4 Tips To Get Cheap Airline Tickets

My son is planning to fly to Texas twice within a 4 week period later this spring. He wants to go once to attend a video game tournament in Auxtin, and again a few weeks later as he was asked to prom by one of his friends who lives in Houston. I used the word, “planning,” because he has some work to do in determining whether he can really afford it (he has to pay for it himself). The price of his airline tickets will be the largest determining factor in whether he can do both trips or not. Fortunately, […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 1/13

Christmas is making one last appearance for my family this weekend, as my wife’s family holiday gathering is on Sunday.  It’ll be nice to see everyone, even if it is a few weeks past the actual holiday.  You’ll find me on the couch, with a rum and coke, watching the NFL playoffs with other sports fans.  Because isn’t that what holiday gatherings are all about? Fist pump for alcohol, NFL playoffs, and my favorite posts of the week! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump 10 Tools that Help You Budget from Young Adult Money 7 Money Mistakes To Avoid This […] Read more »

Teaching Teens The Cost Of Real Life

I’m a huge advocate of increasing financial education for our children. I don’t feel our school system currently does enough to prepare students to manage their finances successfully. But I certainly don’t think schools should be the only source of financial education. Parents need to play a significant role as well, including ensuring kids have a grasp on how much things cost. I had two wonderful opportunities to do just that over the weekend.   Car Repairs As my son was backing our car out of the garage on his way to school, I heard a loud noise. I opened […] Read more »

What You Should Know About Careers in Finance

Those attracted to careers in finance are a particular breed; they thrive off of high-pressure situations, love deadlines, and work better when the stakes are higher. There’s plenty of reason to follow a career path in the financial services industry—exciting job opportunities, plenty of room for advancement, and high earnings potential. However, the finance sector isn’t all positive; there are certain disadvantages to this path. Take both the good and bad into consideration before embarking on your path to financial positions. Long Hours If you’re looking for a 9 to 5 job, finance isn’t the route for you. Because finance […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 1/6

Welcome Friday!  My son is about to get his very first car repair bill.  I thought I heard a noise when he was backing out of the garage to leave for school yesterday, but when I opened the door, I didn’t see anything.  A short time later, I received a text message from my son stating he was a little closer to the side of the garage than he thought, and snapped the passenger side mirror off the car on the garage door frame as he backed out.  I don’t have any idea how much it will be to fix […] Read more »

Creative (and Cheap) Ways of Decorating a Cramped Condo

Many adults in Montreal yearn to get their own home instead of renting. However, buying a home is not a financial possibility for many professionals, which is why many people are opting to buy a condo in Montreal instead. Since an apartment means you’re working with a smaller area, you most likely want to decorate in a way that maximizes your space. If you’re on a tight budget, it can be difficult finding a way to decorate efficiently and cheaply. But, with a bit of creative thinking, decorating a cramped condo can be made easy and enjoyable. Here are some […] Read more »

Amazon Makes The Online Return Process Easy and Worry Free

Doing most of my Christmas shopping online was unbelievably convenient, but there was always one thing about the process that worried me. What would happen if something had to be returned? My mind would instantly create a scenario in which it was nightmarish, hard process which would take months to get my money returned. Fortunately, the process was simple and I got my money credited quicker than I would have imagined. I ordered from Amazon a ski jacket my son had picked out, as he wanted to go skiing with his friends. When the coat arrived it didn’t fit right. […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 12/30

As 2016 winds down, I would like to take a moment to thank you, the readers of Enemy Of Debt, for another fantastic year.  I encourage all of you to take a few moments to reflect upon how your finances have played out in the past year.  Think about what went right, and what could have used some improvement.  Enter 2017 with your eyes wide open regarding what you have to do to meet your financial goals! Fist pump for the new year! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump Costco Vs Everyone Else from See Debt Run My husband didn’t […] Read more »

Save Money On Your Home Improvement Projects With The Sherwin-Williams Paint Perks Program

When the cashier asked if I wanted to join their rewards program, I agreed and filled out the short form.  But I wondered if it was really going to benefit me, or if it would simply add to my email inbox clutter. But joining the Sherwin-Williams Preferred Customer Paint Perks program was about to save me big on my latest home improvement project. I was beginning a project to give my son’s bedroom a new look, starting with a fresh coat of paint. I had seen a color I liked at a restaurant, and ended up getting the name of […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 12/23

There are only a few more days until Christmas, do you have your shopping done?  I have a few small things I’m picking up yet today, but otherwise I’m ready to go.  To put a cherry on top of the holiday season, it’s currently snowing outside, and we’re planning on doing some additional holiday baking this afternoon. Feels like Christmas, looks like Christmas…….FIST PUMP! Keep ’em up for my favorite posts of the week!  Posts That Make Me Fist Pump What I Want My Kids to Know About Money from Club Thrifty 6 Expenses That You Should Review in the […] Read more »

Diversifying your income sources to online trading

  A report released by the Trades Union Congress in the UK shows that about 3.2 million households in the UK are spending more than 25% of total household income on unsecured debt repayments. This current situation puts households at a constant state of budget deficits and augments the debt burden for both individuals and households across the UK as they struggle to keep up with the expensive living standards in the country. For most UK citizens, finding an additional source of income becomes mandatory for their own survival. It is common practice to find an average UK citizen having […] Read more »

A Frugal Fun Spa Night For Teens

If you are or have been the parent of a teenager, you know they love to hang out with their friends, but finding new, fun and exciting things to do is sometimes a challenge. My daughter enjoys having her friends come to our home, but she’s constantly worried that they always do the same thing and tries to come up with ways to make each get together unique. Whenever possible, my wife and I try to find inexpensive ways to help her out and this weekend we had the opportunity to make a sleep over with her friends a night […] Read more »

Budgeting your way out of monthly debt cycles

Debt can be a blessing or a curse for you and your household depending on how much of it you have, how much you are accumulating over time and how well you manage it. Borrowing to finance development projects is always a good idea if the rate of return is above the interest rate charged on the borrowed funds. On the other hand, borrowing to finance you’re your recurring monthly expenses can lead you into a debt trap that will be difficult to get out of. Balancing between what you need in your life and whether financing it through borrowed […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 12/16

We’re anticipating the arrival of a snowstorm in Minnesota that will dump somewhere between 6-12 inches of snow on us between today and tomorrow.  In anticipation of not being able or wanting to leave the house for the next day or two, I went to the grocery store to pick up some essentials.  Well, that was my intention anyway.  I ended up full fledged grocery shopping.  I guess I should have had a list……. Fist pump for snow storms, and my favorite posts of the week! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump What Can I Pay Out of My HSA? […] Read more »