I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 1/23


Today is my son’s 16th birthday!  We have him scheduled to take his road test next week, and as you might expect he’s excited about it.  Having a driver’s license will bring him a whole new level of freedom and mobility.  It will also bring with it extra expenses.  Our insurance is going up, and he’ll need to pay for gas if he wants to get around.   As a 16 year old he now has many more options to get his first part-time job.  In addition to filling the gas tank, he has things he wants to buy, including his […] Read more »

Debt is Worth Debating: Where it’s Okay to Haggle

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I recently came across this infographic that went into great visual detail on how to create a personal budget, which I’ll be sharing at the end of this post. The infographic spoke to me as a young professional, covering things like shopping habits, paying rent that is too high for my earnings and consolidating student loans. While each of these topics is covered lightly (considering I was looking at an infographic!), the tip I didn’t expect to get out of this image was that no expense in the budget is fixed. Contrary to popular belief, some debts are open for […] Read more »

Get Your Morning Energy with BelVita Bites and V8 Veggie Blend from Target!


  I’m currently training for my 5th marathon, with my goal for this marathon to be my fastest yet. As I prepare to enter the heart of my training for the June race, I need to pay very close attention to what I foods I put into my body and when. I run almost exclusively in the morning and it’s important to get some morning energy burning before I head out into the crisp winter air. I want something light, nutritious, and give me enough fuel to keep my motor running throughout my entire run. Recently I started a #NewBreakfastRoutine […] Read more »

Tax Deductions that Can Increase Your Return

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While selling your structured settlements can be a good option for extra cash, it may be important to look for other ways to get some money in the bank, as well. With tax season in full-swing, having the right deductions may actually save you money, and see your wallet expand in only a matter of weeks. The deductions are meant to help you out, so you may be missing out on a big pay day by neglecting these options. Home Deductions Can Help You can get many deductions from your state or federal tax return just for owning a home […] Read more »

Debt Is A Temporary Condition – How Long It Lasts is Up To You!


Today’s post is my contribution to the #DebtIsNotForever movement started by Jackie Beck over at The Debt Myth. You can participate as well by taking a picture of your “Why” you want to get out of debt, or why you’re working to get out of debt right now and posting it to her Facebook page. Check out this link for more details – Jackie is also hosting a giveaway for all that participate in the movement, and publicly take a stand against debt. Will you stand with us? Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, or an hour, […] Read more »

I Love You Like a Blogger Roundup – 1/16


 Happy Friday, EOD Nation!  Recently I wrote a post about Gazelle intensity, and how I needed to channel my inner gazelle to save up for a projected tax bill come April.  I had thought that I would need to save about $7000, however after recalculating I believe it’s actually $5500.  Christmas kind of put a slowdown on the savings, but we have been able to put away $1500 towards the effort.  That means we need to save $1000 in each of the first four months of the year to make it happen.  I’ve done the calculations, and have a budget […] Read more »

Tips for Funding your New Business


So, you’ve got the perfect idea for a new business and you’re itching to get started, but there’s one problem; money. Starting a new business can be a really expensive venture, because as the saying goes; ‘you need money to make money’. However, countless groups and individuals have no doubt started their successful business with less money than you have now, so how did they manage to do it? Here are some tips for when it comes to funding your new business to make that dream a reality without your money issues getting in the way. Have a clear budget/finance […] Read more »

Get Help Reclaiming Your PPI


PPI has been called the biggest scandal to ever hit the lending industry in the UK. Successful claims have already been made by millions of people, and if you have been given any sort of credit in recent years you could be entitled to claim as well. As the average refund for just one policy is £2750, it is worth getting your claim going. A Brief Guide to PPI Many people are confused by the nature of the PPI scandal. Here is a rough guide: The First Investigation The PPI scandal was first sparked by a 2005 investigation. The then […] Read more »

Budgets make me feel inadequate, but made me rich


Last year I recorded a show about the 7 Common Denominators of the Wealthy. It was then I realized there were many commonalities related to having – and operating on – a household budget. With so many wealthy habits tied to being on a budget, why is it that most people don’t do one? It is because budgets makes us feel inadequate. It certainly has made me feel inadequate. Tell me if you’ve felt the same way before too. Budgeting makes me feel inadequate Think back to the last time you created a budget. How did that make you feel? […] Read more »

Inspirational Debt to Riches Stories


Are you looking for inspiration to start your entrepreneurial journey from a less than affluent starting point? We take a look at some of the best business brains that started their billionaire empires with minimal funds and sometimes up to their eyeballs in debt. For more reasons and examples of the UK and why we have such great entrepreneurial heads see this top infographic from AXA. Mike Ashley, Sports Direct Injury forced Mike Ashley into becoming a squash coach at the county-level. His first sports and ski shop was opened in maidenhead in the 1980s with a £10,000 loan. Today, […] Read more »

When You Find Yourself In Financial Straits, A Personal Line Of Credit Can Be A Lifesaver

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America is famous for its creative freedoms and corporate vision. However, countless Americans often find themselves in need of extra financial assistance from time to time. This is where the loaning market comes into play. Loaning companies give customers exactly what they need to get back on their feet and advance in life in responsible, debt-free ways. If there’s any danger in accepting online loans, it only comes from using a less than trustworthy organizations or not doing enough research. Luckily, both of these options can easily be avoided! Many loaning companies offer unscrupulous loan contracts that either entrap the […] Read more »

Small Victories- Getting Out of Debt One Small Step At a Time

small victories get out of debt one step at a time

Getting out of debt can seem like a daunting task.  When you finally decide to take the step of getting yourself out of debt, it’s easy to be intimidated by the huge goal you’ve presented for yourself. And when you realize what you’re up against, you’re ready to give up on getting out of debt before you even get started. So how do you overcome that overwhelming feeling when you want to achieve your goal, but you’re so intimidated by all the work you know it will take to get it done? You have to chill out, take a step […] Read more »

Improvement Requires Change


I’m looking to achieve some big goals in 2015. It all really boils down to being the very best I can be in the important areas of my life. One of the biggest categories is fitness. I want to tune my diet, helping me to become a healthier and much trimmer athlete. At the end of each day, I spend a little time reflecting on what I consumed. If you’ve never done this, I highly recommend doing this at least once. Each time I do this, it’s very obvious why I’m not at my goal weight. The amount of complete […] Read more »