifices in the beginning, but it all comes down to your budget. Here are some basic budgeting guidelines to consider when moving into your first apartment. Location The first thing to consider is the location you’ll be moving to. Rent might be higher in nicer neighbourhoods, but you probably won’t want to live in a slum, […] Read more »

Nailing My Finances One Week At A Time


“When you are great you don’t focus on a week, When you are great you don’t focus on a month, When you are great you don’t focus on a year You focus on the 24 hours that are in front of you, and you NAIL it!” -Eric Thomas Or maybe focus on the weekend in front of you….? My wife and I went to a party supply store on Sunday morning to look for some wanted items for a wine and painting gathering she’s hosting next weekend. We purchased a number of items, and on the way to our van […] Read more »

Paving the Road to Home Ownership: Navigating the Ins and Outs of the New Help to Buy ISA


That moment when you finally get the keys to a home that you can call your own is a special one, but as we are regularly being told these days, it is not easy to get on the property ladder. That goal of home ownership has become more achievable with the introduction of the new Help to Buy ISA. This new government-backed scheme means that you should be able to search the property listings on sites like Hamptons and others like it, sooner than you might have imagined. Free money from the government That is maybe not a phrase that […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 11/06


It’s November, and I’m excited!  Why am I excited? I’m so glad you asked. Later this month is my most favorite of all holidays:  Thanksgiving!  I love Thanksgiving, and everything it represents.  I’m a HUGE advocate of being thankful for what I have.  I spend a moment each night recounting what I have to be thankful for that day, but spending an entire Holiday being thankful?  Glorious. The only problem is, Thanksgiving can be expensive.  Families get together, huge meals are prepared and eaten and the wallet gets a workout.  The time to start setting some funds aside is NOW.  […] Read more »