Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup 7/3


Happy almost Independence Day Friday, EOD Nation!  Since the 4th of July falls on a Saturday this year, my employer gives us today off. So what will I be doing today?  Oh, I’m so glad you asked……I’ll be spending it reconciling the checkbook and working with my wife to come up with our spending plan for the next two weeks.  We’re a few days late, but life has been busy lately, and I’m glad to have the day off to play catchup with our financial planning. Tomorrow we’ll be having some friends and family over, busting out the grill, and […] Read more »

Borrow smart – how to go about getting credit the right way


If you are lucky enough not to need a loan or to take out credit again either now or in the future, then that’s great for you. However, for the majority of ordinary folks getting a loan, credit or mortgage is an everyday way of life to buy more expensive things we need or want in life. However, when taking out a loan or any type of credit you need to shop smart if you’re to take advantage of the lowest rate loans. Here is some straightforward credit advice from the experts at UK financial and loan comparison site […] Read more »

Are You Conscientious or a Slacker?


Extremely frustrated, I waited in a parking lot for one last person that was running late. They were supposed to arrive at 7:30am and the instructions clearly stated the youth group would leave the church at 8:00am sharp. It was this person’s tardiness that broke my wife’s perfect parent streak. You know what I mean; the mom who waves to her child as they drive away in excitement to a five-day excursion of hiking, singing songs by the bonfire, and getting yelled at by counselors because you’re making everyone in the cabin giggle when you should be sleeping. Here it […] Read more »

Will Your Job Affect You Buying Life Insurance?


When it comes to determining life insurance coverage and premiums, an applicant’s health and family history are usually the first items that come to mind. Life insurance underwriters, however, take more factors into consideration, such as your occupation. The underwriters evaluate applications and determine coverage amounts and premiums based upon their company’s specific underwriting guidelines. These guidelines have been created based on risk evaluated by actuaries. If your job puts you at a higher risk, in other words there is a greater chance the insurance carrier may have to pay a death benefit claim, then chances are your insurance rates […] Read more »

This Is Why You Pay Yourself First


I’ve been generally keeping an eye on what my son spends his money on, as I can see his account details when I log into my bank’s online portal. The agreement was that he could spend his first two paychecks as he wished. After that, he must transfer $150 of each paycheck into his savings account. Transferring the funds to his savings account on payday is a great way to teach the concept of pay yourself first. We haven’t made it to the bank yet to open his savings account. But, I’ve been keeping track of how much of his […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 6/26


Last Saturday, I ran my 5th Marathon in Duluth, MN.  When people talk about running a marathon, they talk about hitting “the wall.”  Well, I didn’t just hit the wall, it fell on me and crushed me. Whew….but I pushed through it and finished in just over 4 hours and 23 minutes.  I had hoped (again) to finish in under 4 hours, but  I misjudged my conditioning.  I’m not too disappointed as I over all we had a GREAT weekend in Duluth seeing the sights and going to a concert.  Next up, I’m training for something called “The Looney Challenge” […] Read more »

How to Financially Achieve Your Ideal Home

dream home

Everyone has an idea of what their dream home looks like; whether it’s a penthouse suite at the top of the Shard, a grandiose mansion or a comfy countryside cottage. However, many people end up living far away from that dream often due to work and financial situations. Instead, make the best of your current living arrangements by undertaking home improvements that will let you create a highly desirable environment. For big adaptions and projects this can cost a fair amount but there are numerous options available to achieve your desired result. Take Out a Home Improvement Loan Converting your […] Read more »

Are Your Childhood Possessions Hidden Treasures?


My parents were in town for a visit recently and stayed overnight at my home. My dad and I watched a television show in which people brought objects they found at home, at a second hand store, or at a garage sale to find out if they were valuable or not. Experts would inspect the objects and estimate their value. Sometimes the objects were common and not worth much, but others were hidden gems worth a tidy sum of money. The show brought back a flood of childhood memories of various things that either I collected, or owned. My parents […] Read more »

Pack A Satisfying Protein Punch With Affordable STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen Meals


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PowerfulProtein #CollectiveBias As a 5 time marathon runner, getting a great workout in is a necessity each day. I’m also a busy dad and husband that plays the roles of taxi driver, homework helper, chef, laundry doer and groundskeeper.  I pay close attention to the fuel I put into my body which takes time and effort.  But sometimes a guy as busy as I needs a “go to” meal that is fast, affordable and packs the protein I need to keep me fueled […] Read more »

Don’t Spend Money On Things You Didn’t Know You Needed


Every Marathon I’ve run has had a fitness expo which accompanies race packet pickup. It’s an opportunity for runners to find some last minute necessities for their run, as well as browse the latest and greatest in running and fitness gear. I was in Duluth, Minnesota over the weekend to run Grandma’s Marathon, and walked through one of these fitness expos. As I walked past one of the booths, a man stepped in front of me telling me he had a special treat for my feet. Intrigued, I allowed him to guide me to sit down in a chair and […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 6/19


Greetings from Duluth, Minnesota!  I’m here doing some site seeing with my wife, and to run Grandma’s Marathon on Saturday.  I was a bit concerned about the weather, as for most of the week the forecast was calling for a 90% chance of rain.  However, as the day gets closer, it sounds like it may rain overnight, but as the race start time approachesthe chance for rain decreases.  Send dry thoughts my way on Saturday – I can’t wait to recap how this marathon (my 5th!) goes! Fist pump for marathon running……and for these awesome posts! Posts That Make Me […] Read more »

What does being self-employed mean?


More people in the UK are becoming self-employed than ever before for a variety of reasons. Some have been laid off by their employers, while others, such as university graduates, are finding it hard to get their first foot on the employment ladder or are brimming with good ideas of their own. The internet has opened up many more opportunities for people who can work from home with clients from all over the world. It’s no longer necessary to tie yourself to a nine-to-five working day. It’s a growing trend too. According to the Office for National Statistics, self-employment is […] Read more »

Want To Achieve A Big Goal? Better Know Your “Why!”


The street corner marked the end of my eight mile run, and upon reaching it I peeled off my tank top. It was soaking wet from being in the rain for just over an hour, and I rang it out as I walked the final block to my drive way. I opened my front door to see my wife looking at me with eyes wide open and a smile on her face. “I look out the window and see this beast walking up the driveway without a shirt on!” She went on to explain that it wasn’t just the fact […] Read more »