DIY Interior Painting: How It’s Done, and How Much You Can Save


Do It Yourself projects are a great way to save money, if you’re willing to put in a little sweat equity. Last week my father and I did exactly that by painting a living room in my home. If you’ve never painted a room before, the proposition of doing so may be a bit frightening. But as with most projects, it’s all about getting a little education about how to go about doing it. Since we’re all about helping each other save money here at Enemy Of Debt, I’m going to share the process of how I painted my living […] Read more »

Three Ways to Protect Your Finances in a Divorce


Calling a spade a spade and deciding to end a marriage is a difficult and often heartbreaking decision. Unfortunately, coming to that decision might be the easy part of the process, as even amicable divorces can get messy during the division of assets stage. Indeed, getting through a divorce without accumulating any debt is a feat, but it’s the prize you’ll want to keep your eye on as you go through the stressful steps toward divorce finalization. The more you do to protect your finances during the divorce, the better a position you’ll be in to move on with your […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday – I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 4/29


Our house was built 12 years ago, and there’s some rooms that have never been repainted, including a lower level living room.  I’m taking today off, and my dad is staying with me for a few days to give it a nice fresh coat of paint.  I’m not the most skilled painter, but my dad is very experienced.  I’m looking forward to spending some time with my dad, picking up some great painting tips, and saving some money by doing the painting ourselves. Fist pump for a fresh coat of paint, and my favorite posts of the week! Posts That […] Read more »

Three of the Best Ways to Reduce Your Total Monthly Debt Repayment

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Royalty free photo Credit lines can be hugely beneficial, giving people the chance to pay off the money that they owe over a period of months or years. But, what happens if circumstances change and you find yourself unable to pay back the money that you owe? Although credit can be hugely beneficial especially to those on a low income who can’t afford to buy many things outright, it can also be a massive burden in the long run. If you are struggling to make all of your monthly repayments, attempting to reduce the total amount that you pay is […] Read more »

How Are You Wasting Your Money?


I like to re-evaluate all our expenses every couple of months to make sure we’re getting the most value for our money. Priorities and interest change over time, and therefore how we choose our money will change over time. Weeding out those monthly expenses that don’t add any enjoyment or use to our life will free up funds for activities that do. I went through one of these exercises over the weekend, and found several monthly expenses that we will should discuss whether continuing them is in our best interests: Magazine Subscription I had a subscription to Runner’s World for […] Read more »

How Money Moves


Money buys the things you need. But have you ever pondered the larger currency cycle and how your money influences that cycle? It’s an expansive and intricate process for sure. A dollar bill stays in circulation for just six years, yet it covers a lot of ground from its first day in circulation to its last. On average, a dollar bills journeys more than two miles per day and is touched by more than 55 people each year. While physical money is easy to visualize and begins its life by first being minted or printed at facilities throughout the United […] Read more »

18 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bills

18 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bills

I’m all about saving money wherever I can.  Especially when it comes to saving money on utility bills and other recurring expenses that can get out of hand very quickly if you’re not paying attention. So I thought I would share with you all the ways I’ve found to save money on your utility bills. Saving Money on Utility Bills is Easy! It’s really not that hard to save big bucks on utilities when you know what to do.  Sometimes saving money simply comes down to changing one or two habits, and sometimes it entails making an investment now that […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 4/22


May is going to be a busy, busy month. We’ve got a trip to Austin, Texas planned for a gaming tournament my son wants to go to.  Our daughter is getting confirmed, and we have our annual Memorial Weekend party.  So, I’m very much looking forward to the next couple of weekends of not doing much both physically AND monetarily. Fist pump for a quiet weekend, and exciting May, and my favorite posts of the week! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump Escaping the 30-Year Mortgage Trap from Club Thrifty 6 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store Without Coupons […] Read more »

A Start-Up Guide to Start-Up


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term “start-up” pertains to “a fledging enterprise” or “…the act or an instance of setting in operation or motion.” Start-ups are new businesses, a group of people who came together and created a small company for simple solutions. This is a term that has been booming in the world of business. Suddenly start-ups are all over town. Office spaces are occupied by 20-something business newbies, ready to take over the world. Small time businesses are seeking the help of these types of companies because they are relatively cheaper than big companies. Start -up is […] Read more »

What A New Cell Phone Will Teach My Son About Personal Finance


No contract cell phone options have been around for awhile. A few years ago we actually switched to a no contract plan with AT&T which significantly reduced our cell phone bill because the four phones in my family were all considered paid in full. We enjoyed the lower cell phone bill for about six months, then we all upgraded our phones. When we upgrade our phones, our monthly bill went up significantly. The bill went up significantly because monthly payments for the phones were now included in our overall bill. I kept my eye on the date where the phones […] Read more »

Four Budgetting Apps That Make Saving and Budgeting Easy

Having trouble saving money? You’re not alone. According to, one in ten Americans have absolutely nothing saved for retirement. Considering that retirement is quite far away for many folks, it’s easy to see how it gets put on the back burner. But what about the costs that you need covered now? USA Today reports that one third of American adults don’t have any emergency savings, which means they’re just one major car repair or one medical emergency away from going into some serious debt. One of the biggest savings obstacles for many people is not knowing where to start. […] Read more »

Reaching New Customers in New Markets: Understanding the influence of culture

Eric EOD1

Image Courtesy of Every year we get to see the round-up of new stats about how our country has changed. Each year, the Latino population grows and is currently 16% of the U.S. Population, the fastest growing demographic segment. The purchasing power of this group is estimated at over $1 trillion dollars. With this growing trend, is your business ready to communicate to your new customers? It’s not just Latinos either as Asian demographics is also growing in numbers and purchasing power. How is your management ready to engage with this growing market? In a Forbes article about capturing […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 4/15


Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday.  Since she turned 14, and it was the 14th of the month, it’s apparently called her golden birthday.  I had never heard of this until I met my wife, but I guess it’s a thing.  My wife planned a surprise party for her, having all her friends meet at Olive Garden (my daughter’s favorite restaurant). I brought her there under the impression it would just be a few family members.  She was very much surprised.  My daughter had been vocally worried that we were going to try to throw something together for her birthday at […] Read more »