Why You Should Get into the Savings Habit from a Young Age

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(Guest Post by Julian) When you’re a young person (and let’s define that as roughly between the ages of 16-24 for the purpose of this post) it’s common to have the idea of saving and, even more so, the intention of saving, firmly lodged at the back of your mind. It might be that you’re at an age where no one even talks about personal finance so you haven’t even considered saving any money, or, more likely, it might be that you think saving just isn’t necessary, nor sensible, as a 16, 21, or 24 year old. After all, you […] Read more »

Improve Your Blog, Improve Your Finances

As a blogger who writes about money, I often draw parallels to money and life. But it wasn’t until recently that I realized how closely improving a blog is to improving personal finances. Here are just a few ways that I’ve noticed: Start with one thing When I decided I wanted to write a personal finance blog, I had to pick what I wanted to write about. I wanted it to be more focused and detailed than my previous blog and I knew that I had to write about what I know. Since I know nothing about investing and I […] Read more »

Learning from Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success

When I started my site, Daily Money Shot, I was beyond nervous. I wasn’t so much nervous in what I had to say versus being frightened of putting effort into a blog that no one would read. Although I knew that my need to write superseded my nerves, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I would never get more than 3 readers. Why? Because I had previously tried to blog and, for all intents and purposes, failed. I failed for a number of reasons. I wasn’t passionate enough about the subject matter of the blog. I didn’t network well […] Read more »

Exercising Your Way Out of Debt

This is a guest post. Several years ago, I found myself in a position I had never before envisioned: in debt. A combination of student loans, frivolous spending habits, and a general cost of living that was difficult on my income all coalesced to drive my bills higher and higher. Unable to pay, I consolidated them and resolved to crack down and pay them back. And, for a while, I did: I lived a far more frugal lifestyle and began chipping away, slowly, at my debt. I had turned the corner. But being in debt is just as much a […] Read more »

Credit Card Emergency Funds – An Alarming Trend in Society

The following is a guest post by Jacob from My Personal Finance Journey, a personal finance blog offering actionable personal finance advice with the goal of achieving long-term success. In particular, Jacob focuses on long term investing and asset allocation strategy analysis, deciding how to prioritize new funds as they come in to various spending requirement areas, and how to develop a lifestyle of frugality. Several months ago through the magic of LinkedIn, Brad and I were able to find out that we actually lived in the same city in Virginia. This was quite an awesome find, being as that the personal […] Read more »

5 Steps to Recover from Christmas Debt

Guest post by The Happy Rock. The Happy Rock writes about personal finance at TheHappyRock.com and dug himself out of over $70,000 a few years back. The Happy Rock also created a debt snowball calculator to aid people in getting out of debt faster. As the hustle and joy of the holidays are fading and the realities of a New Year are setting in, leftover holiday debt can ruin the excitement of the New Year. If you find yourself stuck in this situation, here are five tips that will help you dig out and loosen debt’s shackles. Come to Terms […] Read more »

How to Set New Year’s Resolutions and Keep Them Too!

This is a guest post courtesy of my friends over at Ready For Zero. Nearly half of all Americans set new goals for themselves at the beginning of every single year, yet only about 15% actually follow through and accomplish them. Those numbers aren’t exactly encouraging when trying to figure out the challenges you’d like to tackle in 2012. The odds may be stacked against you, but what the statistics don’t show is that this year, you won’t just be setting any old goals. By following the tips that I’ve outlined in this article, you’ll be setting the types of […] Read more »

Three Ways to Decrease Your Car Insurance Payments

This is a guest post provided by the folks at 21st Century Auto Insurance. Sick of paying high monthly costs for your auto insurance policy? According to CNNMoney, there are three ways in which you can lower your car insurance payments each month. 3 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance The source states one relatively new way to cut down on your auto insurance fees is to install a device in your vehicle which can monitor your driving habits, such as acceleration and breaking patterns, as well as how many miles you drive. But, before having one of these devices […] Read more »

Does Where I Live Really Make a Difference in my Auto Insurance Rate?

A lot of people wonder what factors are used to determine their auto insurance rates. It’s taken for granted that auto insurance companies will likely give you higher rates if your driving record is pockmarked with accidents, infractions and other black marks. Additionally, matters such as age, criminal history and the type of car you own are also taken into account. However, for one reason or another, consumers don’t always understand the affect moving away can have on their auto insurance. They say location is important in real estate, but it can be just as vital in auto insurance. Even […] Read more »

How to Avoid Debt as a College Student

This is a guest post. These days, it can take a considerable sum of money to attend college. However, the effort doesn’t have to break your bank account or put you into a considerable amount of debt. Here are some tips for helping you keep your finances under control. Save Your Pennies The sooner you start saving for college, the better. Parents can help support their children though options such as 529 plans, for which some states even offer income tax breaks. Remember, anything you’re able to save now, you’ll have to put toward your college education later. Academic Preparation […] Read more »

Dealing with Debt Collection Agencies

This is a guest post. Photo by quaziefoto Dealing with Debt Collection Agencies When your debt has been turned over to a debt collection agency, it is important to gather information first. Before you agree to pay the debt, find out what the debt is for, where it originated, and the original amount. If it is a fraudulent debt, you will need to go through the process of finding out whether you are liable for it, and take appropriate steps to work with law enforcement and the credit bureaus, as well as the lender and the debt collection agency to […] Read more »

Frugality Tips – Practice Makes Perfect

This is a guest post written by Ross of GoBeRich.com. Photo credit: Cliff1066 So I took a little trip to the mall the other day with my girlfriend and one of her friends. This was my first mistake. My second mistake was thinking I would tag along with them while they shopped for clothes and shoes and that it wouldn’t drive me insane. Needless to say, it did drive me insane, so eventually I set off on my own in search of something to occupy myself with. I first headed to Game Stop, as I have to admit, I’m a […] Read more »

A Top Priority: What to Consider When Budgeting for Roof Maintenance

This is a guest post by Herbert Norton. Photo Credit: Mart T Clark Having a roof over our heads is something we often take for granted. And yet, like anything else, roofs are not indestructible. The longevity and performance of a roof is affected by many factors, including the sun, wind, rain, ice, snow, condensation, and just plain old age. Like other aspects of maintaining a home, keeping a roof intact often requires making significant decisions and carefully weighing different options. Here are some important things to consider so that the cost of maintaining your roof won’t send you spiraling […] Read more »

Creative Ways to Pay Down Your Debt

Living under the constant shadow of debt isn’t fun for anybody. If you feel like you’re drowning under a sea of debt, you may think you have no other option other than filing for bankruptcy. This should be avoided at all costs, since it will be a mark on your financial history for many years. It’s important to understand that it doesn’t give you clean slate, but allows people to rebuild their credit, slowly, without the adversity debt. If you do decide to file, you’ll find it's nearly impossible to get good rates on various loans, if at all, or good rates for credit and a variety of other things. Before making this decision, consider a few creative ways others have used to pay off their debt, without having to file for bankruptcy. Read more »